Top 3 concealers that won't break the bank!

Top 3 concealers that won't break the bank!

Hi everyone, happy Tuesday!

Today I’m going to be going through my top 3 concealers that you can get for under €12. I’ve been using these 3 concealers for years, both on myself and on others! The colours of these concealers are quite yellow based which is good to lift the eye and brighten the under eye up, banishing any dark circles etc.

1 Catrice Liquid Camouflage

Starting with Catrice liquid camouflage - this is one of their newer shades 015 honey. I tend to only use 015 or 020 because I find the 05 and the 010 quite white, so unless you’re very fair and that suits your foundation I think the 015 or the 020 are a little bit more complementary for the skin tone. This is a fantastic concealer for the price.  I tend to use it most days, just pop a little underneath the eyes and and blend in with your ring finger. You can use a brush if you want but I prefer to use my hand! Just to note the catrice concealer can be quite drying so if you’re very dehydrated you need to blend this in quickly. You’ll notice that if you pop this concealer on the back of your hand and come back to it an hour later it could be like cement so blending is really important!! You can see before and after concealer images below and Catrice is available in Penney’s and most pharmacies around the country!

2. Maybelline Anti Age Eraser

I use shade 07 sand. The most confusing thing with this range is that the colours don’t follow a pattern so you’ve to be careful when selecting what one is for you. This is quite a good, light yellow based colour and it has a nice sponge applicator and feels really creamy. The one thing about this concealer is that it can be a little dry sometimes as it is powder based! Pop a little bit underneath your eyes and blend with your ring finger or your brush - whichever you prefer. You can find this here

3. Bourjois Radiance Reveal

I wear the Bourjois Radiance Reveal in shade 2. This has the smallest colour range of all three but they’re really good colours for what they are. They have three basic shades and shade 2 is probably the most popular as it’s a little bit warmer and silkier so it’s not as heavy as the other two. It’s particularly good if you’re worried about fine lines around the eyes or if you just want a quick and affordable pick me up for underneath the eyes. Again, it has a light yellow undertone so will lift the area underneath the eye and banish any dark circles. I love the texture of the concealer but all three are amazing products for under €12! You can find this one here


General top tips when it comes to applying undereye concealer;

  1. Use a liquid underneath the eyes instead of cream as it has a better consistency and is more fluid to work with

  2. Always go a shade and a half or two brighter than your foundation so it makes your face look lifted

  3. Use a colour corrector with it if you need to to lift the eye!

And there you have it, three of the best concealers that won’t break the bank!

Lots of love,

Aimee xx

Banish January Blues with these lovely and inexpensive treats for the soul!

Banish January Blues with these lovely and inexpensive treats for the soul!

Hello Lovelies,

Does anybody else feel like this month is just dragging on? It’s still pitch dark when we are waking up and the same when we are going home, the New Year buzz is well and truly over and we’ve just realised - maybe we actually like watching Netflix in our PJs - Guilt Free!! So we’ve put together some lovely ‘me time’ treats for the soul to get us through January and make us all feel a little better until payday!

Watch Courtney Smith’s new mini series ‘Behind the Seams’ showcasing the best of Irish Fashion around the world. I watched the first episode of this over the weekend and it was just amazing to see such talent and grace from our designers dotted around the globe. Courtney visits London and New York interviewing the likes of Orlagh and Henrietta from RIXO and Don O’Neill of Theia who recently dressed Meaghan Markle - OMG!! Courtney’s interviewing style is on point too so if you’ve any questions about how to get involved in the fashion industry you will learn loads here! You can check this out here

Screenshot 2019-01-21 at 14.02.09.png

Listen to Caroline Foran’s new ‘Owning It’ Podcast launched last week too and is available on Spotify. Caroline’s honest and ‘bullshit free’ approach to living with anxiety is one of the most informal and down to earth approaches of talking about this topic that we just have to commend her! I think we all go through phases in our lives of feeling like this and we just love Caroline’s way of speaking about it. The first episode goes through Caroline’s own story and we can’t wait for the next episode where Caroline begins to go through how you can 'Own It’!!

Screenshot 2019-01-21 at 14.18.29.png

Walk around Dublin (that is if you’re based here and if not store this for when you are!) - Grab a tea or coffee, a couple of friends, and take a stroll around any of Dublin’s lovely parks - we have Stephen’s Green to Merrion Square and if you’re really feeling like a long stroll in Phoenix Park. Or head out to Dun Laoghaire or Sandymount if you prefer to walk by the sea. The Sandymount has a lovely long option which is perfect for a really long catch & you won’t be breaking the bank but still spending quality time with your besties.

Watch Sex Education on Netflix! Ok in fairness Netflix has released some top binge worthy shows recently, I think the majority of us watched YOU in one or two sittings, the documentary on Fyre Festival was just astounding and well worth the watch - but if you want something a bit more lighthearted Sex Education is just great! Not alone is it really funny but it’s completely heart warming too, we won’t give anything away but it really does make you think - we loved it! We might actually do a top watched list of Netflix if that’s something you’d like? Let us know!

Screenshot 2019-01-21 at 14.08.54.png

Add to cart - This is kind of going against the point of this blog but let me explain - You don’t need to actually make a purchase but I love looking at new styles and can’t wait for the Spring Summer edits to be in full flow! Having a look around stores online gives you lots of inspiration as to trends you like and you can spend hours filling and unwilling your cart. And at least you’ll know by payday which items you actually want or not :)

Read I’m Watching You by Teresa O Driscoll. We all know I love a good thriller and that compiles most of my Netflix - this is my most recent finish and it was definitely a page turner. If you’re looking for something a little more sentimental the classic One Day will always be on my mind or Only Child is quite a new book and I was bawling!!

Screenshot 2019-01-21 at 14.10.24.png

Facemask and chill - it’s the little things right?! There’s nothing like that feeling of really clean skin and then popping some goodness on top for 20 mins! Our faves are the Seoulista range which are all under €10 and they have something for everyone. If you feel you need a blast of hydration (this weather will do that to the best of us!) or want something calming for minor breakouts and redness, you’ll find it in this range.

Screenshot 2019-01-21 at 14.13.37.png

Sculpted Masterclass - What better way to finish off your January than a Sculpted Masterclass! Our first one takes place on January 31st in the Radisson Blu Golden Lane but we’ve got two more coming up - we’ll be in the Strand Hotel Limerick on Thursday the 7th Feb and The Montenotte Hotel Cork on Sunday March 3rd!

We’ve got goodies bags ready to go and i’ll be going through two makeup looks on the night from start to finish and answering all your makeup queries on the evening! It’s the perfect girly evening and well deserved after surviving the longest month EVER!! Limited seating left but you can find information here

Masterclass 1 .png

So we hope that these little things will help you make your way through January - we’re all in this together!! We’d love to hear what your go-to treats for the soul are too!

Lot’s of love,

Aimee xx


The Custom Edition Launch - Throwback!

The Custom Edition Launch - Throwback!

We’re throwing it back to the 5th of November 2018, when Sculpted went for afternoon tea with a difference to launch The Custom Edition Palette!! What can we say, it was just the best fun and we had such a laugh doing makeup demos on a moving bus which is probably not the best idea - but we got through it!

I’d just like to say thanks to everyone who came along on the day and to Vintage Tea Tours for being so accommodating! Xposé even hopped on board at one stage, you can check out the clip below!

Look at us all there sitting pretty!

Look at us all there sitting pretty!

We’ve gotten such a great reaction to the Custom Edition Palette! Here’s a little snippet to show you all the fun we had on the day;

“The revolutionary refillable palette is completely customisable to the customers wants. And the best part is, when you run out of one pan, it’s so simple to replace

I really wanted to create something for everyone with this palette. With twelve variations of pans The Custom Edition has everything your skin tone needs. The cult favourites from the original and rose gold palettes can be found in the array of pans. Sculpted The Custom Edition Palette can be created in two easy steps;

Step 1; To get started select an empty refill palette which you can add your chosen pans to. There is a magnetic strip on the base which allows your pans to stay in place without falling out. Individual pans can be replaced according to when the pan runs out.

Step 2; Choose your pans.

The custom edition allows you to choose from loads of options including some favourites from the original and rose gold palettes. Pick and choose from the range of bronzers, blush, cream base and powder based highlighters.

I’ve also put together three key palettes with the variations of pans; Royal Rose, Golden Girl and Bronzed Bombshell. You can find these here, but again - the beauty of this product is the ability to mix and match as you wish! It’s all about #SculptedYourWay

ACS 17.jpg

I really wanted to create a palette that can be multi functional too, double up and use your bronzers and highlighters to create gorgeous eye makeup looks, and it’s all in one place so you’re not weighing yourself down with loads of products! We’ve gotten a few messages saying it has become a handbag essential and we have to agree :)


We had lots of familiar faces with us on the day along with some amazing press write ups which is just absolutely amazing for us! 

Thanks to everyone who has supported Sculpted in every way - we really appreciate all the love!

Lots of Love,

Aimee xx


Get the look - Aimee

Get the look - Aimee

This week on #GetTheLook I’m going to be going through my own makeup look! You all know by now how I love my dewy natural makeup, but I also love adding a pop of colour into my look, whether it’s a smokey eye or statement lip!

Today I’m going to go through all the products I used and how to apply them. It’s a really easy look to achieve, and don’t be frightened by a statement lip - sometimes a it’s nice to change it up and to put on some rouge. As Audrey Hepburn said - there’s a shade of red for every woman!


Beginning with Laura Mercier Original Primer for my base - love this. This creates the perfect canvas for foundation and makeup and gives a lovely healthy looking finish to the skin.

Screenshot 2019-01-18 at 13.08.25.png


For my concealer I’m using the Catrice Liquid Camouflage Concealer. You can pick this up in any Penneys or most pharmacies around the country. It’s so inexpensive and such a great concealer for the price, I think this retails at about €4 so you can’t go wrong! It’s a full coverage concealer that covers dark circles & redness and is also great if you’ve a little bit of a breakout as it’s not too heavy but still gives great coverage.


The foundation I’m using for my base is the absolutely gorgeous Chanel Vitalumière Aqua Foundation. I love this foundation, it’s really light but gives a lovely medium coverage that’s buildable so you can still see your skin… hence you can still see my freckles :) It really is almost like a second skin so your skin looks even and energised and it gives a natural looking glow too. I used the Buffer Brush from the Essentials Reloaded to lightly work this onto my skin.

Bronze & Highlight

Of course I’m biased and you know i’m going to say Sculpted The Custom Edition - but it really is my go to saviour for bronze, highlight and blush now! It’s my handbag essential and I really do love that you have everything in one palette - it’s just so easy to use!

For my bronze I’ve used shade Medium and the Double Ended Sculpting Brush to lightly dust along my cheekbone starting at my ear and moving outwards towards the hollow before the apple of the cheek. I’ve also popped a little around my hairline and down the sides of my nose.

Next I used the Pearl Pop Cream Highlight and blended this using my finger on the tops of the cheekbones in a C shape around the temple, down the centre of my nose and along the cupids bow. I followed this with my powder highlight of Opal Glow which gives a really iridescent glow to the skin.

I’m using Pinky Hues Blush and used the Setter Brush from the Essentials Reloaded to pop this onto the apples of my cheeks and back to meet my bronzer!


I kept the eye look more natural because I wanted to do a statement lip. I used Medium Bronze from The Custom Edition on the lid and MAC Painterly Paint Pot which has a creamy texture underneath it as my primer. This literally does not budge so you can rely on it for what ever the occasion. I brought the Medium Bronze down below my eye to soften the look and popped a little Pearl Pop under the brows and along the tear duct.

Sometimes I find it’s nice when you’re doing a liner to pare the shadow back to make the liner stand out especially as I was doing a semi statement lip. Here I’ve used the ever reliable Inglot 77 as sideliner which means i’ve just started it from halfway across the eye and not the inner corner and then into the flick!

To finish the look I used Benefit They’re Real Mascara - it’s just my favourite mascara ever!


Benefit really are the brow experts in my opinion! For this look i’ve used the Benefit My Precisely Brow in Shade 3 and I’ve used a sketch like motion through the brow to make it look as natural as possible but also as full as possible!


Going for the statement lip in this look i’ve applied Rouge from the Pink Edition Lip Quad all over my lips and blended it with a tiny bit of lip balm so you’re still getting the longevity of the lip liner and the depth of the colour!

Screenshot 2019-01-18 at 12.58.44.png

Finally, to set my makeup I used the Bourjois Java Rice Powder, it’s really light and fine but will set the oils and keep your makeup on for that much longer. There’s also a slight iridescent pearl that gives it a nice glow and one I’d highly recommend as a budget powder option.

And there you have it, another #GetTheLook - really hope you liked it!

Lot’s of love,

Aimee xx

Critics Choice Awards - The best & worst list!

Critics Choice Awards - The best & worst list!

Just one week after the Golden Globes we have the Critics Choice Awards to feed our need for style inspiration so we’ve put together some of our absolute favourites and not so favourites from the night!

Nominations wise ‘The Favourite’ led the pack with 14 nominations closely followed with ‘Black Panther’ with 12 nominations. 

As with any awards night the bar was set quite high on the blue carpet - Even though the style from the Golden Globes was good I actually preferred some of the looks from the Critics Choice awards as I think a lot of the looks are a little more paired back and more achievable in terms of style Inso!

Here’s some of our best;

  1. Nicole Kidman

Love this monochrome Armani Prive number on Nicole. Being so tall she really worked the curved shape of the dress and I love that she finished it off with such a boxy bag to contradict the look! She has such great shaped eyes but I do think the smokey eye was a little over the top, maybe a stronger lip would have been my preferred go to with the monochrome but in saying that, she looked divine!

Screenshot 2019-01-14 at 11.47.49.png

2. Julia Roberts

Another monochrome look from the absolutely stunning Julia Roberts. I loved what she wore at the Golden Globes and you can see she went for the same style - and rocked it! I think I preferred the golden globes look but loved this Louis Vuitton number number and the choker too - fab! 

Screenshot 2019-01-14 at 12.09.49.png

3. Charlize Theron

Absolutely adore Charlize Theron’s silver metallic number from Givenchy. The one shoulder and cut out design with ombre effect skirt is something we can definitely see following through to the high street. Ombre was huge last year and metallics were everywhere over party season, so we can definitely hope to find inspiration on the high street! Her makeup look was the perfect match to the dress too, going for a sultry smokey & nude look but ensuring she gave enough colour to make her stunning features stand out!

Screenshot 2019-01-14 at 12.21.51.png

4. Gemma Chan

No words! This is one of my favourite looks from the night, I just think Gemma absolutely owned this number from Jason Wu. She’s so tiny but this didn’t swamp her at all, in fact it showed off her waist and her make up look was just on point. I mean her skin is just perfect and the makeup tones perfectly match the floral look.

Screenshot 2019-01-14 at 12.36.34.png

5. Lady Gaga

Not as out there as her Golden Globe look but we’re really loving this soft blush sheath from Calvin Klein. It’s the picture of elegance and her hair and makeup are perfectly matched with soft curls and pinky hues. It’s actually lovely to see Lady Gaga in more understated looks bringing out her natural beauty.

Screenshot 2019-01-14 at 12.39.24.png

6. Kristen Bell

Love this pop of colour from Kristen Bell, and the sheer detailing on this Cushnie sheath. Her soft hair style and makeup look really come together to make something simple look so elegant and eye catching. Go Kirsten!

Screenshot 2019-01-14 at 12.47.37.png

7. Rami Malek

He was just a superstar in Bohemian Rhapsody and we’re loving his look from the blue carpet. Love to see the guys moving away from back tuxedos and doing something different, yet Rami keeps it classic with this pale grey look!

Screenshot 2019-01-14 at 13.57.15.png

Some of our not so loved looks…

  1. Olivia Munn

Generally Olivia doesn’t really get it wrong and could look good in a black bag, but this just doesn’t do it for us at all! Which is a shame because I think her makeup look is absolutely gorgeous. The statement red lip is just #goals but the frilly Andrew Gn number was just a little too flamenco dancer for the star.

Screenshot 2019-01-14 at 13.32.35.png

2. Lucy Boynton

Bohemian Rhapsody was one of the best movies of the year last year (in my opinion!!) and I just loved the performances from Rami Malek and Lucy Boynton so it’s hard for me to say that I just did not like this look from Lucy at all! The grey frilly Gucci gown didn’t do anything for her shape or colouring, and honestly I just did not get the pink belt at all.

Screenshot 2019-01-14 at 13.34.39.png

3. Glenn Close

What an amazing actress this woman is. If you’re ever in search of a good thriller check out Fatal Attraction with Micheal Douglas - it’s brilliant! Glenn actually won the award for best actress tied with Lady Gaga on the night for her role in ‘The Wife’. Unfortunately we weren’t loving Glenn’s choice of suit - the colour is lovely but we just weren’t feeling the length of the skirt and overall it just swamped her a little!

Screenshot 2019-01-14 at 13.46.53.png

Did we miss anyone?! Let us know what you think!


Aimee xx

Top tips heading Skiing

Top tips heading Skiing


Ski holidays are amazing and definitely something I think everyone should experience! You may not get to sunbathe but it’s the most refreshing holiday you’ll ever do.

This blog is all about my general tips when it comes to booking and preparing for a ski holiday (I have done a separate mini one specific to St Anton in another blog so as not to make this too particular which you can find here ). I am definitely not a pro or an expert but I’ve done three of these trips in the last 4 years and definitely want to make it an annual tradition!


Let’s start with Booking.

First thing I would suggest to do is to get your dates and then head on to skyscanner to see where is available. All ski resorts will require transfer and the distance will depend on where you fly into. For example if you’re heading to an Austrian ski resort the typical airports are Munich, Zurich and Innsbruck if you’re lucky. We always rent a car from there to travel to the resort which is not very costly but obviously you or someone you’re travelling with has to feel confident driving. (I’m lucky that my boyfriend John loves that part, haha) 

 If you’re booking in advance make sure to check how snow sure your resort is. Ie do they have good snow fall or not? If not it’s fake snow and you can definitely tell the difference and if they are guaranteed to have lots of snow that can also mean poor visibility on the slopes or not all slopes will be open. This happened to us in St. Anton but it actually wasn’t that bad and I would choose it over no snow fall. 

Once you get there some costs can creep up. It is a more expensive holiday depending on where you go and what your budget is but some of those mains costs are: Accomodation, Ski Pass, Ski Rental and then your general day to day.


Ski Rental: 

I have always rented gear over there and have never had any issues especially because I’m not a pro. This will include your skis, boots and helmet for skiing everything else you bring with you. 


Ski Pass:

Your ski pass is very easy to get typically your hotel or the main information or ticket points at the slopes will have it.  

If you’re a beginner or you’ve been once or twice and aren’t that confident I would definitely go and get a lesson. It’ll set you right for the few days instead of heading into the slopes and having a scary fall and putting yourself off!  



When choosing your accomodation it is of course budget dependent but if you can I would try and book somewhere within walking distance of the slopes - it is the biggest thing I appreciated after a long day of skiing and your body will be wrecked!!  

Its also very common to go half board with your hotel which means that your food is covered for the amount of time you’re staying there. This can be worth it if you don’t mind eating in the same place for the majority. 


How can you save money over there?

If you’re conscious of spending you can always bring a snack with you onto the slopes instead of stopping in restaurants up there because they are that little bit pricier. I love them because you totally soak up the atmosphere but a lot can be saved here by avoiding them. 


What To Wear:

Naturally every resort is going to vary especially in terms of their temperatures however I would definitely suggest to over pack thermals rather than not have enough because you will have to come off the mountain early if you get too cold - it really can be that freezing! 

 I’ve done a separate blog post on ski gear options which you can check out here.  

What your packing should look like: 

- A Ski Jacket  - As per number 4 in the photo below which I’m sure is very obvious!  I love black and white anyway but especially in terms of ski gear. I got this jacket on site in St. Anton but found what I think is basically the exact same one online here



TK Maxx or snow and rock are always good to check out for any ski gear! 

- Ski Trousers  - I invested in a new pair for this trip that were skinnier just so they were ever so slightly more flattering because with the amount of layers on it’s hard to feel in any way slim, haha. I got plain black ones so that I could switch up my jackets easy if I wanted to.  Check them out here 


- Thermal for top half and legs (a thermal/ base layer or skins - whatever you prefer to call it -  is different to general gym gear so I would make sure that you have an actual thermal layer under your gym leggings for example). You can then wear an outer layer on top of these. 


Under Armour are brilliant for things like this. I actually bought a boy aged 10/11 because they didn’t have any girls sizes left and it was grand! it’s important for these to be a tight fit - check out some options in my other blog here. 


- Glasses - As per number 2 in the photo above.  These are so handy and I would choose them over regular sun glasses any day. Plus they usually clip on to your helmet which is a saviour if you happen to have one or two falls.

- Gloves - In previous trips I had a pair of gloves that allowed you to use your phone at the same time - thought I was deadly! This time though in st Anton it was just too cold up there so I switched to a heavier glove because I thought my fingers were going to fall off!


 - Ski Balaclava/Buff - Buff as per number 3 in the above photo is one thing I think will make your time on the slopes so much more enjoyable - especially if the temperature is so low. This acts as a head scarf type thing that you wear up around your ears and mouth and keeps you warm when you’re going against the wind, they’re really not that expensive either. I found the fleece type better than just material but it’s up to you!


 Number 1 in the photo is then your helmet which you will typically rent over there! 

- Lastly socks! I would bring thick ski socks and thinner ones too ( you can always get these out there anyway so don’t worry if you forget them). The reason I say to bring both is just so you have the option depending on your boot. Some need thicker socks and some might be too uncomfortable with them!c


Night Time Attire:

Ski holidays as they go can be as casual as you’d like them to be. If you go to après ski that’s directly as you come off the slopes so everyone just drinks in their ski gear and no one cares about how red their face may be! 

You can also of course come down off the mountain and get changed to go back out again. Even this though I would say is quite casual - you could easily go out in boots, jeans and a jumper or bring a shirt if you want to go a little dressier.

I took a few shirts away with me, I only ended up wearing this one but I still had runners or flat boots on. The shirt is available here 



This of course is just my opinion go dressy if you’d like but it is most likely snowing outside so heels won’t be very pleasant! 


Do you wear makeup? 

Again given it’s outdoor and active makeup isn’t necessary but I get that some of us like to wear it and I feel like that myself sometimes. 


 For me the biggest asset in terms of makeup was my face tan and then an spf. Spf is so important even though you may not feel like it’s sunny and if you can get an spf with a glow that’s even better to give your face a radiant finish!

The Tan Luxe face drops as in the pic above are the ones I always use and can be found here . I use medium/dark and mix 2-3 drops into moisturiser. I have a full blog on tips for face tanning so if you’d like you can read that here 

Bellamianta is a developing tan and their website is here & then the Vita Liberata Body Blur is the instant tan available here 

Getting back to actual makeup this is basically what I brought with me!


I kept things light and easy so really bits I could double up on.

Sculpted Palette. I know I’m biased but I really did use this on the face and eyes and brought no one other eyeshadow. It’s such a handy travel essential and it has a great mirror too. I brought Light Bronze, Champagne Cream, Rose Gold Glow & Pinky Hues  

It cosmetics Cc cream. This is lovely because it’s a cc cream with coverage - nothing too heavy but you still feel like you’ve gotten something! I have shade light but would like to get medium also.  

Benefit Ka Brow - no surprise here. I actually didn’t get my brows, nails or anything done before heading away so I felt a bit meh but thank god for brow gel! 

• Flormar brown kohl pencil. I think everyone should have a kohl pencil when travelling because it’s the easiest thing in the world to throw on around the lash line and feel more defined. Flormar aren’t available online but you can get a Bourjois one here. I rotate between Bourjois, Rimmel or Flormar for a more affordable kohl liner! 

Black mascara. This is the Jlo x Inglot one that you can get in store. Or try Bourjois Volume Reveal, cheap and cheerful and a similar wand!  

• Of course I packed my Lip Quads too. I stuck to lip balm for most of the trip so it was great having lip liner to be able to give them some definition!  

Skin Essentials: 

Hydrating masks or moisturisers are a must. I brought 3/4 sheet masks - only ended up using this one but loved it!


I also brought Biofresh probiotic moisturiser and the Image Vital C overnight hydrating mask. I packed all my luxury skin bits because we checked a bag on I’m not usually that good to myself :)

Your lips could get very dry too so no harm to pack some balm. If you suffer with dry lips I have a blog on how to handle them here along with my best lip balm recommendations!


And I think that’s basically all I know and questions I was asked? To repeat again - I am purely speaking from my own experience but these are all things that I have learnt along the way. I am more happy to help with any questions if anyone has any (if I can that is!)

But lastly if you go, enjoy!! So jealous I’d love to have another trip planned soon.

 I hope this blog helped some of you anyway. Happy holiday’ing and stay safe on the slopes!!

 Aimee xx

Ski Gear Finds

Ski Gear Finds

I know I am very much on a ski theme here this week but I’ve had so many questions so this is the last blog and some of the gear that I had or recommend bringing with you! If you have to check out my tips before heading off skiing you can do so here . And if you’re interested in St.Anton as a destination you can check out my blog on it here


When it comes to Ski Gear take it in layers and start with

1) Ski Jackets: 

This is basically identical to the one that I wore on the slopes and I bought it over in Austria! You can find this here 


Or you could go full white which is always lovely. You’ll find that here  


And then for a classic black jacket. The belt on these jackets is always very flattering to pull your waist in. Check this out here 


And then for a full suit if you wanted? 

Comfy & quicker in the morning. Check this out here 


Next up! Ski Pants  

 I stuck with plain back ones that you’ll see below because I wanted to be able to change my jackets up easily! These are here 


You could also add a splash of colour which is very popular on the slopes and it means you’re easier to spot! These are here 



And lastly good old black and white because as you see this is something I love! You’ll find these pants here 


3) Base Layers & Outer Jackets 

So like I said I would definitely be wearing a base layer / thermal / skin under a zippe or fleece or thin jacket inside your ski jacket. Once you get there you can decide if you have too many layers but chances are you’ll need them!  

Check this out here 


Hilarious enough this is actually a young boys skin but I bought the 10/11 and fit just like an 8/10 would! Check this out here 


For outer jackets:

Keep it simple and classy in black. This is here


Or you could choose lighter shades:

 This beige/grey is here 


And the baby blue is here 


4) Leg Warmers !  

I personally choose layers that I’ll get wear out of after skiing too so I prefer to keep to colours that I would wear anyway. These thermal leggings are here 


And the black and white stripes are here


5) Next Up the Glasses!

 I would definitely choose actual ski glasses over general sun glasses because they give better visibility and they clip onto your helmet too! The white Roxy pair are here 


And the coloured pair are here  


6) Gloves!  

Go for a skinnier pair so that you can use your phone if you want but I had to switch to thicker ones as it got so cold. I don’t think mittens are very practical personally but a good thick glove will be like heaven up there! 

 The fur collars gloves are here 


And plain black with a tightening tie (this is very useful) are here  


7) And lastly the Ski Buff. These are the fleece type that I preferred to plain material as I thought they gave more warmth.  

 They come in so many different shades! The cream is here 


And the black is here 


Or you could do a full balaclava if you wanted to!  The kind of scary looking balaclava is here, haha 


 And lastly if you want to fit in a night time and be a proper skier, snow boots go down a treat :) You can find these here 


So these are just some ideas to get you started and packing!

I hope this was helpful! 


Aimee xx

Skiing in St. Anton

Skiing in St. Anton

Hello everyone,


So I am just back from the lovely and snowy St.Anton. Myself and John had 5 days there and it was amazing. I love ski holidays anyway but St. Anton is just as good as the reviews make it out to be. 

I’m going to use this mini blog as a way to share the places we loved and things I’d recommend/ advise on. If you want to check out my blog on general ski tips then click here. I also have one on Ski Gear Ideas which you can find here.

We were actually due to go to Whistler in Canada the previous week and then onto New York but we had to cancel that so we didnt actually expect to go away at all. We booked St. Anton the Sunday before leaving the Monday and it was a great last minute plan and good to know that you don’t have to be super organized in booking! 

We flew to Munich and then rented a car to get to St. Anton. Renting a car is easy and not that expensive when you price it up but you need to make sure that you or someone you’re with is comfortable driving. The drive took roughly 3hours and for the second half it’s a lovely drive full of views and snow. 


We booked Hotel Post based on its location reviews and it was so worth it! Naturally everyone’s budget varies but this was a 4 star right in the village just beside the slopes so it made getting around so easy. I’d highly recommend to prioritise location when booking a ski trip. The rooms itself were spacious and classic kind of Austrian ski resort and they had a lovely spa. The jacuzzi was heaven after a day on the freezing slopes and the breakfast spread was also fab! 


All round I was impressed and happy we stayed here. 

Ski Gear:

We rented ski gear from Alber which are everywhere in the village and depending on your hotel you may get a discount - we got 10% off. The rental was probably slightly more expensive in comparison to previous years in different resorts but I think that’s just because St. Anton is that bit pricier.

Ski Passes/ Slopes: 

Our ski passes were €250 for the 5 days which is standard I think. We skied every day but we actually had so much snow fall that not all the slopes opened every day due to the avalanche alerts - sometimes there was poor visibility which can be a little unnerving but ultimately the fresh powder skiing was unbelievable. It did mean though that it was absolutely freezing so make sure you are well wrapped up! We had -12 degrees some of the days. All my tips on what to pack are here

When it comes to the slopes I did feel that were more difficult than your average so I think if you’re an absolute beginner the blues in St. Anton are not as easy as a typical blue would be. 

The slopes are graded in Blue, Red and Black.  (Blue being the easiest)


Im by no means a pro skier - I’ve only skied probably 18 days of my whole life spread out over years haha but I did think the slopes were harder. Totally manageable though and a bit of a challenge is always good. You could also book a lesson straight away if you wanted - we saw so many instructors on the slopes and that would definitely put you at ease! 

Is it suitable for kids?

There were plenty of families there - I wasn’t personally travelling with kids but did see lots of them. I would have said at the beginning that if kids are only starting the slopes may have been too difficult but then kids pick things up quicker and they did have lots of ski schools and ‘KinderWelt’ which is children’s world at the base of the slopes so they were definitely well catered for! 


Another thing I noticed compared to past resorts was how long the ski runs were. In the past I found the runs shorter with more chair lifts or gondalas in between whereas in St. Anton they seemed longer which is great because you get a longer ski go all at once!  They also have an app which is so handy to check what’s open and sort your route out if you wanted to ski further to Lech or St. Christopher.


I would definitely recommend skiing to St. Christopher it’s an easy blue down from St. Anton and it’s a beautiful route too! When you’re there if you’re peckish stop into Hospiz for lunch - it’s a very traditional Austrian lunch spot and they have a slide to the toilet which I just thought was the coolest thing ever. Anyone that has skied before reading this will know how difficult to go downstairs in ski boots! It’s a slow process :)  


Night Life:

St. Anton is known for its après ski and it didn’t disappoint. Krazy Kanguruh and Mooserwirt seem to be the main two - we did Krazy Kanguruh and it was great craic. I’ve never seen so many people doing shots at 4pm!! It’s just off a red slope though so be careful leaving and skiing home - some people definitely should not have!  




We ate in Bodega one night which is in the village and is a lovely wine and tapas restaurant. It’s small and cosy and the menu is lovely.

if you’re looking for something more casual we also had pizza in Anthony’s and it was delicious!  

There are also plenty of places to stop and eat in along the way on the slopes. Hospiz like I mentioned above, Galzig Bistro is lovely and just as you ccome off the slopes or before you head on them. There’s a few places to choose from up by the Galzig Bahn and you can not leave this place without getting at least one Apple strudel - they’re divine!!


Other activities:

We had a pool in our hotel so that was nice to have and then we also made great use of Arl Rock which is like a sports centre type thing just across the road. We played bowling, tennis & squash here so it’s nice to have other options too especially if you’re not doing après ski because you’re off the slopes really by 4pm. 


Would I recommend it for a long weekend?

Its a gorgeous place and definitely a great one to visit but it does take time to get there by the time you fly and then drive so I would make the decision yourself on whether you wanted to spend the guts of a day or two of the weekend travelling or if there was another resort handier for you.  


Overall St. Anton was adventurous, busy, covered in snow and an absolutely beautiful setting. I loved the mix of good ski and night life along with the extra activities too. Would highly recommend it just do your research on the snow fall etc beforehand.



And lastly if you’re going, enjoy & be safe! 


Aimee xx


Pippa Cover Shoot Makeup List

Pippa Cover Shoot Makeup List

It’s always a pleasure painting the powerhouse that is Pippa O Connor’s face and I could probably do it in my sleep at this stage.. or at least she’d know all of my tips from the many fashion factories..which I’m looking forward to getting back into! 

Today it’s time to throw it back to one of my favourite cover shoots of last year. On this occasion I was getting Pippa ready to shoot the cover of VIP Magazine’s July issue. Naturally given the time of year we wanted to create a soft glam and dewy look and that’s exactly what we did.

Pippa Photoshoot.jpg

So starting with the base myself & Pippa alike love a glowing finish and that doesn’t mean shiny for any gals with oily skin that fear the word dewiness. Don’t worry!

I used Becca Cosmetics priming veil to keep the makeup on for longer.

I applied some Mac strobe cream after into the outskirts of the face for some extra glow under the foundation.

We went for one of myself & Pippa’s favourite I suppose at this stage which is the NARS. I used the Sheer Glow foundation in shade Stromboli. This is a great tan shade with a nice undertone to it too.

So like I was saying above although we want a dewy finish you certainly don’t want oily so I used MAC Blot powder to set the face.

This is a finely milled pressed powder so it’s good to reapply without caking or setting on the skin. Given it was a warm day I want this something slightly stronger too! On set days I would top up the model a lot or as needed so it’s important to use products that don’t cake.

To contour - as we all know I’d be a fan of the cheeks :) - we used my Sculpted Custom Edition In Medium Bronze, Champagne Cream, Rose Gold Glow and Pinky Hues Blush. I actually hadn’t launched the palette at this stage so I was working from prototypes! I popped the bronzer into hollows of the cheeks, lightly around the hairline and down the sides of the nose.

I then pressed my cream champagne highlighter into the tips of the Cheekbones, down the centre of the nose and Cupid’s bow to highlight these areas.

And let’s not forget blusher which went into the apples. It’s important with blush that you give a little more than usual when going on camera because it gets slightly paired back.

Pippa Photoshoot

Pippa doesn’t need much done to her brows as they are done so well by Kim O Sullivan however a little definiton never hurt anyone :) I added some of the Benefit Ka Brow lightly into the base of the brow to maximise the shape.

For the eyes I put my rose gold highlight under the brow with some of the bronzer into the crease followed by MAC Saddle to add a little more definition and then popped the lid with the new Charlotte Tilbury Cream shadow in Marie Antoinette. This is gorgeous but quite creamy so just watch out if you have quite oily lids!

Then into the sides of the eyes I shaded some darker brown from MAC in the color Brown Down to lightly smoke the edges.

I did a little flick using The Stila Felt tip liner and put some of the Penneys individuals lashes on which are just amazing for easy definition and volume.

I also popped my rose gold highlight down the centre of her shins too whenever her lovely legs were exposed!

Pippa PS 2.jpg

For the lips I used my Pink Edition lip quad in shade Rose with Mac Brave lipstick.  This is a gorgeous strong pink without being fuchsia or neon.. such a popular bridal color too.

I added some clear gloss into the centre very lightly for one of the shots too.

So there’s your low down! Bearing in mind Pippa is of course fabulous and barely needs any of these but for an occasion it’s nice to get glam!

Screenshot 2019-01-09 at 11.13.06.png

Anyways I hope you enjoyed the lowdown, if you have any other questions let me know :)

Team of the day:

Lili Forberg on photographer

Aideen Feely on styling

The GreenRoom on hair

Shot in Adare Manor  

Pippa PS 3.jpg

Beauty Bargains to be found on sale now!

Beauty Bargains to be found on sale now!

Last week I put together some of the best fashion bargains in the sales. This week I’ve focused on beauty bargains you can pick up online! I know we all have our cult favourites when it comes to beauty buys, but I just felt there were some real little treats out there and it’s always amazing to get a discount!


The cult favourite in hair straightening (and curling tbh) is down from €125.45 to €96.95. There’s a reason the GHD is a cult favourite and it’s because they really stand the test of time and so consistent in their styling. I had my first one for just under 10 years and got so much use out of it. This is the original style as well which I think is better than the newer versions personally! Always use a heat protectant with these too.

You can pick this up here

Screenshot 2019-01-07 at 14.49.22.png

Keratase Resistance Therapiste Trio

I’ve known about Kerastase for years because my mum absolutely swears by it for her fine hair. This trio includes Keratase Resistance Therapiste Shampoo, Masque and Serum created for dry, dull and tired hair. These are the perfect antidote to slightly limp hair, especially if you’ve been over styling and using lots of heat and product over party season. This helps restore your locks and brings them back to life! You can find this trio here

Was €81.45 now €56.95

Screenshot 2019-01-07 at 15.01.57.png

Benefit The Porefessional Primer

As we all know I am a big fan of this primer! Use a pea sized amount before makeup into oily or open pores areas before applying concealer and foundation. This fills any open pores and gives the effect of really smooth skin. It’s almost like a filter the way it smoothes onto and is oil free so your skin will look flawless! You can find this one here

Was €31.95 now €26.95

Screenshot 2019-01-07 at 15.08.48.png

NARS Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation

Those of you who have been following me for a while know how much I adore this foundation. It’s really lightweight but has the best coverage and also gives a lovely glow. Save up to 30% on NARS here

Was €40.45 now €37.95

Screenshot 2019-01-03 at 14.52.13.png

Benefit Gimme Brow

This is one of the best and quickest brow products I’ve come across. It’s my go to in the mornings when I’m rushing out the door. It helps thicken brows, give them a tint and shapes them in one easy step! Love this!

Save 30% on this and receive a free gift too :) Was €23.95 now €20.45

You can find this one here

Screenshot 2019-01-07 at 15.19.14.png

Joico Blonde Life Brightening Shampoo

I am newish to Joico but I know a lot of hair dressers that swear by it. They kindly sent me bits before Christmas and I have been using this shampoo and conditioner set ever since. It’s brilliant for blondes but it makes your hair so so soft even when it’s wet which is strange I know but it really does! It’s created especially for bleached, double processed or high-lifted blonde hair and it’s completely sulphate free leaving hair really shiny! Save 20% on this here

Was €18.45 now €14.95

Screenshot 2019-01-07 at 15.29.40.png

StylPro Original Make Up Brush Cleaner and Dryer

We all know that cleaning our makeup brushes is a bit of a chore but one that has to be done! This gadget is cool and a bit of a novelty. It washes and dries them which I think is the coolest part in seconds. Sometimes you do just have to clean quickly in between but this does take the hassle out of it when you want a deep clean for them. You can find this here

Was €46.45 now €36.95

    Benefit Roller Lash     This would you believe or not is in the top 3 best selling mascaras in the UK (benefit actually claims all three spots!!) It also comes in brown if that is your preferred shade.   This is usually €22.50 and is now down to €18.. check it out  here  


Benefit Roller Lash  

This would you believe or not is in the top 3 best selling mascaras in the UK (benefit actually claims all three spots!!) It also comes in brown if that is your preferred shade. 

This is usually €22.50 and is now down to €18.. check it out here 


Vita Liberata pHenomenal Self Tanner

I just love Vita Liberata Tan and this one lasts very well ! I don’t know if I’d say it lasts for 2-3 weeks - I personally would be layering tan on in between because I couldn’t be without - but it definitely lasts longer than your standard tan and the colour is lovely. So easy to put on and develops within the hour.  Was £37.50 now £26.25 and you can shop this one here

Screenshot 2019-01-07 at 15.47.06.png

Lancome Definicils Mascara Gift Set

Lancome are just legendary when it comes to their mascaras, and this is a lovely gift set with Definicils Mascara, black kohl eyeliner and eye make up remover. Was €28.45 now €18.95 and you can find this here

Screenshot 2019-01-07 at 15.53.23.png

Benefit Benebalm

These lip balms give a lovely pop of colour and are the perfect combo with our Sculpted Lip Quads :) You can find these here

Was €17.95 now €15.45

Screenshot 2019-01-07 at 16.10.21.png

That’s just a taster for some of the products on sale out there and it’s rare that cosmetics go into sale but I think this covers a good bit and they’re all trust worthy products!

Aimee xx

The Best & The Worst from the Golden Globes 2019

The Best & The Worst from the Golden Globes 2019

Hello everyone! Awards season has officially kicked off so it’s going to be a busy two months... I love this time of year and am always glued to my phone to see the style and of course pick up some inspiration whether it’s for the blog or tv that I’m doing.


The Best: 

I will admit that I wasn’t absolutely blown away by everyone this year however that were lots that I thought looked amazing and so here’s a look at some of them. 


1) Lady Gaga In Maison Valentino 

I would say we will probably be seeing this image in our sleep soon but I have to say I loved it and the powder blue to match in her hair. Of course it was extra coming from Gaga but actually not as out there as she usually tends to be. I am delighted that she took him the award for Best Original song. Rooting for her and Bradley in the Oscars!! 


2) Sandra Oh in Versace 

I just love Sandra Oh and I thought she was brilliant in Killing Eve which she deservingly took home an award for. It’s kind of a quirky drama - bit mad but good to watch. Sandra was wearing Versace as she co hosted and then changed it up accepting her award. 



3) Julia Roberts in Versace

Love, love, LOVE this. I just thought it was so simple but elegant. I think the tones were really beautiful together too. I actually watched Step Mum recently (such a tear jerker) but I fell in love with Julia Roberts all over again.



4) Gemma Chan

I thought Gemma looked insanely gorgeous. She starred in Crazy Rich Asians and all through that movie I kept commenting on how good looking she was. Love this style of the different lengths with a bit of skin but still a fab gown.  But facial features wise she’s actually on a different level!! 



 5) Penelope Cruz in Ralph & Russo 

There is nothing necessarily new or extraordinary about this dress but I did think that Penelope looked amazing. Particularly her makeup to go with it which was done by Charlotte Tilbury using Lancôme. 



6) Regina King wearing Alberta Ferretti 

Regina was another deserving winner last night and she totally dressed to impress. I think this dress looked absolutely incredible on her and a total fit for her shape.. wow! 



 7) Saoirse Ronan in Gucci 

Of course we have to support our own but I did think Saoirse looked effortlessly beautiful. I thought the dress was lovely and flattering on her and looked so delicate. Personally I would have loved a more flushed tones makeup with soft cheek and eye colours but overall this was a great look. 



8) Jamie Lee Curtis in Alexander Mulqueen 

What a lady! Jamie looked sensational in this white gown ... look at her especially for her age. A stronger lip now would have topped it off for me but loved this look.



9 ) Bradley Cooper

And I had to include Bradley just because! I do think he looks great in his white tux though and naturally so does Iryna standing with him. Imagine how good looking their daughter is going to be when she grows up. Raging he didn’t win a Globe but like I said with Lady Gaga I am rooting for him big time for the Oscars!



And with all that said that there were some looks that I just was not a fan of....  Here are some that didn’t do it for me.

1) Jodie Comer In Ralph and Russo 

I think Jodie is naturally so beautiful and for anyone that watched her in Killing Eve you’ll think the same I’m sure however this dress just didn’t do it for me. I am definitely a fan of a more fitted looked anyway but I just thought this wasn’t great. 



2) Anne Hathaway in Ellie Saab

I usually really like Ellie Saab and I am all about mixing prints when you want but I really don’t think this worked. It could be the way Anne Hathaway was photographed but it looks like it’s nearly misplaced or falling off her where the straps are.. I like leopard but didn’t love this. 



3) Kate Mara wearing Miu Miu 

This is probably my most disliked of the night. I think Kate and her makeup look amazing because she is beautiful but I really don’t think this dress did anything for her. I think the top part with the straps nearly makes her look imprisoned in the dress..really wasn’t a fan but like I said her and her face looked fab!


4) Lili Reinhart 

I will admit I don’t love these type of dresses as I find the material quite cheap looking. I much prefer them in cute skater style midi dresses. This however much like Jodie Comer disappointed me because I don’t think it did anything for her or her shape. Although It does fit slightly better than Jodie’s. With that said her hair and makeup were beautiful as is she.  


What do you guys think? Am I missing anyone that stood out to you or do you agree with my Worst Dressed? (Hate using that term worst dressed it sounds so mean and dramatic when they are still gorgeous it was just the style, haha)  


Hope you enjoyed the low down! 


Aimee xx

Top Wardrobe Essentials on Sale!

Top Wardrobe Essentials on Sale!

Hi Everyone,

The sales are in full force with loads of great bargains to be found!  Sometimes we come away with stuff we don’t really want or need so I’ve put together some of the best bits that I think would make great wardrobe staples but at a fraction of the cost! Plus it’s January so some retail therapy may be required :) x

Vero Moda Check Double Breasted Tailored Coat

Was €124.43 - now €74.66. Check was everywhere last year and never really dates so this is a great find from Vero Moda. You can shop this here

Screenshot 2019-01-04 at 13.53.15.png

Adidas Originals in Black

Were €103.69 - Now €62.21. Having a really good pair of trainers is a must for any wardrobe and a serious discount here too. You can shop these here

Screenshot 2019-01-04 at 13.55.27.png

Influence Tall Shirred Sleeve Midi Dress

Was €44.24 now €33.18. The button front and leopard print detail of this is gorgeous. Leopard print was everywhere last year so it’s bound to be around another while! You can find this one here

Screenshot 2019-01-04 at 14.02.01.png

Layered Necklaces

This was a big trend for 2018 and it’s not going anywhere! I love the delicacy of these chains and they’re down from €11 to €6... such an easy way to add to a look and inexpensive too.  

You can find these here  



Flounce London Sequin Batwing Mini Dress

Was €89.86 now €44.93. Generally sequins are reserved for party season but with the tones of this number from Flounce London it’s perfect for when you want to go that little bit extra! You can find this here

Screenshot 2019-01-04 at 14.53.11.png

Stradivarius Floral Print Dress

Was €41.46 now €24.19. A ditzy floral print is always on trend for Spring/Summer. Team with trainers or boots and a leather biker jacket for a casual girly look. You can shop this here

Screenshot 2019-01-04 at 14.59.19.png

Mango Pocket Detail White Shirt 

Was €41.46 now €32.49. A white shirt goes with anything, right? Find this one here

Screenshot 2019-01-04 at 15.04.53.png

Carvela Tote Bag

Was €67.74 now €49.77. I think the majority of us would be lost without a big handbag we can throw everything into! This one from Carvela comes in black too! You can shop this here

Screenshot 2019-01-04 at 15.06.15.png

Black Leather Jacket

For me this is one of the best finds. I will admit I have a few leather jackets that I’ve gather over the years from various stores but you just can’t beat a good one. This is down from €400 - €124!! Perfect for throwing on casually or dressing up jeans and a nice top in the months to come.  You can find this here


Qupid Pointed Block Heels

Was €77.42 now €52.54. Every wardrobe needs a pair of black heeded boots. They just go with everything! You can shop these ones here

Screenshot 2019-01-04 at 15.16.43.png

And there you have it, 10 wardrobe staples you can find on sale right now!

If that wasn’t enough you can browse 60% off BooHoo 

Up to 70% off ASOS 



Aimee xx

Get the Look - Gracie

Get the Look - Gracie

Hi everyone,

One thing we’re going to introduce as a regular feature here on the blog is our #GetTheLook. It makes sense seeing as I get to do lots of lovely faces and you guys are always wondering what I used to create them! 

Ill be sharing looks from Fashion Factories and Masterclasses so you can pick up some tips on the products I use, what I find works and what doesn’t work and overall just how to apply makeup without becoming overwhelmed!

Today I’m going to go through the gorgeous Gracie’s look that we did for a Poco by Pippa shoot.

Here’s how we achieved that glow!


First of all I used Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream all over the face. I love this moisturiser but yes it does have a price tag.  I think it feels fab on and it is packed packed full of Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamins C & E, Aloe Vera & Shea Butter etc etc for radiant, healthier-looking skin. Do I think it’s the absolute best on the market?..No but I do enjoy it.


Next up I applied Benefit Porefessional down the t-zone. This works wonders at minimizing the appearance of  pores and fine lines allowing makeup to glide on over it but only a small amount is needed.


Nars All Day Luminous Foundation

Love this foundation and it has a little bit more of a matte finish than the NARS Sheer Glow so it was perfect for Gracie’s skin which is on the oilier side - It builds full coverage but is extremely lightweight and blends really well.

Bronze & Glow

I used the Sculpted Custom Edition Palette filled with:  Medium Bronze, Pearl Pop Cream Highlighter, Golden Glow Powder Highlighter and Sunset Sheen Blush.

Top tips for using the Custom Edition Palette;

Using the Sculpted Double Ended Brush apply the bronzer into the cheek bone beginning at the ear and moving inward towards the apple of the cheek where your bone should end, dust a little around the hairline on the forehead, down the sides of the nose and along the jawline.

Next pop the cream highlight along the tips of the cheekbones moving towards the temple - in a V or C shape if you like - applying with the ring finger and tapping the product into the skin. Pop a little down the centre of the nose and cupids bow. Follow this with the other side of the double ended brush and use your powder highlighter in the exact same places as the cream highlight.


Finish the look with sunset sheen blush applied to the apple’s of the cheeks. You can smile as you’re doing this and just Mayer as you like!

Gracie has insane skin anyway but just look at her glow!!  


For Gracie’s brows I used the Nars Brow Perfector Pencil in Calimyrna, perfect for blonde colouring. I love this brow pencil as it’s really soft to work with so it gives natural hair like strokes and is super easy to blend. The spoolie helps to work your brows into shape before or after application.


Here I used MAC All That Glitters eyeshadow all over the lid and worked MAC Saddle in to the crease and also brought this below the eye for added definition and warmth. I also used a little of the MAC Brown Down at the outer edges underneath the eye for a smokey effect. I couldn’t live without this eyeshadow

I then used Inglot gel eyeliner and The Angle brush from the Sculpted Reloaded brush set to create a side flick with a thinner line on the inner corner of the eye. To finish the eyes I popped on three of the Penney’s individual lashes to give some length on the very outer corner of the eye - so handy!!


I used Buff from Nude Edition Lip Quad all over the lips and topped it off with Rimmel No 54 Lipstick!

Sculpted by Aimee

And there you have it, everything you need to achieve Gracie’s gorgeous look!

Lots of love,

Aimee xx

Top Tips for Dry Lips

Top Tips for Dry Lips

Having dry cracked lips is one of the most uncomfortable and painful things to have and anyone that has gone through this will know it!

If your skin is dry and loose you need to exfoliate. Use a lip scrub and toothbrush or even some sugar and give them a very light brush. This will help to soften the lips and you can get rid of any excess skin which will allow your lipstick to sit better. Make sure to exfoliate very lightly because the lip skin is really sensitive and can break easily!

I’ve tried every lip balm there is out there and believe me not all work. Some might give you relief temporarily but not actually fix your lips.

My top 3 products to use for dry, cracked lips are;

Image Ormedic Lip Balm

This product is so soft and smells really nice on. It naturally enhances your natural lip contours while adding 40% more moisture to your lips. It also has anti-ageing ingredients which stimulate collagen production so overall it’s worth the price tag. You can find this one here

Screenshot 2019-01-02 at 14.16.54.png

Elizabeth Arden 8hr Cream

This is one of the best purchases I have ever made, it really helps relive chapped, dry and cracked skin. Not only is it excellent on lips, you can use it around the nose if it’s dry after having a cold or on broken skin around your fingers which is also very common this time of year. It really is an all round product as you can pop it on your elbows or knees too - wherever you tend to get dry skin and it will soothe and work it’s magic!

You can find this here

Screenshot 2019-01-02 at 13.39.31.png

Blistex MedPlus Repairing Lip Balm

As much as I love Carmex and Dr Paw Paw they don’t actually cure your dry lips they just relieve them, however, this blistex I actually find amazing. I’d actually nearly go as far as saying more effective than the other two at working fast. It’s packed with Jojoba Oil and Cocoa Butter and menthol to cool and soothe. The menthol ingredient does mean it has a strong feeling on which some might find ever so slightly irritating but it works.

This one is readily available in most pharmacies and you can find it here

Screenshot 2019-01-02 at 13.49.58.png

Top Tips;

My tip would be to sleep with lip balm on so that your lips repair overnight - wear a light layer under your lipstick the next day or if you want to avoid wearing lipstick altogether do.

If you are someone who has to wear lipsticks make sure you don’t wear anything too matte, this will only dry your lips out further, the creamier the better!

Hope this helps!

Aimee xx

My Top Products of 2018

My Top Products of 2018

Hi Everyone,

I hope you have all had the best Christmas and got to chill out and spend time with friends and family. I just can’t believe it’s 2019 - where did the last year go?! It’s been such an amazing, fun filled and hectic year, but you all know I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Looking back on 2018 I decided to put my top product list together, these are all products (not to be dramatic) that I can’t live without now! These are products that I genuinely love!!!

Sculpted Custom Edition;

Naturally I couldn’t conclude the year without including my biggest project to date and that is my custom edition. A refill palette with 3 bronzers, 3 cream bases, 3 powder highlighters and 3 blushers to choose from to create your own filling. It really is a handy palette and thank you if you have picked one up!  You can find the Custom Edition Palette here


Sculpted Royal Rose Palette

Sculpted Royal Rose Palette

2) TanLuxe Facial Tanner  

If you have been following along you’ll know that I adore this ever since I found them. Face tanning never used to sit right on my skin tone for whatever reason but now I wouldn’t go away without them. I always go for medium/dark and just apply less drops to my moisturiser when I want to go lighter but I love them. ..

You can find Tan Luxe Drops here for €39


Tan Luxe Facial Drops

3) Charlotte Tilbury Eye Cheat:

I kind of went off light eyeliner for the waterline because I found the white quite harsh on...that was until I found the eye cheat. This nude liner is like concealer - it doesn’t budge and it totally awakens the eye. Love this stuff. You can get it for €25 here

Screenshot 2018-12-19 at 11.48.09.png

4) Environ AVST:

This is now part of my skincare routine and it is one of the essentials. It does say moisturiser but I would wear it like a serum. It has Vitamin A which is essential for your skin and the more you become prone to it you go up a level so I started on 1 and now I’m on 3. You can find all Environ products here


Environ AVST

5) Stila Magnificent Metals;

I have also mentioned these a lot because I just think they are the handiest things to glam up your look. No fuss, no fall out and as much sparkle as you would like. My go to’s are Smouldering Satin or Rose Gold Retro.

You can find these here


Stila Magnificent Metals

6) Vita Liberata Body Blur

I feel like I’m always raving about this product but it is just that good! This instant tan gives skin a really flawless finish and I love the colour. Known as the original instagram filter I couldn’t but have it on my list for 2018! I also should mention that I much prefer it over a light layer of developing tan the next day.

You can find Vita Liberata here


Screenshot 2018-12-04 at 12.05.05.png

7) Jo Malone - Wood Sage & Sea Salt

This is my go to fragrance at the moment. I love the travel size option of this scent, it’s so handy to pop in your bag and have it wherever you go! I actually ended up getting 3 of these at Christmas so yes my love for it must be obvious!  You can find Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt here

Screenshot 2018-12-19 at 13.19.44.png

8. NARS Longwear Radiant Foundation

This foundation is one of my absolute favourites, it lasts for hours but stays light and glowy, with unbeatable coverage. I find it  a little less coverage but more dewy than MAC Studio Fix for example.  You can shop NARS here


9) Laura Mercier Translucent Powder

This setting powder by Laura Mercier is just brilliant. It doesn’t appear cakey on the skin. It really evens out skin tone and almost has a blurred effect on the skin so fine lines and any problem areas are diminished. Love this over any foundation to finish the look. You can shop this here

Screenshot 2018-12-19 at 13.51.47.png

10) Sculpted Lip Quad

Launching the Lip Quads was a major milestone for me! I really wanted to create something that would pop in your make up bag but could still create different looks. I know I’m biased but I just love my lip quad and have one in my bag at all times. You can go for the natural look and pop on some liner and lip balm or go all out and use the liner all over the lips with lipstick for that extra pout :)

You can find Sculpted Lip Quads here


Nude Pen with nib.jpg

And there you have it! 2018 all wrapped up in some of my favourite products. I’m looking forward to sharing lots of new ideas with you in 2019 and Happy New Year!!

Love Aimee,


Skin Saviours for Party Season Recovery!

Skin Saviours for Party Season Recovery!

While we’re all loving party season and the over indulgence (it’s totally fine, we’re all doing it!) sometimes our skin can take a bit of a hit when there’s so much going on. I just wanted to share some skin saviours with you to help your skin look brighter and give it a little TLC at this time of year.

Image Vital C Hydrating Overnight Masq

I’m a big fan of overnight masques. I just love the idea of something working while I sleep!

This is a skin saviour for dry, irritated and dehydrated skin so it’s absolutely perfect to rejuvenate your skin at this time of year. Pop on a layer of the gel after cleansing and leave on overnight and just wash away with lukewarm water in the morning. You’ll be glowing!

You can find this here

Image Hydrating Overnight Masque

2. Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Masque

This is a great one for all skin types. It really helps to hydrate and replenish skin’s water reserves so your skin is left feeling really refreshed. It’s not a bad price point either for something that will last.

You can shop this here

Kiehl's Overnight Hydrating Masque

3. Seoulista Beauty Correct and Calm Instant Facial

In just 20 minutes this sheet mask can help revive even the dullest skin. This one is great for keeping breakouts at bay. It’s soothing treatment targets visible pores, uneven skin tone and redness so it leaves the skin really calm and hydrated. A great one for evening skin tone and getting a good shot of glow before an event!

You can find this one here

Screenshot 2018-12-21 at 13.35.43.png

4. First Aid Beauty Skin Lab Resurfacing Liquid 10% AHA

I know some of us who have sensitive skin are a little afraid of AHA products. What’s lovely about this product is it’s really gentle, so if you’re someone who is prone to a breakout or has sensitive skin this product is fab. It works to remove dead skin cells and brightens dull looking skin shrinking the appearance of pores and fine lines.

You can find this here

Screenshot 2018-12-21 at 13.28.08.png

5. Bioderma Hydrabio Masque

I love bioderma products, and they are a great price too. This moisturising mask is great for really dry sensitive skin. Pop a generous layer on after cleansing and leave on for 10-15 minutes. The Bioderma mask has a lovely creamy texture so it soothes the skin while bringing it back to life.

You can find this here

Screenshot 2018-12-21 at 13.29.16.png

Hope these help bring your partied out skin back to life!

Lots of love,

Aimee xx

10 Christmas Cosy Essentials

10 Christmas Cosy Essentials

I love a good cosy jumper at this time of year. There’s no better feeling than putting on something warm to head out for a crisp walk to walk off the many Christmas dinner helpings or just chilling by the fire, glass of vino in hand :)

Here’s some favourites that we have put together to make your browsing easier! ;

  1. New Look Black Jumper

I actually think a basic black jumper is a lifesaver, you can match this one with anything and I love the neck tie idea! Find this here


Screenshot 2018-12-21 at 14.30.24.png

2. ASOS Cream Jumper

This one is so cute, just look at that button detail <3 Looks fab with jeans but also think it would be super cute tucked into a leather mini and tights! You can shop this one here


Screenshot 2018-12-21 at 14.32.08.png

3. Stradivarius Green Turtle Neck

Love this polo neck and the way that it’s relaxed instead of being super tight! Its cosy and a nice different colour for a change too! You can find this one here


Screenshot 2018-12-21 at 14.35.25.png

4. ASOS Wrap Jumper

I love a soft pink jumper and this one from ASOS is a bit more dressy, perfect for family get togethers! You can find this here


Screenshot 2018-12-21 at 14.37.41.png

5. River Island High Neck

Ive loved this jumper for a while and it wasn’t one of the main looks in Pippa’s VIP Magazine cover shoot! Pair this one with a statement lip to bring out the red detail! You can find this one here

Screenshot 2018-12-21 at 14.40.23.png

6. Colour Block Roll Neck Jumper

Lace is always a winner at this time of year and love the block detail of this one, plus you really can’t go wrong with black and white. You can find this here

Screenshot 2018-12-21 at 15.01.57.png

7. Oversized Mix Stitch Jumper

Cute little white number from Boohoo, pair with a couple of dainty gold chains to dress it up a little.

You can find this one here

Screenshot 2018-12-21 at 15.12.47.png

8. Stripe Twist Back Jumper

Love this low back jumper from Boohoo, this would be so cute with a nice pair of jeans for a comfy cosy look. You can shop this one here

Screenshot 2018-12-21 at 15.17.38.png

9. Tall Colour Block Cable Roll Neck jumper

Another colour block and again an easy one to wear in its grey and white! Wear this oversized one for ultimate cosiness :) You can find this here

Screenshot 2018-12-21 at 15.19.51.png

10. Tall Colour Block Cardigan

And for the ultimate comfort there’s nothing better than a big cosy cardigan to throw over any outfit! This Is also a great way to break up a black or full white outfit. You can find this Boohoo number here


Hope you’re all relaxing by the fire :)

Happy Stephens Day!


Love Aimee xx

New Years Eve Party Looks

New Years Eve Party Looks

Party season is well and truly underway, so I wanted to put together some New Years Eve party looks for you to ring in the New Year in style!

1) Linda Asymmetric Body Con

You can never go wrong with a little black dress. Here’s a gorgeous little number from Revolve. The asymmetric style will have you standing out from the crowd! Love the neck detail too.

Screenshot 2018-12-20 at 12.29.02.png

2. Belle One Shoulder Mini Dress

There's really nothing like a bit of bling on NYE. This Gold Sequin number from Revolve is amazing!

You can find this one shoulder number here


3) Stripe Sequins High Neck Bodycon Dress By Club L

How cute is this?! Def one to be the centre of attention on the dancefloor! You can never go wrong with multi coloured stripes.

You can shop this here

Screenshot 2018-12-20 at 13.17.48.png

4) Light Blue Bardot Playsuit

If you want to go for something different and aren’t into the whole sequins look, this playsuit is gorgeous and you can wear it year round! You can shop this here

Screenshot 2018-12-20 at 13.21.04.png

5) Cowl Play Satin Dress

I love this!! And bought the peach one for myself too :) If you’ve got any occasions this New Years Season there’s some gorgeous items available at Nasty Gal at great prices too! Check out the Cowl Play Satin Dress here and Cowl Do You Do Polka Dot Dress here

6) Gold Sequin Top

It’s not all about dresses for New Years or the festive season - You can get this sequin top in River Island, perfect for tucking into jeans for a more relaxed vibe.

Shop the Gold Sequin Top here

7. Womens Petite Black sequin embellished blazer

Another one from River Island, this blazer is the perfect throw over for party season!

Screenshot 2018-12-20 at 14.38.12.png

8) It Suits You Blazer Dress

Moving away from sequins now, this blazer dress from Nasty Gal would be fab with a deep tan and is totally effortless. You can shop this here

Screenshot 2018-12-20 at 14.48.29.png

9) Kinda Into It One Shoulder Dress

The Kinda Into It Dress has a relaxed, one shoulder silhouette, and is a wrap design wrap design and I just Love the colour of this one!

Screenshot 2018-12-20 at 14.52.38.png

10) One More Night Mini Dress

Another wow colour from Nasty Gal - this would be gorgeous with a good tan <3

You can shop this here

Hope you liked our looks and have a great New Year!

Love Aimee,


Stocking Fillers for under €40!!

Stocking Fillers for under €40!!

Here are my Top 10 Stocking Fillers for under €40;

  1. Limited Edition Sculpted Palette €32

We’re obviously so proud of our new Custom Edition and what more exciting than having a limited edition palette! This palette still has the magnetic pans in it so you can refill as you want once you've worn them in. But that’s not all!  This also includes an exclusive blush not available in the mainline called Pink Swoon which naturally we’re swooning over! <3 You can get this here!

xmas pre filled .jpg

2. Lip Quads

These have probably been the hardest things ever to keep in stock!! We have the Pink and Nude edition available each carrying 4 lip liners in one and all shades that are totally wearable. No need for a sharpener just twist the centre to release more product! Finally we have our last drop before Christmas which you can pre order to be sure you get them! These will be shipped Tuesday the 18th & Wednesday the 19th to ensure delivery pre Christmas! Order yours here

3) Charlotte Tilbury Mini Hollywood Lips €21

This is such a lovely lip set and you get two of her mini Hollywood lips liquid lipsticks. The shades are great and they're not that drying on either as some would assume mattes can be. Perfect for Kris Kindle or a stocking filler for any beauty lover. You can find this duo here

Screenshot 2018-12-18 at 11.36.33.png

4) Babyliss Curler €30:

Anyone that has been following me a while will know that I adore this curler and the price of it is shocking. I returned a 150€ curler I had years ago purely because I just felt this was so much better. When I want a proper curl this is my go to - it’s a cult favourite and just an amazing price.

You can find this here

Screenshot 2018-12-18 at 11.40.28.png

5) Bioderma Skincare Gift Set; 

This cute little set contains a hydrabio cleansing milk which is so gentle on the skin and a hydrating mask which is perfect for a bit of night time repair over the busy season! Its worth €26 and you can get it for €18….amazing value, and you can find this one here

Screenshot 2018-12-18 at 13.28.31.png

6) Pippa Collection Diary; 

For the list lover in your life treat them to an undated, beautifully presented planner from the Pippa Collection. Its scattered with lots of lovely quotes from Pippa herself along with some inspirational words to keep you motivated! All for 20€ that you can use for any year! You can find the Pippa Collection Diary here

Screenshot 2018-12-18 at 13.32.23.png

7) Benefit They're Real Mascara; 

Mascara is one of those products that any woman would love and this one they're real is phenomenal. Yes it may be a little tricky to get off but that is totally worth it when you see the volume and definition it gives!! This is 25€ or you can get it as a mini to leave even more room for gifts. Find Benefit They’re Real here

Screenshot 2018-12-18 at 13.44.43.png

8) I Adumbledore You:

I shared a picture of a cool mug recently and everyone went mad on Instagram wondering where you could get them. Moss Cottage have great options and they make a great, fun, not so serious gift particularly if you're buying for someone at work who you may not know that well! You can shop their collection of really cute mugs here

Screenshot 2018-12-18 at 13.46.50.png

9) Personalised Chocolate; 

Yes you read that correctly! Every year Brown Thomas do some sort of cool personalisation and this year its all about tucking into yourself in the form of a chocolate. This is so quick to do - ten minute wait and costs 20€. They can also use any image on your phone so its so handy to do. Great gift for any age!

You can shop all Chocolate available in Brown Thomas here, however, for the personalised gift pop in store :)

10) Stila Shimmering Heights Trio Set €31.95 

This is the perfect addition for the glam lover in your life. A trio of Stila’s best selling shimmering shadows that would usually be worth 50€. They are all very wearable shades no matter what the colouring of whoever you're gifting to so its an easy purchase. You can find these gorgeous treats here

Screenshot 2018-12-18 at 13.57.19.png

And there you have it! Some really lovely stocking fillers at some great prices too.

We hope you find some of these under the tree on Christmas Morning x

Love Aimee xx

How To Smokey Eye; Aimees 7Ways7Days

How To Smokey Eye; Aimees 7Ways7Days

Welcome to my last day of #Aimees7Ways7Days where I’m going to be going through the classic smokey eye look. Of course there are lots of ways to do a smokey eye and I think it’s nice to try new ways but ... Traditionally you use three colours, a few different brushes and overall it basically gives light and definition to the eye!

Step 1;


Starting with a big blender brush Im going to use my bronzer.  FYI everybody needs one of these brushes in their lives - you need a big fluffy brush that’s going to get it on quickly! Using bronzer is my personal preference as I like to work from the one palette and just have a smaller make up bag, but you can use whatever medium colour you want as long as its matte, meaning no shimmer, no shine and no glitter.

This is going to go into the brow bone all along the way of the eye. You can be a little bit messy here if you want because you’re just buffing it in. Make sure to leave a gap underneath the brows, so that you don’t have eyeshadow going all the way up to the eye.

 You can find the Sculpted Brushes here

Step 2;

Next into the corner, you want to sketch in your darker colour. I would always do this next before I would do my shimmer because you want to make sure this stays matte. So again, we’re talking about matte here, I’m using a dark brown, this one is MAC Brown Down, and I’m placing it on with my small pencil brush (the definer) to sketch it under the crease. If you are someone who has a hooded eye you might not see this as much. If you are someone who can’t see their eyeshadow at all when you open your eyes you need to keep your eye open as you are blending and that’ll ensure that you bring it up to the right level where you can still see it.

You can find MAC Brown Down here.

I’m going to keep this to the outer third of the eye, the more you bring it in and the more you add the darker it’s going to go, so that depends on you! I’m focusing on the outer third and i’m bringing it down to the lash line so i’m filling that full side of the eye. Then I’m going to go in with tan pigment. I just use my finger to apply this, you could use a brush too - whatever you prefer, and this is going to go all along the flat part of the eye and around the tear duct. You’re basically filling just out to meet the brown, so it’s not going on top of it as we want the brown to stay matte, but it’s going to go just close enough that it’s going to complete the full eye.

Step 3;

So I always think a smokey eye isn’t complete until you have some sort of definition underneath the eye. I would do this on any of my clients regardless if they were 15 or 95 because i think the undereye is the most important part because it’s exactly what people can see when the eye is open especially if you have a hooded lid or you don’t see as much of your upper eye when your eye is open, which is totally natural!

Starting with the darker brown, I’m bringing the same two colours the whole way around, and I’m placing that using my angle brush, to make sure it’s really precise and really tight underneath the eye, because you don’t want that going too low or else it’s going to make you look really tired. When the brown is on, I don’t like it to look too strict of a line so I buff this out using my definer brush and the bronzer or whatever medium brown colour you’ve used originally. This comes underneath just to soften that dark brown as you don’t want it too look harsh either. I then finished up with the Charlotte Tilbury Eye Cheat on my water line and a little of the matte brown shadow into my upper lashline!

l hope you found this helpful!


Love Aimee xx