Hello everyone! Awards season has officially kicked off so it’s going to be a busy two months... I love this time of year and am always glued to my phone to see the style and of course pick up some inspiration whether it’s for the blog or tv that I’m doing.


The Best: 

I will admit that I wasn’t absolutely blown away by everyone this year however that were lots that I thought looked amazing and so here’s a look at some of them. 


1) Lady Gaga In Maison Valentino 

I would say we will probably be seeing this image in our sleep soon but I have to say I loved it and the powder blue to match in her hair. Of course it was extra coming from Gaga but actually not as out there as she usually tends to be. I am delighted that she took him the award for Best Original song. Rooting for her and Bradley in the Oscars!! 


2) Sandra Oh in Versace 

I just love Sandra Oh and I thought she was brilliant in Killing Eve which she deservingly took home an award for. It’s kind of a quirky drama - bit mad but good to watch. Sandra was wearing Versace as she co hosted and then changed it up accepting her award. 



3) Julia Roberts in Versace

Love, love, LOVE this. I just thought it was so simple but elegant. I think the tones were really beautiful together too. I actually watched Step Mum recently (such a tear jerker) but I fell in love with Julia Roberts all over again.



4) Gemma Chan

I thought Gemma looked insanely gorgeous. She starred in Crazy Rich Asians and all through that movie I kept commenting on how good looking she was. Love this style of the different lengths with a bit of skin but still a fab gown.  But facial features wise she’s actually on a different level!! 



 5) Penelope Cruz in Ralph & Russo 

There is nothing necessarily new or extraordinary about this dress but I did think that Penelope looked amazing. Particularly her makeup to go with it which was done by Charlotte Tilbury using Lancôme. 



6) Regina King wearing Alberta Ferretti 

Regina was another deserving winner last night and she totally dressed to impress. I think this dress looked absolutely incredible on her and a total fit for her shape.. wow! 



 7) Saoirse Ronan in Gucci 

Of course we have to support our own but I did think Saoirse looked effortlessly beautiful. I thought the dress was lovely and flattering on her and looked so delicate. Personally I would have loved a more flushed tones makeup with soft cheek and eye colours but overall this was a great look. 



8) Jamie Lee Curtis in Alexander Mulqueen 

What a lady! Jamie looked sensational in this white gown ... look at her especially for her age. A stronger lip now would have topped it off for me but loved this look.



9 ) Bradley Cooper

And I had to include Bradley just because! I do think he looks great in his white tux though and naturally so does Iryna standing with him. Imagine how good looking their daughter is going to be when she grows up. Raging he didn’t win a Globe but like I said with Lady Gaga I am rooting for him big time for the Oscars!



And with all that said that there were some looks that I just was not a fan of....  Here are some that didn’t do it for me.

1) Jodie Comer In Ralph and Russo 

I think Jodie is naturally so beautiful and for anyone that watched her in Killing Eve you’ll think the same I’m sure however this dress just didn’t do it for me. I am definitely a fan of a more fitted looked anyway but I just thought this wasn’t great. 



2) Anne Hathaway in Ellie Saab

I usually really like Ellie Saab and I am all about mixing prints when you want but I really don’t think this worked. It could be the way Anne Hathaway was photographed but it looks like it’s nearly misplaced or falling off her where the straps are.. I like leopard but didn’t love this. 



3) Kate Mara wearing Miu Miu 

This is probably my most disliked of the night. I think Kate and her makeup look amazing because she is beautiful but I really don’t think this dress did anything for her. I think the top part with the straps nearly makes her look imprisoned in the dress..really wasn’t a fan but like I said her and her face looked fab!


4) Lili Reinhart 

I will admit I don’t love these type of dresses as I find the material quite cheap looking. I much prefer them in cute skater style midi dresses. This however much like Jodie Comer disappointed me because I don’t think it did anything for her or her shape. Although It does fit slightly better than Jodie’s. With that said her hair and makeup were beautiful as is she.  


What do you guys think? Am I missing anyone that stood out to you or do you agree with my Worst Dressed? (Hate using that term worst dressed it sounds so mean and dramatic when they are still gorgeous it was just the style, haha)  


Hope you enjoyed the low down! 


Aimee xx