It’s one of those tasks that everyone hates doing but trust me, it’s so important to wash your makeup brushes regularly! Not only does it maintain the quality of the brushes but it also stops bacteria spreading, resulting in unnecessary breakouts on your skin.

Do you wash your brushes every week? And if so are you really washing them correctly?! Just to make sure you are here’s some professional tips on giving your brushes the TLC they deserve.

 How Often Should you Clean your Makeup Brushes?

◦         Foundation and concealer brushes: Once a week

◦         Eye makeup brushes: Bi-weekly

◦         Other brushes that aren't daily users: Once a month

How to Give your Makeup Brushes an Intensive Clean

1.     To show your brushes some real TLC fill a large bowl with warm water and pour a small amount of mild baby shampoo or brush cleanser into it.

2.     Swirl the brush around the bowl and rub the brush onto the palm of your hand to help get the makeup out quicker. Hold the ferrule (the metal part) to ensure you don’t get that part wet. That’s where all the hairs are glued on to hold them in place so you don't want to loosen that.

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3.   Rinse your brushes, brush face down, under the running tap. Keep washing and rinsing until the water runs clear. That’s when you know your job is done!

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4. With a towel or cloth dry the brushes off reshaping them as you do before leaving them out overnight. Leave them to dry on a clean cloth or towel and just make sure that none are them are squished. 

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Top Tip!

Be careful not to carry loose brushes around. This is really bad for your brushes and they will break and get damaged. Keep them safe in our Sculpted black wallet instead!

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Clean On The Go

You can use a brush cleanser such as Ella and Jo Squeaky Brush Cleaner or MAC Brush Cleanser which will clean your brushes immediately. Or use an antibacterial spritz or spray for a quick clean in between uses. Anything with isopropyl alcohol or surgical spirits is generally strong enough to kill the bacteria and allow you to use them again straight away without having to wait for them to dry.

 Ella & Jo is available online at Meaghers Pharmacy RRP €20

Ella & Jo is available online at Meaghers Pharmacy RRP €20

 Always apply directly to the brush and spray some onto a tissue, then rub the brush into the tissue to remove the product. If you're using isopropyl alcohol or surgical spirits make sure its diluted or not put directly on to your face or a client’s as it may cause a reaction.

Dealz also have 100% ispoprophyl cleansers for just €1.50!

I hope you’ve found this blog post helpful! How many of you are now going to go and wash your makeup brushes?

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