For me Festival Beauty has always been about two things – convenience and longevity. You want to bring the least amount of products in your bag but what you do bring with you has to work really hard at creating the desired effect, whether that’s first thing in the morning or dancing late into the night!

I’ve been there. Doing makeup on location (read: in a tiny tent in the middle of a field!) isn’t always the easiest of tasks. You don’t have the best lighting, a decent quality mirror or even the best toilet facilities when you finally want to take your makeup off.

So, to help ease the tricky task of looking deadly at all times while you go about your festival fun here are my top five must-have beauty products that I just can’t live without.

1)    My Sculpted Rose Gold Palette – not only for contouring but bronzer for eyes and highlighter for under brows and the tear duct to create that wide awake look when you might not have had much sleep, or any at all!


2)    Moxi Loves Eye Catchers - the essential makeup remover filled cotton bud that will be your saviour as you try to redraw your feline flick inside your tent on day two with a tiny mirror... trust me! This will also help to define your lip shape and clean up any general messes that may have happened along the way.


3)    Stila Magnificent Metals - it's not a festival without a little glitter! I love love love these which is definitely no surprise to any regular followers. They have an applicator inside which I wouldn't necessarily use directly on the eyes unless you wanted full glitter glam. Otherwise pop some onto your hands and dab onto your eyes, side of the face, collar bones…wherever you're feeling it really!


4)    A multi-tasking lipstick - any lipstick can double up as blusher once you're sure what colour blush it is that you want. I love MAC Brave lipstick as both. It's a deep pink but not too dark so only a few dabs of it and you're good to go on the lips and cheeks.

5)    The Cleanse Off Mitt should be your next festival essential and if I were you i would bring 2/3 with you so you can have a fresh one for each day you are there. With just a little water this will remove your makeup, you can use it with your cleanser to cleanse your face or with some soap and water to wash yourself. The handiest skin saviour ever!

And my final piece of advice? Have LOTS of fun!! Don't forget to tag me or DM any of your festival beauty looks, or if you've packed any of the products above.