Is it just me or is everyone getting ready to attend their next wedding these days? I love a good wedding but I also REALLY love the part most people dread - deciding on what to wear and getting my glam on from head to toe, in the comfort of my own room.

If you struggle to do your own makeup for a wedding or event or are located somewhere that makes hiring a professional makeup artist near impossible, then I’m right here to help! Here are my top makeup and beauty tips for all wedding eventualities you may encounter this summer.


Most Irish weddings are a day long affair which means your makeup really gets put to the test!

1) Choose a foundation suited to you. This is really important because while some people might look great in a certain foundation it may not be suited to your skin. If you are an oily skinned gal having an oil free foundation and semi matt finish will really help to keep it on. Alternatively if you find your skin is more dry then you need something with oil in it to keep skin moist and not flaky.

2) Pack a powder in your handbag. Regardless of your skin type the vast majority of us need to bring a little powder or foundation brush with some excess on it to top ourselves up throughout the day. If it's a sunny day then you will certainly need a partner in crime for the heat but even if it's not after the meal is when a quick touch up is needed and then you're good to go for the next few hours!

3) Don’t forget your lips. Whenever I do a bridal party or even my own makeup for a wedding this is the one product that every single person needs to bring in their handbag. There is no lipstick or gloss in the world which is infallible so you are bound to have to top it up at some stage or another so bringing it along with you is a must.



The sunshine can play havoc with your skin if you haven’t applied your skincare and makeup in the right way.

1) Less is more in the heat. Whenever I travel abroad to do wedding makeup I always pack the MAC Oil Control Lotion. This is a fantastic product to apply to your oily areas before makeup and it really helps combat any shine. It's a light liquid so it also won't feel heavy on the skin.

Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 8.50.58 p.m..png

2)  Bring your translucent powder and lipstick with you. Two powders that I love are Laura Mercier Translucent which has no colour in it but it is an open pot so it may not be as convenient for your handbag - however it is so finely milled that you can reapply all you want and it won't gather! The second favourite of mine is in fact a pressed powder which comes in a compact and that is the MAC Blot Powder. This is slightly heavier than the Laura Mercier in the sense of the coverage it gives to the face but again it is so fine that you can keep adding this and it wont effect the makeup which is rare for  a pressed powder. My makeup bag could not be without this!


3)    Bring a Spritz; If you cant handle the heat or get conscious of getting too hot bringing something like the MAC Fix+ along with you is brilliant to keep your hydrated and cool throughout the day. Plus it wont effect your makeup!


If you get invited to an evening party then you can go totally glam and be ready for all the dance floor action right from the start! Or equally if you're looking for quick ways to dress your face up for a party later which some brides or bridesmaids will often do well then here are my top tips.

1)    Smoke It Up; The easiest way to dress up your makeup in the quickest time possible is of course with a Kohl pencil. Use a black or brown into the waterline and upper lash line to smoke it out and create a nice bit of definition.

2)    Bronze It Up; I am not advocating that you pop bronzer on all over the face…no! However having something handy like the Sculpted palette in your handbag will give you a mirror for a quick touch up on the go and you can redefine your cheekbones to give you more of a sculpted look, which will really dress up your look.


3) Add lashes or go for a deeper lip. Again keeping with the quick tips adding a set of lashes will always dramatise a look in seconds…it is one of the easiest ways around it. If you’re already at a wedding and don't want to brave the lash application in the toilets along with the wedding crew…I don't blame you! But in that case choose a slightly deeper lip or go a little more dramatic with your lip liner. 

If I’ve missed any wedding scenarios out that you need some help with preparing for don’t hesitate to drop me an email or contact me on social media and I’ll be more than happy to help!