I do mature makeup all of the time and always get lots of questions on the best products and application techniques! A lot of people fear mature makeup especially when I am teaching students but don't worry there really is nothing to worry about!

Anyway I thought I’d share my Top Tips with you:

1) Less is more

(I think this anyway but especially on a more mature skin!) so don’t go in with a heavy powder based foundation that will set and cake on the skin. Keep it light and use concealer on areas where you need more coverage. Whenever you're looking for coverage with a concealer you should be using a cream or panstick type as that will cover more in quicker time for you. Areas that need coverage are typically cheeks, chins and around the nose.

Chanel Vita Lumiere Aqua foundation, MakeUp Forever HD, YSl All in One Glow are all very popular options for a nice base.

2) Do The Brows

Make sure the brows are somewhat defined. A lot of women may have lost hairs from over plucking and are terrified of definition but the subtlest amount will do wonders for shaping the face! I often get women who sit down and are part terrified at me coming at them with a brush but its always ok in the end :) Shading the brows with a shadow or pencil will give a more natural finish to something like a gel if you're unsure!

3) Sculpting is a Must

Make sure you sculpt - and I’m serious when I say that! A bit of bronzer in the right places of the cheekbones will totally lift the face. Of course your Sculpted palette can totally help you out here and come in handy for my next tip too! Take the bronzer into their cheekbones and very lightly around the hair line depending on how much you want to contour and how much they open to makeup. Take it in steps and layer lightly as you normally would but especially because a lot of women may not be wearing a dark tan.


4) Cream Highlight is Key

A cream highlight is an absolute must! It gives the most radiant finish to the skin that’s light and fresh looking. Use your finger and tap it along the tips of the cheekbones to give a soft glow. A lot of women can be conscious of fine lines and wrinkles around this area which is why a cream highlighter is the way to go - it wont set into any areas you don't want it to. This is actually why I originally included a cream highlight in my palettes! More importantly though if you find your 'fine lines', 'crow's feet' are very obvious on the outskirts on your eye well then pop your highlight along just outside these. It will still give you a gorgeous finish and highlight in the right areas but you won't feel paranoid!

You can check the Rose Gold Palette out for yourself here :)

5) Blush is Best

Add some blush! It’s very common for women to have high coloring, redness or broken veins in the cheek area and so sometimes they’re afraid of blusher. There’s lots of different tones in blush so you don’t have to go all rosy on them. I'm a fan of this Mineralise Blusher from MAC because its softer in consistency. What looks very pink there comes out quite soft. I also love a good peach matte blush and something with a soft sheen to add more glow.


6) Lock in the Lips

Keep the lips defined. For me a lip liner is an absolute must and make sure when choosing a colour that you don’t for anything too nude or wishy washy - you don’t have to go statement but you want to make sure the lips are seen and have some colour.

Some of my most popular Mother of the bride or mature makeup lipsticks are; MAC Faux, Brave, Plumful, Cosmo, Syrup... these are just off the tip of my head but they're fab on!

And there you have my top tips for applying makeup to more mature skin. If I've missed anything please don't hesitate to contact me on any of my social media channels or via email and I'll respond as soon as I can or equally just comment below.


Thanks for reading <3

Aimee xx