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This blog post is long over due but that’s what happens when life gets in the way! Even though The Masterclass with Mario Dedivanovic was almost two months ago now, it doesn’t take away from the excitement I felt being associated with such a big name in the industry and having my Sculpted brand in his insanely good goodie bags. I received so many messages from my amazing followers when he tagged me in his stories, so it was amazing to see such excitement from everyone as well as my own family and friends.

The Masterclass took place in London in The Mermaid Theatre and it was so interesting to hear how far people had travelled, from countries all over the world for the event. Mario split the session into two parts so there was about 4 hours spent on the demo but naturally he was chatting and answering questions etc throughout.

My plan is to do a video recreating (or at least trying to recreate!) the look he did at the show and he did mention that he didn't like in depth blogs on the class so here are the main points that I thought were cool to share with you all.

Mario’s Secret to a Radiant Glow

This was really cool because when he revealed this product the whole auditorium just started gasping and then you could hear the scribble of the pens! Naturally he used lots of highlighter however he added an extra pop of glow shortly after the actual highlighter went on which he said is his secret on the red carpet. The answer? Elizabeth Arden 8hr Cream! The multi purpose balm that heals lips and skin also creates a gorgeous radiant finish on the skin too and it does exactly that.

Mario Agrees, Gloss is Back

I referenced this a few times in various editorials and on Xpose - it’s something that I am really happy about. Mario shared his dislike for matte lipsticks and the effect they have on the skin where they tend to gather and leave the lips looking tacky. He always opts for a more satin/cream finish lipstick which you can clearly see in his looks and of course in his own KKWxMARIO lipgloss range which launched soon after and then sold out.

Mario Says Blue is Back

Remember the blue eye shadow that all of our mums used to love? Well Mario loves this on Kim Kardashian so much so that they added it into their collaborative palette and social media has been tagging insane amounts of blue eyed looks ever since. Eye colours are really making a comeback!

Get Layering Your Liner

One thing which was surprising during the masterclass was how many layers there was to his look but how he made it seem like there were none at all. I am talking like four layers of concealer with powder etc in between but yet it always looked flawless! Another thing Mario shared with us all was his love for layering liners. He started with a brown kohl pencil, smudging out the edges then added a black kohl on top and finished off with a black gel for a more dramatic effect. Time consuming but fabulous!

Curling is Cool

And last but not least my fifth main technique that I took away from Mario’s class was his love for curling lashes. I am pretty sure he said that he curls all clients he is working on and it has a great effect. I have to admit it’s not something I regularly do because I find clients would be half terrified at the thought but definitely worth doing for someone who wasn't going to wear lashes!

So that was the main takeaways that I thought would be interesting to share with you all. Needless to say the goodie bag was amazing, and not just because Sculpted was in it! Here’s a picture of all of the contents from the beauty world’s main players such as Anastasia Beverly Hills, Laura Mercier, Charlotte Tilbury and my very own Sculpted. Such a surreal career highlight and I am still being tagged in people’s photos with Sculpted from around the world so I don't think that will ever get old.


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