Welcome to my last day of #Aimees7Ways7Days where I’m going to be going through the classic smokey eye look. Of course there are lots of ways to do a smokey eye and I think it’s nice to try new ways but ... Traditionally you use three colours, a few different brushes and overall it basically gives light and definition to the eye!

Step 1;


Starting with a big blender brush Im going to use my bronzer.  FYI everybody needs one of these brushes in their lives - you need a big fluffy brush that’s going to get it on quickly! Using bronzer is my personal preference as I like to work from the one palette and just have a smaller make up bag, but you can use whatever medium colour you want as long as its matte, meaning no shimmer, no shine and no glitter.

This is going to go into the brow bone all along the way of the eye. You can be a little bit messy here if you want because you’re just buffing it in. Make sure to leave a gap underneath the brows, so that you don’t have eyeshadow going all the way up to the eye.

 You can find the Sculpted Brushes here

Step 2;

Next into the corner, you want to sketch in your darker colour. I would always do this next before I would do my shimmer because you want to make sure this stays matte. So again, we’re talking about matte here, I’m using a dark brown, this one is MAC Brown Down, and I’m placing it on with my small pencil brush (the definer) to sketch it under the crease. If you are someone who has a hooded eye you might not see this as much. If you are someone who can’t see their eyeshadow at all when you open your eyes you need to keep your eye open as you are blending and that’ll ensure that you bring it up to the right level where you can still see it.

You can find MAC Brown Down here.

I’m going to keep this to the outer third of the eye, the more you bring it in and the more you add the darker it’s going to go, so that depends on you! I’m focusing on the outer third and i’m bringing it down to the lash line so i’m filling that full side of the eye. Then I’m going to go in with tan pigment. I just use my finger to apply this, you could use a brush too - whatever you prefer, and this is going to go all along the flat part of the eye and around the tear duct. You’re basically filling just out to meet the brown, so it’s not going on top of it as we want the brown to stay matte, but it’s going to go just close enough that it’s going to complete the full eye.

Step 3;

So I always think a smokey eye isn’t complete until you have some sort of definition underneath the eye. I would do this on any of my clients regardless if they were 15 or 95 because i think the undereye is the most important part because it’s exactly what people can see when the eye is open especially if you have a hooded lid or you don’t see as much of your upper eye when your eye is open, which is totally natural!

Starting with the darker brown, I’m bringing the same two colours the whole way around, and I’m placing that using my angle brush, to make sure it’s really precise and really tight underneath the eye, because you don’t want that going too low or else it’s going to make you look really tired. When the brown is on, I don’t like it to look too strict of a line so I buff this out using my definer brush and the bronzer or whatever medium brown colour you’ve used originally. This comes underneath just to soften that dark brown as you don’t want it too look harsh either. I then finished up with the Charlotte Tilbury Eye Cheat on my water line and a little of the matte brown shadow into my upper lashline!

l hope you found this helpful!


Love Aimee xx