Welcome to Day 6 of #Aimees7Ways7Days and we are talking brows!

Brows have totally taken over as one of the main features of makeup. It used to be mascara that we all heavily relied on but brows have taken over to the point where most of us wouldn’t leave the house without them!

So as much good as brows can do, they can also do bad if they are too heavy, so the last thing you want is to only see your eyebrows when you’re looking at yourself. Eyebrows are there to frame the face and add definition but shouldn’t be too heavy where they are the only thing you can see!

There are 5 main products you can use and I’ll go through the pros and cons that I find with each;


This is very handy for a natural look. You want to make sure that you are using an ashy tone when it goes into the eyebrow so it’s not too orange or warm in them cause it just won’t look natural. Eyeshadow is a great one as you can double up for your eyelids and brows. Using eyeshadow also looks very natural and is particularly suited to older women who feel conscious they may have over plucked and don’t want a prominent brow on their face.

MAC Omega eyeshadow is one I’d use and you can find this here


Next up you can use a pencil. Pencils are probably one of the most popular, these are great because you can create very natural hairline strokes. You need to make sure you do a quick flicking effect instead of a heavy crayoning through the eyebrow. Nars brow pencil is nice and soft and you can find this here


Wax & Powder - Benefit Brow Zings vs Sleek (€34 vs €10.50)

I would always use Wax & Powder as a duo act ie  I would mix the powder and wax together on my brush before I apply. The wax helps  the powder to stay for a bit longer and gives it a bit more depth of colour and the powder gives a fluffy effect which is lovely if you want that fuller brow look. Benefit Brow Zings is amazing, but for a really good dupe Sleek is excellent!

You can find Benefit here and Sleek here

Mascara Gel - Benefit Gimme Brow vs Rimmel Brow This Way (€26.50 vs €5.99)

This is basically a mascara gel that you wash through your eyebrows. I call it your 5 second fix in the morning if you want to tint them, keep them in place and give them something without looking like you’ve gone to too much trouble. This is great for busy moms or if you just don’t want to look like you’ve put too much effort in going to work during the day but wants to make sure their brows do stand out. Again, Benefit is excellent when it comes to all things Brows but Rimmel Brow this way is a great cheaper option.

Eyebrow Gel

Benefit Ka Brow - Benefit is great because they’ve got so many shades in the range. I use shade 3 but I would use shade 4 on brunettes.

With this you need a good angle brush, which is nice and thin. I’m going to use the same definer angle brush one as I used for the eyeliner flick (just make sure it’s clean!)

Starting down at the very start of the brow - so the first hair and draw from the end all the way out. This bottom line is your natural shape line.

Then brush up in the same direction as the hair grows - make sure to have less product at the beginning of the brow versus the end.

If you want to thicken your brow start filling up at the arch and then down. I wouldn’t fill from the very first hair at the top the whole way down as it just looks too blocky. Make sure you keep brushing through with your spoolie. This is your best friend when it comes to your eyebrows and my angle brush has it on the opposite side!

You need to make sure you keep combing the product out cause you don’t want it to look too heavy. The gel is a little bit heavier but will last longer, and gives a gorgeous groomed finish to the eyebrows. And if you want to set your brows off at the end you can pop a little bit of highlight underneath the brows. I’m just using the Sculpted Pearl Pop for this, it’s really easy and just gives the brow extra attention and you can find this here


l hope you found this helpful,

Love Aimee xx

l hope you found this helpful!

Love Aimee xx