If there’s one thing us Irish women love it’s the dress code; Jeans and a nice top.

And you all know that I’m obsessed with jeans and a nice top, so here are some of the items I purchased this week. I wanted to share them with you as there are really good discounts on some of these at the moment. I’ll also do a mini haul on my insta stories at the weekend so you can get a better feel for what I got if they arrive in good time!

  1. River Island

This is one I wore at the opening of the POCO Pop Up in Liffey Valley. I just loved the colour and the texture of this, and you can either tie it or tuck it in as I did. You can find this one here

RI Shirt.jpg

2. River Island - Again!

This is another of the River Island shirts I wore to the opening of POCO Pop Up (yes I had an outfit change because I thought that was the plan but it wasn’t hahah) Love the colour of this! You can find this one here

All out in pink!!

All out in pink!!

3. Boohoo

It’s time to Suit Up ladies! Love this boxy double breasted blazer from Boohoo. There’s 21% off this at the moment too so it’s now only €32 . I actually bought the entire suit so hoping I have an occasion over Christmas for it! You can find this here


Boohoo Double Breasted Boxy Blazer

4. Boohoo

Love the colour and style of this, and again, so easy to tuck into jeans, this woven military button blouse is now only €15 with 21% off - but hurry it’s selling out really fast! There’s also 2 other colours and I got all 3, haha.  Find it here



5. Love the design of this black number from Boohoo (again)!! This Jacquard Satin Horn Button Blouse is only €19 as there’s 21% off. I got the gorgeous rust color too.  You can find this here


Boohoo Jacquard Shirt

6. Boohoo

Ok you guys can see I did a massive haul from Boohoo! 22% off this one though and just look at it!! I also got this in two different colours - so easy to wear and the price of it! You can find this Premium Jacquard Satin Wrap Tie Blouse here

Boohoo Premium Jacquard Satin Wrap Tie Blouse

7. Nasty Gal

This beauty from Nasty Gal; ‘One Hell of a Mesh Glitter Top’ is now only £7.50 and there’s 50% off everything! You can find this here

Nasty Gal

8. Nasty Gal

Going to be wearing my heart on my sleeve when I get this one (cue laughing :) )!! Another from Nasty Gal, ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart Heart Shirt’ - just tuck the front into jeans and you’re good to go! There’s 50% off this! You can find this here

Screenshot 2018-12-12 at 16.59.20.png

9. Nasty Gal

How cute is this?! ‘Tie Your West Western Shirt’ is now only £10. I adore anything with a neck tie and I love that it’s all the same Colour and not black! Nasty Gal are doing 50% off everything but sizes are going quickly. You can find this here

Nasty Gal

10. Nasty Gal

Ok I know this is called jeans and a nice top but I just had to throw in a knit at the end! This ‘Takes Chevron to Know Chevron Knit Sweater’ is just so cute it had to feature! Perfect for last minute cosy pub drinks over Christmas! You can find this here

Screenshot 2018-12-12 at 17.08.22.png

And there you have it, all my latest buys for my Jeans and a Nice Top looks! As promised, I’ll hopefully do a mini haul on my insta stories at the weekend!

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Love Aimee xx