Welcome to Day 3 of my #Aimees7Ways7Days and today is all about who to add ‘A Pop Of Sparkle’.

This is the easiest way to glam up your makeup look particularly for the festive season, it would almost be rude if you didn’t wear a touch of gold glitter especially over Christmas! :)

Today we’re talking about the cult favourite Stila magnificent metals, these have totally changed the game when it comes to glitter because it’s basically like a wet liquid formula, it won’t fall, you won’t get glitter half way down your face, so it means you can pop a bit on later on and it won’t affect your makeup.

Stila smouldering satin

In the past applying glitter meant they were loose particles and you’d have to use a glue to do it, whereas with Stila you don’t. I’m using shade ‘Smouldering Satin’ but I also love Rose Gold Retro and Kitten Karma which you can find here. At a price point of €25 / €26..

These are really easy to use as they have an applicator. I personally feel that if you apply with the applicator it’s a little bit too ott and you could probably see yourself from space! The best thing to do is pop a bit out onto the back of your hand and either use your finger or else a small brush to apply - I’ve used the definer from the Sculpted Reloaded Brush set which you can find here.

These pictures were under different lighting so that gives the difference but I have applied less on the left and more glitter on the right. You can On the left I added a little to my tear duct and then on the right I popped it all over my eye lid. It can be as dramatic and as sparkly as you want it to be, or you can pare it back. When you apply with your finger or brush you can dictate this, whereas the wand applicator goes on quite heavy.

The Stila ones are great as they have a good bit of colour behind them as well so they are almost like a liquid eyeshadow built in with glitter, but if you think the price point is too high for something you might only wear once a year we have a more affordable option for you from the Penney’s new Christmas Collection! Stila comes in at about €26 and the Penney’s dupe comes in at €4.

Penney's vs Stila .JPG

I’ve done a swatch side by side here, so yes you can see that you get more colour in the Stila, but the Penney’s version is still nice if you want a little bit of sparkle, that’s not too dramatic if it’s not going to be a product you are using all the time!

So that’s it, it will glam up your look, you can wear it on it’s own with a bit of bronzer or you can wear it over a darker shadow if you want to amp up your smokey eye.

Stila Magnificent Metals

l hope you found this helpful,

Love Aimee xx