Welcome to Day 2 of Aimees7Ways7Days! This is all about my top tips on how to wear a statement lip.

First up, choose a type of lipstick that is suited to you. I’m not just talking about colour here I’m also talking about consistency; If you have quite dry lips a matte lipstick is just going to dry them out a bit more so going for a creamier shade will feel more comfortable on the lips.



Top Tips

Exfoliate the lips the night before, you can do this with a toothbrush on its own, gently, as the skin here breaks that bit easier, or you can exfoliate with a lip scrub or a little bit of sugar. One of the best that i’ve come across is the Nuxe lip scrub. Sleep with some lip balm on after exfoliating. Again, Nuxe lip balm is lovely, you can find this here or Blistex is a great affordable choice.

When you have your lips nice and supple lip liner is the main thing. I prioritise lip liner over lip stick, I just think your shape needs to be perfect when everything is on show, so i’ve used Rouge from the Pink Lip Quad all over the lip. You can find this here.

Maximising; this is when you are a little bit extra generous with your lips, giving them a fuller shape when everything is on show! You line very lightly from the outside in on the faint white line just outside your natural shape, so you keep the look nice and natural because it is literally on the outskirts.

If you want your lipstick to last longer you can fill your lip in the whole way with your lip liner or just use it to line the lips. The one that i’ve used is MACs Powder Kiss in Shocking Revelation which you can check out here


MAC Shocking Revelation 

MAC Shocking Revelation 

I also think a burgundy tone to the red can be a little bit easier to wear for people that are more conscious about a statement lip. You can check out some swatches of variations of colour below!

Swatches .JPG

If you’re scared of wearing red here are my tips;

Firstly, choose a lipstick that’s lightweight on the lips, if it’s very heavy and you can feel it you’re going to be aware of it. Choose something nice and lightweight and don’t go for a red red, there are so many options to choose from, maybe choose a deeper red or a pinky red if you wanted, just a little less severe and less of a statement.

Rimmel Retro Red & MAC Diva - Look at the similarity in colour and yet difference in price. MAC comes in at €20 and Rimmel ranges at €7.95!

Rimmel vs MAC.JPG

Top Tip; When you have your lip shape on, the most important thing to do is to clean up, especially if you’re not used to lip liner.

Take a small brush, I’ve used the definer from the Sculpted Reloaded Brush Set with a full coverage concealer, I’ve used the MAC full coverage concealer here, and shape up around the lips.

Concealer Clean Up .JPG

The shade that I am wearing is the MAC Powder Kiss in Shocking Revelation as above  - This is a nice matte lipstick so there isn’t much sheen to it, it fits nicely in with the lip liner and sits well on the lips!

If you don’t want it to be obvious that you’ve cleaned up with your concealer because it will be a lighter colour, you can also clean up with your foundation. This helps to keep your lipstick sharper, more in line, and will also prevent your lipstick from bleeding, and it keeps the shape perfect!

And there you have it, start rocking your statement lip just in time for Christmas!

Stay tuned for Day 3 of #Aimees7Ways7days. Up for grabs from this one are all the products from image one -  Sculpted Pink Lip Quad, MAC Lipstick and Definer Brush!

So thanks for following my second day of #7Ways7Days to get in the spirit of getting glam for Christmas. I’ll be going through this look on my insta stories which i’ll save to my highlights!

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Love Aimee xx