Welcome to my part of a Christmas Giveaway and that is #Aimees7Ways7Days…Basically I wanted to get back into the tips of makeup but to add in a treat also. 

Hopefully you’ll find this enjoyable and all you have to do is like, comment, recreate any look you can and I’ll pick a winner after the 7 days who will receive every product I have used!  

Up first for Day One is; Lashes  

Lashes can be a minefield for a lot of us but there is really no better way to feel glam for an occasion so here are my simple tips to help along the way. 

First up are the tools you will need;  

Lashes - these are the individual Primark Lashes for €1.50 I ADORE these. The strip are a natural Kiss pair and I also love the Ardell ones 

Scissors - you’ll most likely need this if you're wearing strip lashes  

Duo Glue - my fav Duo is the pink packaging one as it dries black and helps to not interfere with your lovely eye makeup  

Before I start I always pop a bit of glue out onto my hand to be sure the air gets at it so its tacky and easier to stick. I have popped this out onto my palette or you can use your hand. 

Individual Lashes - Individuals are great for all ages because you can do a half lash - like I am going to and they are very light weight which is perfect for anyone who's scared at the thought of them but wants to try them!  

Lashes 1 .jpg

First things first is to make sure your longer length is on the outer corner of the eyes and that you get shorter the closer into the eye. Pop some glue onto the band and press it into the hook where the lid and the lashes meet. Even squeeze your own lashes into them if you want to make them more secure. Whenever I am doing a side eye lash I tend to put 2/3 longer and one shorter like I have done here. I add mascara after because I find it easier to apply when the lashes are soft. Look at the difference!  

Before and after.JPG

Applied too much glue? 

I always say too much glue is just as bad as not enough because they will be swimming on your lash line. If you feel you ever have too much glue on them just pop it back onto your hand or your palette and let that take the excess!  

Top Tip with Individual Lashes; If you're someone that hates the liner and the thought of it then my favourite tip when applying lashes and wanting to make them look more natural is applying a black kohl pencil under the lash line on the upper side which is known as tightlining. This gives a black outline to the eye and makes the lashes look more natural so you don't have to bother with liner on top!  

Charlotte Tilbury Bedroom Black

Charlotte Tilbury Bedroom Black


Strip Lashes;  

Strip lashes are classically heavier but they don't have to be weighing you down either. Whenever I apply strips I always make sure to peel the pack back when I am taking them out of the pack just to be sure you don't rip them or leave half of them hanging behind you. Check the length of them first. A lot of the time these will need to be cut in order to fit the eye and if you have to always cut from the longer side to be sure that they fit into the lash line after. 

Then apply your glue - leave it to get tacky in the same manner as you would individuals and place into the hook again starting from the centre and then press the edges in. Try and give it 10-15seconds to dry totally. 

Peeling lash back.jpg


The strips you’ll see here on the right give a much fuller look and there are so many different types you can get for whatever effect you would like to achieve! 

Individual Lashes on the left / Strip Lashes on the right

Individual Lashes on the left / Strip Lashes on the right


So thanks for following my first day of #7Ways7Days to get in the spirit of getting glam for Christmas! Up for grabs this week are the lashes and glue and stay tuned tomorrow for the second instalment tomorrow which will be a different topic :) 


Let me know if you found any of this helpful!  I’ll be going through this look on my insta stories which i’ll save to my highlights!

P.S. Have you heard about our Sculpted competition?! Its our biggest one to day! We have 12 Sculpted Palettes to giveaway to 12 lucky winners and you can enter here!


Aimee xx