Hellooo… I have been meaning to put this into a blog post for a while now as I am constantly asked online amongst other beauty queries.

I was never really a fan of face tanning - mainly because I am so fair naturally that tan just never took to my face well or if it did it was always very orange and made my pores even more pronounced. That was however until I discovered one of my favourite products this year and that as you can guess was a drop facial tanner.

Here I am baring it all for you all - but with the help of a few tanning drops :) I am wearing the Tan Luxe and this is day 3 of them hence the natural look…

Here I am baring it all for you all - but with the help of a few tanning drops :) I am wearing the Tan Luxe and this is day 3 of them hence the natural look…

So keep reading for my top 3 and how best to apply!

1) TanLuxe Illuminating Tanning Drops €39.95

I have to say I am totally obsessed with these drops now to the point that if I was going away and didn’t have them the night before I would be freaking out. Again like I said above I am very fair naturally and didn’t think anything would work on my face until I was introduced to these. You can get shade light/medium or medium/dark. I went for Medium/Dark because I like to have an obvious color but you can control how dark they go by restricting how many drips you add into your moisturiser.

I would drop 3/4 drops into my overnight mask or moisturiser and apply with a clean Buffer brush from my brush set to make sure its blended and flawless. Make sure to cover the full hairline also so you won’t have any lines the next day - believe me if you leave a bit out it will not go unnoticed I speak from experience :) And also make sure give your brows a rub after or cover them with vaseline before you apply so that you don’t color them.

Given you’re mixing in with moisturiser it means your skin isn’t drying out like a usual tan would too. Love love love this! Plus the product will last you ages or so I find.

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TanLuxe Medium/Dark drops

TanLuxe Medium/Dark drops

2) James Read Sleep Mask Tan €30

Before I discovered the TanLuxe I was using the James Read sleep mask tan mask a lot. This is also a gorgeous facial tanner and a little more natural than the tanluxe if you wanted. Its mixed in with a sleeping mask so you don’t have anything to do but apply straight from the tub. I would still use my Buffer brush for this just to be on the safe side. If you want a more subtle finish then this is a better option for you. On me I find the color is little more brown rather than golden like the tan luxe - still lovely though.

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James Read Tan.JPG

3) Charlotte Tilbury Overnight Bronze and Glow Mask €48

This is definitely the most subtle of the three but its a gorgeous product. I wouldn’t rave about all of Charlotte’s skincare products but I have to say this mask is fab. I first tried it as a sample and then went back for a full sized product version. Its definitely a very subtle glow so you’d have to apply a few nights in a row or wear it daily if you like a natural radiance rather than a tanned effect as such.
This I would apply with your fingers or a brush but I wouldn’t be worried about it staining anything.

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CT Fce tan .JPG

This is The Buffer I use to apply the face tan and my makeup aswell. Its so soft! You can purchase it individually here

Its also available in our new Brush Set - The Essentials Reloaded :). You can check this out here

The Buffer Brown Hi res.jpg

What are your thoughts on face tanning? Let me know if you have any questions below!

Thanks for reading,
Aimee xx