Hi Lovelies,

The Custom Edition is finally here! I’ve been waiting to share this news with you for soo long.

You can now create your own revolutionary refillable sculpted palette. Yay!

Custom Edition.PNG
This product is all about you. Choose your own pans and fill as you want. #SculptedYourWay

So whether you are a Royal Rose, A Golden Girl or a Bronzed Bombshell we have something for you!

And don’t worry we haven’t forgotten your favourites from the original and rose gold palette, you can simply custom build to your taste.

Here’s how you can create your custom edition palette;

Step 1; To get started select an empty refill palette which you can add your chosen pans to. The great thing about this is you should only have to buy this once, and the magnetic strip on the base allows your pans to stay in place without falling out.

Step 2; Create your look

The custom edition allows you to choose from loads of options including some favourites from the original and rose gold palettes. We’ve broken them down into three main looks, but again, the choice is all yours. Pick and choose from the range of bronzers, blush, cream base and powder based highlighters. This is #SculptedYourWay!!

Check out our three customised looks for various skin tones below :)

Introducing Royal Rose

This palette is perfect for those of us who have that classic, lovely porcelain skin and overall fair complexion. The colour palette is very much the pinky hues incorporating light bronze, cream champagne, opal glow and pinky hues.

Royal Rose Custom Edition Palette

Royal Rose Custom Edition Palette

Let’s talk through the look;

1.1 Light Bronzer; We simply had to keep your favourite from the rose gold palette!

This is a gorgeous light coloured bronzer that you can use to sculpt the face and also double up as an eyeshadow. Choose this if you’re fair or wear a light tan. This is a great option to layer and build up to the shade you want!!

2.1 Pearl Pop; If you love a really dewy finish pearl pop is for you! This is the lightest cream base, again, taken from our original rose gold palette. This is perfect to use on the centre of the nose, tips of the cheekbones and a dab on your cupids bow for a really radiant finish.

3.1 Opal Glow; Next up have the fab new powder highlighter in Opal Glow. It gives an iridescent pearl finish to the skin, but you can also use it to open the eyes. Use in the same areas as your cream base. Choose this if you like your highlight light and bright :) Added bonus; this works against fair skin but it’s also really complimentary on a deeper skin tone too!

Introducing Blush - I’m so excited to finally share this with you! For our Royal Rose look I’ve chosen 4.1 Pinky Hues which is a light pink speckled blush. It has the most lovely rosy finish in a soft glow without being too shiny. Choose this if you like a pop of pink on the cheeks. It’s ideal for all skin tones.

And here’s how it looks :)

Royal Rose Custom Edition.PNG

Wecome Golden Girl

The Golden Girl palette is perfect for those of you who are naturally tanned or if you like to fake it (reaching for the tanning mitt ;) )

What I love about this one is the combination of rose gold and peach or pink blush that just gives that really gorgeous sunkissed finish to the skin.

Here’s how we filled ours;

Golden Girl Custom Edition

Golden Girl Custom Edition

1.2 Medium Bronze

The bronzer from our original palette is back!

Choose this if you are someone who has a natural colour, or like most of us who if you love to fake tan :)  It’s a deeper shade than the light bronze but you can still build to get a more defined sculpted effect, and again it doubles up as an eyeshadow.

2.2 Cream Champagne

It’s back! Your favourite cream base from the original sculpted palette. Like our previous look this is perfect for use on the tips of the cheekbones, down the centre of the nose and along the cupid’s bow for a radiant finish.

Choose This… if you don’t want your cream highlight to be too bright. This is almost skin colour so it gives a gorgeous radiant finish without being too obvious!


3.2 Rose Gold Glow

Fresh from our rose gold palette, this highlighter is perfect to pop on the lid of the eyes, along the tips of the cheekbones, down the centre of the nose and along the cupids bow for a champagne highlighted look that compliments all skin tones

 4.2 Sunset Sheen

The peachy pink finish that we love. This blush gives a gorgeous highlighted to the apples of the cheeks, adding to that dewy look. The peachy pink shade is ideal to compliment various skin tones and make-up looks. Choose This if you love your blush to give you a glow.

 Here’s how it looks!

Golden Girl Custom Edition.PNG

And finally we’d like you to meet Bronzed Bombshell

This palette is all about that sexy siren bronzed look, perfect for party nights. So whether you love a deeper tan or have sallow skin this is the palette for you.

Bronzed Bombshell Custom Edition

Bronzed Bombshell Custom Edition

Let’s talk you through the palette;

1.3 Deep Bronze

Brand new to the sculpted range, this bronzer has been created in a matte finish and deeper colour. It’s the perfect addition to a good tan as it gives a warmer complexion rather than a brown finish.

Choose This if you are sallow skinned or love a deep fake tan look.

2.3 Golden Hue

Another new addition to the sculpted range, this cream base is ideal for those of you who have a colour or like to use fake tan. For use on the tips of the cheekbones, along the center of the nose and along the cupids bow.

Choose This if you love being tanned, it’s too strong for fair or porcelain skin, but the perfect finish to a deeper tanned look

3.3 Golden Glow

Taken from the original Sculpted by Aimee Palette this is perfect to pop onto the lid of the eyes, and along the same areas as your golden hue cream base. It gives a gorgeous glow to your highlight.

Choose This If you prefer a golden finish to your highlight and just love that golden tanned look. If you have paler skin this may look too strong against your natural colouring.

4.3 Pure Peach

This is a full matte peach blusher which gives a gorgeous powdered finish to the apples of the cheeks.

Choose This.. if you are someone who is scared of blusher or doesn't like the rosy finish it gives. This is the perfect option to give colour to the face without being pink and the matte finish means there is no sheen.

Bronzed Bombshell Custom Edition.PNG

There you have it, the Custom Edition, #ScuptedYourWay. Never run out of one pan again, customise your look and wear it your way!

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And if you’d like to follow the tutorial showcasing the looks check it out below!

With Sculpted by Aimee's latest launch you can now recreate your own revolutionary refillable palette. Start with your empty palette and fill with whatever pans options you can. 1 xBronzer 1x Cream Base 1x Powder Highlight 1x Blusher In this video I show you what each pan is like on!

Thanks for reading!!

Aimee xx