Hello from a busy Sculpted The Academy HQ!

This week marked the first official week of Sculpted The Academy and it was fantastic! September is always the busiest time for enrolment and we are excited to say we now have 4 different classes enrolled in the academy.


Although the academy has been in the making for nearly over a year Aimee marked it officially with a great night of celebrations back in August with lots of familiar faces there on the night to support.

Aimee with Tara Anderson otherwise known Tara Makeup, Pamela Laird and Nadia El Fadaroussi.

Aimee with Tara Anderson otherwise known Tara Makeup, Pamela Laird and Nadia El Fadaroussi.

Aimee has worked endlessly completing her teacher and assessor training  over the last year in order to get VTCT centre approved, which we are excited to say ....has happened this year!!

The approval of VTCT has welcomed the new 12 week course “The Art of Photographic Makeup”, which is a fully recognised course by VTCT and perfect for anyone wanting to further their career in makeup.  The course features an amazing kit with top brands including MAC, Benefit, Make-Up Forever, Rimmel, Flormar to name a few!! Over the 12 weeks the students will do a photo shoot, lots of different makeup looks as well as all theory based content created by Aimee herself.


Aimee has taught makeup courses on behalf of other academies for years, which sparked the initiate to start her own academy. Her expert knowledge and experience in the industry has lead her to open an academy dedicated to practical and valuable learning. Her signature 6 week course is one she has been delivering for nearly 4 years now and is a big hit for those who want to improve their own makeup and learn for themselves. Its also perfect for those teasing with the idea of becoming a makeup artist, this of course is still available in the academy and is as busy as ever! The 12 week course however is of course longer in length with all the bonuses of a qualified course.


We had a great first week meeting lots of new faces and groups and we're looking forward to seeing how their progress goes.

It is an exciting time in the academy with lots more to come, these sought after courses are not only a guaranteed sell out but a gateway to your future career in makeup! 


If you'd like to contact Aimee directly you can do so by emailing mail@aimeeconnolly.com and if you'd like any further information on enrolling or what each course entails you can find all info on the 6 Week Course & 12 Week Course  here