So it has been a while since I have updated this blog but I'm on a mission to hopefully do one a week and change it up as I do! 

First up is something I get asked as a makeup artist all the time!... Whats the best colours to wear for a particular eye colour? Lets start with blue eyes and below are some of my favourite ways to style them..:)

Incase you didn't know, its back to basics with this one - the optimal shade for a blue eye or in other words the BEST shade for a blue eye is actually orange! Without getting too technical they're opposite each other on the colour wheel which is what makes them so.

However, I know not all of us are confident enough to wear blasts of oranges and coppers on the eyes so fear not you can still pop the eye and opt for a gold! It’s in the same colour family so it will still do lots of work.




Lets start with the eyes....

Personally I love using highlighter as eyeshadow, it gives a gorgeous pigmented look to the eye and saves you lots of time! 'Golden Sheen' from my Sculpted palette is amazing for the inner corner of the eyes, as well as under the brow bone and on the cupid's bow. Warmer shades from the Urban Decay Heat palette like copper, gold, peach and brown will really help make blue eyes pop too - see images below.




Given that the eyes are working to bring out the blue its nice to match the whole face and keep the look in sync, in fact its one of my fav ways to wear my makeup!

To do so think about your blush and lip colour carefully and try and choose complementary ones.    

One of my FAV blushers is MAC Springsheen or you can go for a more affordable one like the Wet n Wild 'Apricot in the Middle'.

MAC Springsheen

MAC Springsheen

Wet n Wild Apricot in the Middle

Wet n Wild Apricot in the Middle


Then for lips its nice to stick to that peachy theme again and here there are so many options that I would be here all night trying to write them down. However some forever favourites are MAC Pure Zen or Shy Girl or....

MAC Pure Zen lipstick 

MAC Pure Zen lipstick 


If you prefer a liquid Lipstick version you could go for Meet Matt Hughes from The Balm in shade ‘Doting’.


One of my go-to nude lippies would have to be ’Be my Baby’ by Rimmel its the perfect shade day or night.

Rimmel-be my baby.jpg
image 1.jpg


You don’t have to stick to this to make your eyes pop but it will definitely do the most work for you. It’s so nice to have a system in your makeup like wearing gold on eyes and continuing that peachy theme through your blusher and lips so it all works together.




So there's a little insight into how to work your blue eyes and some of my go to products. I will of course be covering brown and green also..I'm not that biased :)


Let me know if you enjoyed this piece and if there are ant other topics you would like covered here! 


Aimee x