So I had promised that I would do a little blog post on skiing and some tips I found from going this year!


Firstly we went to Ischgyl Austria - such a gorgeous place!! We flew into Munich and then John drove to Austria it was under 3 hours so not a bad commute at all. We were so lucky because we had so much snow in the days before we arrived so it was like a literal winter wonderland! With that said though it was freezing so my number one advice is to wrap up and layer up if your place is anywhere like ours. I'm talking -9 degrees ..... hypothermia weather! Haha

We also stayed in a hotel called Hotel Sonne, pricey originally but it included all our meals so looking back it probably worked out better! It also had a spa which was divine!

 not even a filter!....

not even a filter!....

What to wear;

The trick is to have good body armour that'll stick to your body and keep your warm. I made that mistake day one and I was so cold going back up the ski lifts that I couldn't go back skiing after 2pm!


So I took this pic in the snow... gas but to give you an idea of all the layers!


Under armour top, zip top, fleece ski jacket is and bandana is what I wore on top. If the resort you go to is warm you'll probably find yourself sweating inside and cold on the outside ... not in our case! 

For my lower half I had under armour leggings then my ski pants and ski socks. When skiing the boots are really tight so I would recommend having one wooly pair of ski socks and then one thin thermal pair. I found after two days my legs were killing me in the boots so having the thinner socks was so handy so they could actually breathe!! You can also pick up supplies like this over there too.

I actually got all my clothes in a mad rush one day by chance in the Sports Direct store in Limerick. It all came to under 300€ where sometimes you could pay just that for a jacket! Definitely worth a look.


Après ski:

Everything is very casual when skiing most go straight off the slopes so you'll find a lot still have their ski gear on! I would definitely leave the heels at home! My biggest plus this year was digging out my ugg boots. I wouldn't say I have worn these since I was about 14 but they were so comfortable, warm and socially acceptable over there!:)

 just so you can see exactly how casual it was...

just so you can see exactly how casual it was...

Switch into jeans and a nice top if you want for apres ski but all I would say is that there is no pressure to do so or get dressed up. In the particular place we were in it was really buzzy. They had like 3 main bars and then a club. We actually never ventured as far as the club but it seemed really busy! The fact that is starts earlier than usual and then skiing is an early start anyway it doesn't go on too late.

Ischgyl has lots of other stuff to do like tennis, Cinema, bowling etc so we covered just about all the activities! (And yes tennis was of course indoor)

Essential products;


These are some of the saviours that I brought in my suitcase and so delighted I did!! My image cleanser to keep my skin clean and fresh against such harsh weather. I use this at home all the time too so it was an easy choice.

My p20 spf - SO important!! Just because you may not be able to see the sun does not mean that you won't be susceptible to wind burn or skin damage - I popped some of this on every morning and it's great because it absorbs into your skin so quickly. I would bring this in your bag with you up the mountain too especially if it's very sunny as with all the taking on and off of your bandana you'll most likely rub some off.

Bioderma moisturiser/serum. I love this because it's lightweight yet great for hydration. I applied it about 3/4 times a day, haha! Feels great under makeup too.

James read face tan. I love this brand because it's feels like its not doing damage to the skin, almost like itsmixed with skincare. This face tan is gradual so you won't be a different race the next morning! I loved this because of the lack of makeup at least you could fake a bit of 'natural colour' haha.

St Tropez Lip protection SPF 30 - absolutely everyone needs one of these skiing your lips will be cut in half if not. Even if it's not very very cold going against the wind continuously will just dry the life out of them. Anyone that this has happened to will know how painful it is but if your lips get burnt it is nearly unbearable SO keep lathering this on and you'll be fine!

What I was missing here and really felt it when I was away is a body moisturiser. I love love the Bioderma atoderm which is also great on kids! I found my legs etc were quite dry part cause of the cold but also with such tight clothing everyday. When I got home I was straight into the shower to exfoliate and moisturise so I definitely think you should bring one of these with you!

Then my Yonka Eyes and Lips cream so that they were kept nice and fresh :)



With regards to makeup like everything else it's very casual, I think it always is though when you're surrounded by European girls they definitely have a much more relaxed approach to makeup, that's why the face tan was handy.

We actually didn't have an adapter for the 5 out of 7days so I couldn't even straighten or curl my hair and it was probably the best thing to happen because it wouldn't have made a difference. Going skiing youd pop it in a plait or ponytail and sure from the wind / snow it'd be wavy (curly in my case) by the time you got home!

I did a quick look some nights for dinner and again was probably wearing more than most. I love the bourjois healthy mix foundation because it's lightweight, affordable but gives a good coverage yet not too heavy. I also had the false lashes applied which was so handy because you look a lot dressier than without and you have to do nothing!! Give it a lash are who do mine and have done for the past 2 or more years.

I kept things simple with just a kohl liner, my SCULPTED set of course (you can get that here),MAC Springsheen blusher and Benefit brows of course! 



A very brief run through of what I brought and things I noticed but hopefully some of you will find it helpful! I am aware that skiing wont apply to everyone but comment on any topics you would like me to write about more :D However if you havent been skiing you NEED to go it is one the best holidays you'll ever do!!


Happy hump day! 

Aimee <3