So I get questions all the time about where I studied, how I got into makeup, if its all I do and how I built the brand!

Questions I get daily – ones that I do try to get back to all the time but sometimes it can be tough.

That’s why I decided that putting a little informative blog post together might be good and a nice one to kick the blog back into action before the intricate makeup posts come flooding in!  [:)]

SO… I started in makeup 7 years ago working briefly for Benefit Cosmetics and then ontoUrban Decay Cosmetics in House of Fraser Dundrum. I worked on the counter consistently for three years through fourth, fifth, sixth year (including the LC!) and then gave it up shortly into my third year. I had a great time on the counter, I learnt so so SO much and it really helped my confidence dealing with customers every weekend. I was also forced to traffic stop – for anyone that doesn’t know what that is it basically means that you approach a shopper and try to encourage them to try out the product you’re selling. The first time I did it, I froze, got tongue tied, went so red in the face and walked away! haha.

Anyway, after my time there I started doing some work with the Tv3 crowd for their Autumn Launches etc and also doing my bit for different brides. Later that year I joined the MAC Cosmetics team in Grafton St. working part-time as I was still doing freelance and I had started my degree in Commerce International in UCD. I worked in MAC for a year and loved it! The products, the girls, being in town – everything about it.

When I decided to leave it was because I had to spend the year in France as part of my degree (commerce and french). That was a crazy year flying back and forth for work but one of the best experiences I have ever had! An erasmus is the best thing you can do for yourself especially when learning a language.

On my return I decided not to go back to counter work, as I realised that my own freelance work was so busy that it didn’t make much sense. That was nearly three years ago and I am still here working for myself and loving it! Things got very hectic as the business got busier and my degree more demanding but it was totally worth it. My final year was a mental year full of running around and crammed study but I can proudly say that after 4 years of holding down the business and studying I managed to get a first class honours. I was absolutely delighted and its great to have the degree even if its not being put to use just yet.

I graduated in September of this year so I suppose you could say this is my first time working fully full-time for myself. It has been mental busy – which is great because I love it!! I am known to always want  to be busy and to be trying 50 million different things at once and nowadays is no different.

As well as doing makeup for birthdays, special occasions and events I do a lot of weddings. I also love doing wedding makeup as it is such a personal aspect of the job and the people you meet along the way are just so nice! I’ll do separate blog posts on Weddings over the next while so I won’t go into too much detail here.

Alongside doing makeup I teach. I used to teach in Vanity X Make-Up Academy which is run by Debbie. She is one of the nicest bosses and entrepreneurs you will meet and her business is constantly expanding! I have taught one or two masterclasses for LA College also but these days I run my own fun-filled interactive and very practical courses. In Dublin my location is theBeacon Hotel Sandyford which is beautiful! And I have just booked up a course in Galway in the stunning G Hotel also. At the moment I host a 6 Week Beginner Course, anIntermediate/Advanced Course and then daily Girly Masterclasses. I will be moving by Girly Masterclasses around the country also which I am very excited about[:)]  I really love teaching – its probably up there with one of my favourite parts of the job so getting to do it nearly every week is great. Its also a huge boost knowing that people are signing up to your courses because they admire your work etc!!

Another realm I have dipped into is the world of media. I obviously do a lot of makeup for portfolio photoshoots, magazine shoots, advertising campaigns etc and have since started my weekly beauty column with the Sunday World Magazine and I am the Fashion & Beauty Editor for Spin 1038 radio station. Its amazing the avenues that have opened up and I am loving every part of it!

Its fair to say that I have a few other exciting projects in the pipeline which I will be able to share with you all soon but for now I am enjoying being able to totally focus on the business, build the brand and enjoy what I do!

My youtube is being updated so I will have fresh content up asap also – I started it and then dismissed it for a while but that shall all change.

So that is a brief introductory into how I started, what has unravelled over the past few years and what its like now. I hope I have answered a lot of your questions and I also hope that has shown that you can achieve different things at once whether its focusing totally on your career or dipping into sidelines while you focus on study – if you work hard it is always possible!

Also – If you want me to cover any other topics here that I do in my column or over my social media platforms do let me know 

Aimee Connolly make up artist selfie

Happy Reading Gals,

Aimee xx