This week we’re talking Winter Weddings!! 


Ellen is the boss lady of the extremely busy & thriving YellowMachinePr so being her own boss & running a wedding is tough. Her sister and mum were on hand a lot throughout the plans and it was so lovely to see a family so involved! They also had the helping hand of the amazingly talented & organised Blaithin O Reilly who was also on hand for Lisa Cannon’s wedding in Florence Italy.

Ellen’s wedding was a December one which was Christmassy & festive and believe me her day and pics look just that!

Ellen was easy going from the start, we did two different trials and decided on a look worn a lot by Hayden Christiansen! She looked amazing;

What stayed with me the most the morning of the wedding was the beautiful colour combination of her family in the photos together. Her one and only bridesmaid, sister Amy, wore the most amazing red dress with head band to match, & her mum in a navy dress. Individually they are all bold colours but together they were just perfection – it was one of the first times I had seen colours like these put together as its usually soft pastels or darker shades for weddings so I just thought it was so refreshing!

The makeup was what you would call defined, natural & glowing (or so we liked :)) but everything together just worked. I think this look is perfect as both dresses were so elegant, simple yet just beautiful – not to mention the headbands to match! The hair was perfectly set and this was done by Zero One Salon Greystones.

The fact that there was only two of them made wearing these headbands extra special! As they are such statement pieces it would be too fussy for an entire bridal party to wear them, but just having the two and in such bold different colours, I thought it was perfect! These flower creations were by Davina Lynch.

Some key makeup products for Ellen were; Strobe Cream by MAC, Inglot gel liner no.77, rich ground copper gel liner by MAC & Springsheen blush by MAC also.

The location was Powerscourt and for anyone that has been to or seen this venue you’ll know it is beyond amazing. Perfect for that christmassy feel too! Their attention to detail was just perfect and Mark captured some fantastic images!

I had done the makeup for Ellen & Amy’s cousin’s wedding 2 years previous so I was delighted when Amy got in touch for Ellens. Its a particularly special time of year and even though it my have been freezing and mid winter , the girls still looked glowing & flawless ! 

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Hope you enjoy the snaps of Ellen’s wedding[:)]

Aimee xxx

PS. Dress is from; Courtyard Privé
Photographer; Mark Griffin