I wanted to demonstrate exactly where the different areas are, as us Make-Up Artists take for granted sometimes that everyone knows where we’re talking about, when they may not…

areas of the eye

1) Inner Corner – generally a lighter iridescent or shimmer shade will go here to open the eye.

2) Lid – this is where your main eyeshadow usually goes. If it’s shimmer pat it on after your darker matte.

3) Crease – this is where your darkest colour will blend. It gives the illusion that the eye is more hollow and creates depth.

4) Brow Bone – this is the space between the brow highlight and smokey colour. If you have enough space a matte colour is shaded here. This blends the whole eye together. As I call it – your ‘boring browns’ are often the shadows for here .

5) Brow Highlight – this is a white/champagne/cream colour in matte or shimmer that is shaded to lift this area, highlight your definition in the brows and make it look brighter!

I will follow up this post with the types of Brushes I recommend to tackle each area highlighted above.


Happy reading gals,

Aimee x