Day 6 Brows; Aimees7Ways7Days

Welcome to Day 6 of #Aimees7Ways7Days and we are talking brows!

Brows have totally taken over as one of the main features of makeup. It used to be mascara that we all heavily relied on but brows have taken over to the point where most of us wouldn’t leave the house without them!

So as much good as brows can do, they can also do bad if they are too heavy, so the last thing you want is to only see your eyebrows when you’re looking at yourself. Eyebrows are there to frame the face and add definition but shouldn’t be too heavy where they are the only thing you can see!

There are 5 main products you can use and I’ll go through the pros and cons that I find with each;


This is very handy for a natural look. You want to make sure that you are using an ashy tone when it goes into the eyebrow so it’s not too orange or warm in them cause it just won’t look natural. Eyeshadow is a great one as you can double up for your eyelids and brows. Using eyeshadow also looks very natural and is particularly suited to older women who feel conscious they may have over plucked and don’t want a prominent brow on their face.

MAC Omega eyeshadow is one I’d use and you can find this here


Next up you can use a pencil. Pencils are probably one of the most popular, these are great because you can create very natural hairline strokes. You need to make sure you do a quick flicking effect instead of a heavy crayoning through the eyebrow. Nars brow pencil is nice and soft and you can find this here


Wax & Powder - Benefit Brow Zings vs Sleek (€34 vs €10.50)

I would always use Wax & Powder as a duo act ie  I would mix the powder and wax together on my brush before I apply. The wax helps  the powder to stay for a bit longer and gives it a bit more depth of colour and the powder gives a fluffy effect which is lovely if you want that fuller brow look. Benefit Brow Zings is amazing, but for a really good dupe Sleek is excellent!

You can find Benefit here and Sleek here

Mascara Gel - Benefit Gimme Brow vs Rimmel Brow This Way (€26.50 vs €5.99)

This is basically a mascara gel that you wash through your eyebrows. I call it your 5 second fix in the morning if you want to tint them, keep them in place and give them something without looking like you’ve gone to too much trouble. This is great for busy moms or if you just don’t want to look like you’ve put too much effort in going to work during the day but wants to make sure their brows do stand out. Again, Benefit is excellent when it comes to all things Brows but Rimmel Brow this way is a great cheaper option.

Eyebrow Gel

Benefit Ka Brow - Benefit is great because they’ve got so many shades in the range. I use shade 3 but I would use shade 4 on brunettes.

With this you need a good angle brush, which is nice and thin. I’m going to use the same definer angle brush one as I used for the eyeliner flick (just make sure it’s clean!)

Starting down at the very start of the brow - so the first hair and draw from the end all the way out. This bottom line is your natural shape line.

Then brush up in the same direction as the hair grows - make sure to have less product at the beginning of the brow versus the end.

If you want to thicken your brow start filling up at the arch and then down. I wouldn’t fill from the very first hair at the top the whole way down as it just looks too blocky. Make sure you keep brushing through with your spoolie. This is your best friend when it comes to your eyebrows and my angle brush has it on the opposite side!

You need to make sure you keep combing the product out cause you don’t want it to look too heavy. The gel is a little bit heavier but will last longer, and gives a gorgeous groomed finish to the eyebrows. And if you want to set your brows off at the end you can pop a little bit of highlight underneath the brows. I’m just using the Sculpted Pearl Pop for this, it’s really easy and just gives the brow extra attention and you can find this here


So up for grabs for Day 5 to add to the growing collection is the Benefit Ka Brow and Benefit Gimme Brow <3

Love Aimee xx


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Day 5 Contouring; Aimees7Ways7Days

Day 5 Contouring; Aimees7Ways7Days

Welcome to Day 5 of #Aimees7Ways7Days where we are going to be mastering the art of Contouring!

I started sculpted purely out of my love for contouring and how easy it can be, and I really believe it’s for all ages. So today I’m going to show you my easy way around contouring. I would never bother with the 6 creams and sponges and brushes, it’s fine to do but it just takes a lot more time so I think it all comes down to good placement, good product colour and good blending.

I’m using the Sculpted pre filled limited edition palette, these are very limited, only available for Christmas and they contain the exclusive blush Pink Swoon that’s not available in the main line, and it’s just so nice! (You can find this here!)

  1. Bronzer

Starting with the bronzer and the fluffier end of our sculpted double ended brush (our new design has the bronze / highlight to guide you as to what side to use!) Start this right back where your cheek bone meets the ear. Naturally we’re so used to starting blusher from the front of the face but this is not the case for contour. Start this at the back so that you don’t show where your starting point is which makes it all look more natural.

Where the bone meets the ear, lift your hair up, and blend it just along the bone, the whole way until the end. Given that you’re starting with more product at the back your should naturally have less as you move in. If you want to go darker or more severe you just layer it, but I wouldn’t do it all at once, I would do it two, three or four times - however many you want! - to layer to be how contoured you want to be.

Bring it lightly around the hairline. If you’re conscious of having a larger forehead give yourself more bronzer here. And to contour the nose just skim the edge of the top of it so you’re not filling the entire side of the nose basically. This is great for slimming the nose too.

Contour Bronzer.JPG
  1. 2. Cream Highlighter

This was originally put into my palette for my mature clients because it’s the best consistency for their age group, however, everyone needs to use this!!

If you’re sick or feeling tired, it’s literally like a second skin and it’s just amazing on.

I’m using Pearl Pop with my ring finger and I’m going to pop this along the tip of the cheekbone so it’s parallel to the bronzer, in a V shape up around the temple. You can also use it to highlight your eyebrows or around the tear duct. Tap the cream highlighter into the skin, the heat of your hand will help it to melt in. Try not pull it as it will take your foundation with it, pop some down the centre of the nose and the cupid’s bow, this is a really important area so don’t forget about that feature!

Cream highlight .JPG
  1. 3. Powder Highlight

I’ve used the tapered end of the sculpting brush, this goes in the exact same areas as the cream, it just goes on top of it and you use a brush to apply. Swoop this along the tips of the cheekbones, down the centre of the nose and the cupid’s bow, and again you can use this as eyeshadow, like you can with all powder highlighters!

You can wear either cream and powder highlight - Some people consider cream to be natural daytime look and their powder to be nighttime, or you can wear both! However, if you wear both always put cream first as the cream helps the powder to jump off it and helps it stand out more.

powder highlight.JPG
  1. 4. Blush

I’m using The Setter brush for this. You want your blusher to go on the plumpest part of the face because that’s where you’re most youthful, typically the apple’s of the cheeks for a lot of us. This is really important especially when you have your contour going on as you don’t want to go into competition with that or look too busy. Smile into your mirror - we all do it haha - and pop it into the apple’s of the cheeks, but wing it back in line with all your contouring so you’re not letting that go amiss.

So you don’t want to draw a pink stripe, but you do want to make sure you are angling it up so you are always elongating the face in a diagonal direction.

Blush .JPG

Some General Tips;

Make sure you don’t go too low - follow your bone the whole way and make sure you finish at it and don’t dip

Choose the right color contour for you. We have three shades of Bronzer in our new Custom Edition. Light Bronze is perfect if you’re fair or a light a natural contour. Medium Bronze is the best seller as you can wear it lightly or with tan and then Deep Bronze or rather Warm Bronze is perfect if you love a warm toned matte for contour or when you’re wearing a lot of tan. You can check them out here

If your contour is too thick you can usually save it by going back in with your foundation brush to sharpen it up - I wouldn’t do it all the time but it helps:)

Also Try not to over blend, the more you blend the more patchy it’s going to be , so when you come to the end just try and step back and say ok that’s nice and don’t go again! <3

Custom Edition.JPG

Up for grabs today is the Sculpted pre filled limited edition Christmas palette, the double ended sculpting brush and the setter brush!

See you guys tomorrow for Day 6 :)

Love, Aimee xx

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Gift Guide Part Two!

Gift Guide Part Two!

I can’t believe how fast Christmas has come around, so this is one for the last min shoppers out there! I just think a good gift set is an amazing present and I often find you can be introduced to some lovely products that you might not have spent the money on yourself, or mini’s give you a great feel for products you might want in future.

  1. Charlotte Tilbury; The Gift of Red Carpet Skin

It is party season so this is perfect for keeping your skin in check after all those late nights and few too many glasses of prosecco! This kit contains everything you need to be red carpet / event ready. Included are the Goddess Skin Clay Mask, Multi Miracle Glow, Magic Cream, Wonderglow, Supermodel Body and Take it all off in 15ml travel size tubes. Nobody will even know you’ve been out!

Shop Charlotte Tilbury here

2. Tan Luxe Gift Set

Give the gift of glow this Christmas with the Tan Luxe Gift Set and we all know how much I love these drops!! This set gives you the ultimate customisable tan, featuring deluxe travel sizes of the must have face and body self tanning drops. This set includes light/medium so it’s perfect for Irish skintones or anyone who’s a tanning beginner. And to add more depth of colour just add more drops! You can find this here

Tan Luxe

3. Vita Liberata Body Blur Gift Set

It really doesn’t matter that it’s the depths of Winter, a good tan is essential for party season! So this is why I am listing the Vita Liberata Body Blur gift set cause I just think it’s an amazing tan and it will last for the whole Christmas season. This includes a full size body blur, self tanning lotion, tan mitt and more and comes in medium or dark. You can find this gift set here

Vita Liberata

4. Spotlight Whitening Teeth Whitening Gift Set

The Spotlight range has been a game changer in the Irish market, and this gift set is just great value. It includes the full size whitening strips & toothpaste plus the brand new mouthwash which all help you achieve a whiter smile from the comfort of your own home!
You can find this gift set here


5. Benefit Sweeten Up, Buttercup Gift Set

I just love Benefit gift sets - I think it’s probably fair to say we have all received at least one in our lifetime!? This one really ticks all the boxes. Included are some cult favourites like Pore Fessional, Hoola, Gimme Brow and Bad Gal Bang! And it all comes in a really cute makeup bag too. You can find this one here



6. LanaiBLO

I love this gorgeous lightweight hair dryer, and I especially love it’s long lead! The Lanaiblo has 6 heat / speed options and really helps to seal in moisture so you’re counteracting frizz. This works really well for those who have hair extensions. Finish with a blast of cold shot to help seal in and set your style. You can find this here


7. Sculpted Masterclasses

The ultimate girly afternoon or evening, I will be hosting three Masterclasses in the New Year where I will be demonstrating two different looks that cater for a more natural approach as well as the stronger more dramatic makeup. We will also have a fabulous goodie bag for every person full of treats! Grab your Mum, Sister or Bestie and join us in Dublin, Limerick or Cork for the ideal girly event!You can find dates and availability here

a gift-2.png

So i’ve covered a few last minute gift ideas for the lovely ladies in your lives so I’ve popped in a couple for the guys here too!

8. Kiehls Men's Grooming Essentials

Everything is included for the well groomed guy in this gift set.

complete skin and hair routine to keep him well-groomed and ready for any adventure. Included are Cleanser, Shaving Cream, Shampoo + Conditioner and soap scrub. You can shop this here

Screenshot 2018-12-13 at 15.32.37.png

9. Creed Aventus Eau De Parfum

If you want to score serious brownie points this year with your significant other check out Creed’s best seller Aventus Eau De Parfum. This is pricey but there’s also a reason it’s the most popular fragrance ever created by Creed! You can find this here

Creed Aventus

I hope this helps anyone in a last minute panic Christmas shopping!

Love Aimee xx

Day 4 Liner; Aimees7Ways7Days

Day 4 Liner; Aimees7Ways7Days

Hi Lovelies,

Welcome to Day 4 of my #Aimees7Ways7Days! Today I’m going to be talking you through how to achieve the perfect liner flick. People tend to be a little bit afraid of liner but it’s a great way to add definition and can really glam up your makeup look!

Flicks are not the be all and end all however, you can still get definition to your lash line by having a darker colour behind it. If you don’t want to use a gel (they are a little more difficult to use) you can also use a Kohl Pencil along your lash line.

Liner - Khol & Contour.JPG

This one here is a cheap and cheerful one from Bourjois which you’ll find here! You could also use something a little pricier like Charlotte Tilbury bedroom black.

But if you do want to go for the flick here’s my 4 step guide;

* Know that you can always sketch out your colour first with a bit of shadow or kohl pencil if you want and this will work as a stencil.

Regardless if you do this or go straight for it it is so important that you have a really good angle brush. This is absolutely key when you are using a gel. You want the brush to be really thin so you can keep control of how thick your liner is. I’m using the angle brush from Sculpted - naturally but do whatever one is comfortable for you!

Step 1: Start lining your lash line from the inside to the outer lash, making it thinner to thicker and having no gaps between this and your actual lash line itself.

Sculpted Angle can be found here

Step 2: Next up draw your flick. Make sure your brows are done first and your flick is angling up towards the edge of your brow.  Start at your last lash, it’s really important not to start at the end of your eye as everyone’s eye shape is different, so go back up to your last lash to make sure your line is going out and not cutting into the eyebrow - so it’s going parallel to the edge of the brow.


liner step 2 .jpg

Step 3: Then you want to turn your brush around so you’re always working from the tip of the brush, draw back in from that line to the base flick on the lid and fill in the gaps. I’m using the inglot 77, it’s one of the best but if you’re practising it’s difficult to get off so maybe go for something softer. Something like the maybelline black gel liner is  little easier on the eye!




Step 4: Clean up - You can do this using your brush and concealer. This just tapers out the flick and thins it for you.  I’m using the definer from the Sculpted set.




Inglot 77 can be found here


For cleaning up you can also use Duraline or BabyOil as well as concealer.



Things to note;

Inglot Duraline is great as it can wake up your liner if it dries up in the pot as well as fixing any fuzzy edges!

Concealer is great because it will actually highlight the line for you or you can use babyoil if you’re actually looking to remove any excess liner ie if it’s way too thick and hi amount of tapering will save you!!

liner fin .jpg

And there you have it, achieving the above look can be done in 4 easy steps!

Always remember to breathe when you’re doing your liner I’m constantly reminding my students to :)

So up for grabs for Day 4 to add to the growing collection is the Inglot 77 & my Angle brush! <3

Love Aimee xx



PS: Don’t forget about our Sculpted competition! Its our biggest one to date! We have 12 Sculpted Palettes to giveaway to 12 lucky winners and you can enter here!


Jeans and a Nice Top!!

Jeans and a Nice Top!!

If there’s one thing us Irish women love it’s the dress code; Jeans and a nice top.

And you all know that I’m obsessed with jeans and a nice top, so here are some of the items I purchased this week. I wanted to share them with you as there are really good discounts on some of these at the moment. I’ll also do a mini haul on my insta stories at the weekend so you can get a better feel for what I got if they arrive in good time!

  1. River Island

This is one I wore at the opening of the POCO Pop Up in Liffey Valley. I just loved the colour and the texture of this, and you can either tie it or tuck it in as I did. You can find this one here

RI Shirt.jpg

2. River Island - Again!

This is another of the River Island shirts I wore to the opening of POCO Pop Up (yes I had an outfit change because I thought that was the plan but it wasn’t hahah) Love the colour of this! You can find this one here

 All out in pink!!

All out in pink!!

3. Boohoo

It’s time to Suit Up ladies! Love this boxy double breasted blazer from Boohoo. There’s 21% off this at the moment too so it’s now only €32 . I actually bought the entire suit so hoping I have an occasion over Christmas for it! You can find this here


Boohoo Double Breasted Boxy Blazer

4. Boohoo

Love the colour and style of this, and again, so easy to tuck into jeans, this woven military button blouse is now only €15 with 21% off - but hurry it’s selling out really fast! There’s also 2 other colours and I got all 3, haha.  Find it here



5. Love the design of this black number from Boohoo (again)!! This Jacquard Satin Horn Button Blouse is only €19 as there’s 21% off. I got the gorgeous rust color too.  You can find this here


Boohoo Jacquard Shirt

6. Boohoo

Ok you guys can see I did a massive haul from Boohoo! 22% off this one though and just look at it!! I also got this in two different colours - so easy to wear and the price of it! You can find this Premium Jacquard Satin Wrap Tie Blouse here

Boohoo Premium Jacquard Satin Wrap Tie Blouse

7. Nasty Gal

This beauty from Nasty Gal; ‘One Hell of a Mesh Glitter Top’ is now only £7.50 and there’s 50% off everything! You can find this here

Nasty Gal

8. Nasty Gal

Going to be wearing my heart on my sleeve when I get this one (cue laughing :) )!! Another from Nasty Gal, ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart Heart Shirt’ - just tuck the front into jeans and you’re good to go! There’s 50% off this! You can find this here

Screenshot 2018-12-12 at 16.59.20.png

9. Nasty Gal

How cute is this?! ‘Tie Your West Western Shirt’ is now only £10. I adore anything with a neck tie and I love that it’s all the same Colour and not black! Nasty Gal are doing 50% off everything but sizes are going quickly. You can find this here

Nasty Gal

10. Nasty Gal

Ok I know this is called jeans and a nice top but I just had to throw in a knit at the end! This ‘Takes Chevron to Know Chevron Knit Sweater’ is just so cute it had to feature! Perfect for last minute cosy pub drinks over Christmas! You can find this here

Screenshot 2018-12-12 at 17.08.22.png

And there you have it, all my latest buys for my Jeans and a Nice Top looks! As promised, I’ll hopefully do a mini haul on my insta stories at the weekend!

Don’t forget to enter our competition to be in with a chance to win 1 of 12 Custom Edition Palettes. All you have to do is enter your name and email here!

Love Aimee xx


Day 3 Sparkle; Aimees7Ways7Days

Day 3 Sparkle; Aimees7Ways7Days

Welcome to Day 3 of my #Aimees7Ways7Days and today is all about who to add ‘A Pop Of Sparkle’.

This is the easiest way to glam up your makeup look particularly for the festive season, it would almost be rude if you didn’t wear a touch of gold glitter especially over Christmas! :)

Today we’re talking about the cult favourite Stila magnificent metals, these have totally changed the game when it comes to glitter because it’s basically like a wet liquid formula, it won’t fall, you won’t get glitter half way down your face, so it means you can pop a bit on later on and it won’t affect your makeup.

Stila smouldering satin

In the past applying glitter meant they were loose particles and you’d have to use a glue to do it, whereas with Stila you don’t. I’m using shade ‘Smouldering Satin’ but I also love Rose Gold Retro and Kitten Karma which you can find here. At a price point of €25 / €26..

These are really easy to use as they have an applicator. I personally feel that if you apply with the applicator it’s a little bit too ott and you could probably see yourself from space! The best thing to do is pop a bit out onto the back of your hand and either use your finger or else a small brush to apply - I’ve used the definer from the Sculpted Reloaded Brush set which you can find here.

These pictures were under different lighting so that gives the difference but I have applied less on the left and more glitter on the right. You can On the left I added a little to my tear duct and then on the right I popped it all over my eye lid. It can be as dramatic and as sparkly as you want it to be, or you can pare it back. When you apply with your finger or brush you can dictate this, whereas the wand applicator goes on quite heavy.

The Stila ones are great as they have a good bit of colour behind them as well so they are almost like a liquid eyeshadow built in with glitter, but if you think the price point is too high for something you might only wear once a year we have a more affordable option for you from the Penney’s new Christmas Collection! Stila comes in at about €26 and the Penney’s dupe comes in at €4.

Penney's vs Stila .JPG

I’ve done a swatch side by side here, so yes you can see that you get more colour in the Stila, but the Penney’s version is still nice if you want a little bit of sparkle, that’s not too dramatic if it’s not going to be a product you are using all the time!

So that’s it, it will glam up your look, you can wear it on it’s own with a bit of bronzer or you can wear it over a darker shadow if you want to amp up your smokey eye.

Up for grabs this week is a Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter and Glow Eyeshadow and I will also have a video up on my instagram feed on how to apply if you want to check it out!

Stila Magnificent Metals

P.S. Have you heard about our Sculpted Christmas competition?! Its our biggest one to date! We have 12 Sculpted Palettes to giveaway to 12 lucky winners and you can enter here!

Love Aimee xx

Day 2 Statement Lip; Aimees7Ways7Days

Day 2 Statement Lip; Aimees7Ways7Days

Welcome to Day 2 of Aimees7Ways7Days! This is all about my top tips on how to wear a statement lip.

First up, choose a type of lipstick that is suited to you. I’m not just talking about colour here I’m also talking about consistency; If you have quite dry lips a matte lipstick is just going to dry them out a bit more so going for a creamier shade will feel more comfortable on the lips.



Top Tips

Exfoliate the lips the night before, you can do this with a toothbrush on its own, gently, as the skin here breaks that bit easier, or you can exfoliate with a lip scrub or a little bit of sugar. One of the best that i’ve come across is the Nuxe lip scrub. Sleep with some lip balm on after exfoliating. Again, Nuxe lip balm is lovely, you can find this here or Blistex is a great affordable choice.

When you have your lips nice and supple lip liner is the main thing. I prioritise lip liner over lip stick, I just think your shape needs to be perfect when everything is on show, so i’ve used Rouge from the Pink Lip Quad all over the lip. You can find this here.

Maximising; this is when you are a little bit extra generous with your lips, giving them a fuller shape when everything is on show! You line very lightly from the outside in on the faint white line just outside your natural shape, so you keep the look nice and natural because it is literally on the outskirts.

If you want your lipstick to last longer you can fill your lip in the whole way with your lip liner or just use it to line the lips. The one that i’ve used is MACs Powder Kiss in Shocking Revelation which you can check out here


 MAC Shocking Revelation&nbsp;

MAC Shocking Revelation 

I also think a burgundy tone to the red can be a little bit easier to wear for people that are more conscious about a statement lip. You can check out some swatches of variations of colour below!

Swatches .JPG

If you’re scared of wearing red here are my tips;

Firstly, choose a lipstick that’s lightweight on the lips, if it’s very heavy and you can feel it you’re going to be aware of it. Choose something nice and lightweight and don’t go for a red red, there are so many options to choose from, maybe choose a deeper red or a pinky red if you wanted, just a little less severe and less of a statement.

Rimmel Retro Red & MAC Diva - Look at the similarity in colour and yet difference in price. MAC comes in at €20 and Rimmel ranges at €7.95!

Rimmel vs MAC.JPG

Top Tip; When you have your lip shape on, the most important thing to do is to clean up, especially if you’re not used to lip liner.

Take a small brush, I’ve used the definer from the Sculpted Reloaded Brush Set with a full coverage concealer, I’ve used the MAC full coverage concealer here, and shape up around the lips.

Concealer Clean Up .JPG

The shade that I am wearing is the MAC Powder Kiss in Shocking Revelation as above  - This is a nice matte lipstick so there isn’t much sheen to it, it fits nicely in with the lip liner and sits well on the lips!

If you don’t want it to be obvious that you’ve cleaned up with your concealer because it will be a lighter colour, you can also clean up with your foundation. This helps to keep your lipstick sharper, more in line, and will also prevent your lipstick from bleeding, and it keeps the shape perfect!

And there you have it, start rocking your statement lip just in time for Christmas!

Stay tuned for Day 3 of #Aimees7Ways7days. Up for grabs from this one are all the products from image one -  Sculpted Pink Lip Quad, MAC Lipstick and Definer Brush!

So thanks for following my second day of #7Ways7Days to get in the spirit of getting glam for Christmas. I’ll be going through this look on my insta stories which i’ll save to my highlights!

P.S. Have you heard about our Sculpted competition?! Its our biggest one to date! We have 12 Sculpted Palettes to giveaway to 12 lucky winners and you can enter here!

Love Aimee xx


Day 1 Lashes; Aimees7Ways7Days

Day 1 Lashes; Aimees7Ways7Days


Welcome to my part of a Christmas Giveaway and that is #Aimees7Ways7Days…Basically I wanted to get back into the tips of makeup but to add in a treat also. 

Hopefully you’ll find this enjoyable and all you have to do is like, comment, recreate any look you can and I’ll pick a winner after the 7 days who will receive every product I have used!  

Up first for Day One is; Lashes  

Lashes can be a minefield for a lot of us but there is really no better way to feel glam for an occasion so here are my simple tips to help along the way. 

First up are the tools you will need;  

Lashes - these are the individual Primark Lashes for €1.50 I ADORE these. The strip are a natural Kiss pair and I also love the Ardell ones 

Scissors - you’ll most likely need this if you're wearing strip lashes  

Duo Glue - my fav Duo is the pink packaging one as it dries black and helps to not interfere with your lovely eye makeup  

Before I start I always pop a bit of glue out onto my hand to be sure the air gets at it so its tacky and easier to stick. I have popped this out onto my palette or you can use your hand. 

Individual Lashes - Individuals are great for all ages because you can do a half lash - like I am going to and they are very light weight which is perfect for anyone who's scared at the thought of them but wants to try them!  

Lashes 1 .jpg

First things first is to make sure your longer length is on the outer corner of the eyes and that you get shorter the closer into the eye. Pop some glue onto the band and press it into the hook where the lid and the lashes meet. Even squeeze your own lashes into them if you want to make them more secure. Whenever I am doing a side eye lash I tend to put 2/3 longer and one shorter like I have done here. I add mascara after because I find it easier to apply when the lashes are soft. Look at the difference!  

Before and after.JPG

Applied too much glue? 

I always say too much glue is just as bad as not enough because they will be swimming on your lash line. If you feel you ever have too much glue on them just pop it back onto your hand or your palette and let that take the excess!  

Top Tip with Individual Lashes; If you're someone that hates the liner and the thought of it then my favourite tip when applying lashes and wanting to make them look more natural is applying a black kohl pencil under the lash line on the upper side which is known as tightlining. This gives a black outline to the eye and makes the lashes look more natural so you don't have to bother with liner on top!  

 Charlotte Tilbury Bedroom Black

Charlotte Tilbury Bedroom Black


Strip Lashes;  

Strip lashes are classically heavier but they don't have to be weighing you down either. Whenever I apply strips I always make sure to peel the pack back when I am taking them out of the pack just to be sure you don't rip them or leave half of them hanging behind you. Check the length of them first. A lot of the time these will need to be cut in order to fit the eye and if you have to always cut from the longer side to be sure that they fit into the lash line after. 

Then apply your glue - leave it to get tacky in the same manner as you would individuals and place into the hook again starting from the centre and then press the edges in. Try and give it 10-15seconds to dry totally. 

Peeling lash back.jpg


The strips you’ll see here on the right give a much fuller look and there are so many different types you can get for whatever effect you would like to achieve! 

 Individual Lashes on the left / Strip Lashes on the right

Individual Lashes on the left / Strip Lashes on the right


So thanks for following my first day of #7Ways7Days to get in the spirit of getting glam for Christmas! Up for grabs this week are the lashes and glue and stay tuned tomorrow for the second instalment tomorrow which will be a different topic :) 


Let me know if you found any of this helpful!  I’ll be going through this look on my insta stories which i’ll save to my highlights!

P.S. Have you heard about our Sculpted competition?! Its our biggest one to day! We have 12 Sculpted Palettes to giveaway to 12 lucky winners and you can enter here!


Aimee xx 

Going Out Out? Check out our Party Faves for Festive Fun!

If you’re like me you’ll be still checking the calendar to actually get your head around the fact that Christmas is here! And then when that settles in you’ll panic about not having anything to wear… So we’re to help!

Here are some nice looks to get you ‘Out Out’ ready and first up Is sequins!

Don’t Stop Me Now sequin dress, features a strapless, midi silhouette, zip closure, high slit at the side, and sequin detailing throughout. The perfect Out Out dress. So where we heading this weekend?!

You can shop this here

Screenshot 2018-12-06 at 14.12.25.png

The other festive favourite that is always in style is velvet! I’m just loving this dress from Nasty Gal. The Wherever You Will Grow Dress comes in burnout velvet and features a floral design throughout, strappy design, elasticized waist, wrap design at skirt, waterfall front, ruffle detailing and midi silhouette (adds to bag)!! Christmas Party Inspo covered with this one :)

You can shop this look here

Screenshot 2018-12-06 at 15.19.36.png

Another one for Out Out - pile on the tan for this bodycon fit by ASOS Design. With a gorgeous iridescent finish this was made for the dancefloor! Check out the back on this one too, pair with simple accessories and barely there sandals to let the dress do the talking!

You can shop this here

Screenshot 2018-12-06 at 15.27.09.png

We’re definitely covering all of the party invites with these beauties. Check out this pink ombre number from Topshop. Love the sleeve detail on this one <3 A lil bit of rouge from the Sculpted Lip Quad will complete the look!

You can shop the look here

Screenshot 2018-12-06 at 15.59.34.png

To finish off any of these looks i’d go for a barely there sandal. They literally go with everything and will get you through the whole party season! These beauties are from Topshop and you can find them here

Screenshot 2018-12-06 at 16.14.38.png

Obsessed. Literally obsessed with this gorgeous faux fur from Topshop too. Stand out from the crowd with this spot mix textured statement jacket. Love! Better start dropping hints on this one!

Screenshot 2018-12-06 at 16.18.47.png

You can find this fab item here

That’s just a snippet of our favourite looks at the moment, we’ll be back with more inspo next week!

Lots of love,

Aimee x

My Christmas Gift Guide!

My Christmas Gift Guide!

Can you believe it’s December already?! I’m just so excited about Christmas this year!!

I’ve been on the lookout for some Christmas Gift inspo in the beauty world so I said I’d share with all you lovely people. These would be perfect for your Mum, Sister, Bestie or that special someone! And actually they’d all be lovely for yourself too!!

I’ll be dropping hints about some of these for the next few weeks haha :)

Sculpted Limited Edition Pre Filled Palette

This year to celebrate the launch of our Custom Edition Palette we decided to create a pre-filled limited edition palette, the perfect gift for under the tree!

We’ve included medium bronze, pearl pop cream highlight, opal glow powder highlighter and our new and exclusive pink swoon blush. You literally can’t get this blush anywhere else! The beauty of this (excuse the pun!!) is that it still has the magnetic panels so when you run out of any of the pans you can simply replace it! This set also includes our double ended sculpting brush in its new format perfect for sculpting and highlighting.

You can find the Custom Edition Pre-Filled Palette set here

Custom Edition Pre Filled Palette

Charlotte Tilbury Advent Calendar

You all know how big a fan I am of Charlotte Tilbury and can I just say Oh My God! about this advent calendar. So many treats and it’s worth €252!!!! Be the best gift giver ever or indulge yourself in this must have beauty advent calendar of 2018. Some of my faves that are included are Pillow Talk lipstick and Charlotte’s Magic Cream <3

If you want to treat yourself you can get this here

Charlotte Tilbury Advent Calendar .jpeg

Benefit Magical Brow Stars - Limited Edition Blockbuster Brow Set

Brow sets don’t come much better than this. Benefit as we know is the best selling brow brand in the world and this set contains 5 full sized products which would usually be double the price! I use their brow products daily and couldn’t recommend them enough. You can find this gift set here

Benefit Magical Brow Stars!

Charlotte Tilbury - The Magical Party Look

I’m sticking with Charlotte Tilbury for this one. This is the epitome of party season essentials. In this makeup kit you will find highlighter, lipstick, mascara and eyeshadow. Think glowing cheekbones, glittering eyelids and a full, nude lip. The eyeshadow palette is actually a limited edition so get your hands on it now!

It has all the handbag essentials in one place and is the perfect gift set for the gal who is always on the go and loves the party season look.

You can shop the magical party look here

Charlotte Tilbury Magical Makeup Look .jpeg

MAC party mini glitters (4 pack )

Moving onto MAC now, these are the perfect stocking filler. They come in pink and gold tones and contains two glitters and two pigments. They are travel size and so easy to blend. What’s not to love!! You can find the MAC party mini glitters here

MAC Shiny Pretty Things

Image Skincare

Image is a fantastic skincare range and one that would be a real treat to someone who looks after their skin or maybe someone who isn’t as into their makeup. The products in this set would be easy enough to gift for any skin type. Included are cult favourites ORMEDIC balancing facial cleanser, Vital C hydrating anti ageing serum and Prevention+ Daily Matte Moisturiser.

Image Skincare

You can find IMAGE Festive Favourites here

Vita liberata - Body Blur

Another gorgeous stocking filler for the tan lovers in your life. When it comes to tanning i know everybody has their favourites, but I just think the Vita Liberata Body Blur is amazing for giving the skin a really flawless finish and is great for reducing any appearance of cellulite and spider veins. A really great gift for anyone who loves their quality tan!

You can find Vita Liberata here

Vita Liberata Body Blur

Nuxe Body Shimmer

One last one, just cause I think it really gives the finishing touches to a gorgeous tan and glowing look and that’s Nuxe Body Shimmer. This is a go to product for anyone who loves a shimmering finish to their tan. It’s just an amazing product and can be used on the face, body or in your hair to give a really illuminated and glowy finish!

You can find this here


And there you have it, hope you find some of these waiting for you on Christmas morning - or get serious brownie points for being the best gift giver ever!!

Lots of love,

Aimee xx

Top tips on a great skincare routine

Top tips on a great skincare routine

It’s so important to look after your skin from the base because makeup is only a temporary thing so I thought I’d put my thoughts together to shed a bit of light on what a great routine would look like (and don’t worry we all have a night or two where we fall off the band wagon!)


Ideally you should be double cleansing, i.e. doing it twice. The first cleanse will remove your makeup and the second one actually cleans your face. I sometimes use a micellar water or my cleanse off mitt to take off my makeup - they are both so quick! Bioderma Micellar Water is great for quickly removing make-up but doesn’t strip the skin. You can find this product here;

Bioderma Micellar Water

I tend to use Image Skincare mostly and I just find it amazing. Granted it doesn’t agree with everyone so be careful if you’re one of those but in general it’s a fantastic brand. I love the Ormedic Balancing Cleanser. FYI - whenever you see the word balancing it’s usually suited to combination skin, which is definitely the most popular Irish skin type! If you have dry skin try using an oil based or creamy cleanser, and if you are more prone to oily skin go for a gel wash that will help to degrease your skin or a cleansing milk.

Image Ormedic Balancing Cleanser can be shopped here;

Image Ormedic Balancing Facial Cleanser


Gone are the days of the 100% alcoholic based toners thank God!! Now it’s more so based on lotions - a rose water lotion is so gentle on and definitely an easy one to use. Or the Pixi Glow Tonic is very popular - it’s like a light exfoliant but suited for drier skin with glycolic acid in it.

You can shop Pixi Glow Tonic here

Pixi Glow Tonic


This is by far the most vital part of your routine and often one that’s over looked. We all used to think cleanse - tone - moisturise; when in reality serum is the key player. It can be difficult to justify sometimes because you’re looking at the high price tag for a tiny ml bottle but serums are much more concentrated and will penetrate the skin deeper! Also having vitamin A in your serum is probably the most important ingredient for your skins health in general so try and locate some of that in any of your products! Ones to look out for are;

Image Iluma, Environ AVST, Kiehls Midnight Recovery Oil, Alpha H

You can shop Alpha H Vit A Serum here

Alpha H


These are what I call the luxury products you may not be using them everyday but they really help to prep the skin particularly if you have an event the next day or that week!


Try not to go for anything too abrasive you don’t want to be removing layers of the skin! Depending on the strength of it exfoliator can be used 2/3 times a week.

Dermalogica Superfoliant is a great powder based one that is nice and gentle on the skin. You can shop that here and Image Clear Cell is a great one if you’re having breakouts which you can shop here


I love a good sheet mask, these are excellent for prepping the skin. Make up goes on like a dream afterwards and they are give a great hydration boost to the skin. My favourite ones so far are; Garnier Moisture Bomb, No.7, Image, and the Seoulista range which you can find here

Seoulista Beauty


I would always add moisturiser, for my skin I definitely need it. When choosing moisturizer base it on the consistency. Go for a creamy consistency at night or if you generally have dry skin; and choose more of a milk of gel texture if you’re not that in need of moisturizer and don’t want to create too many layers before makeup!

I adore the Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream and it’s such a good base for makeup too! Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream is also top of my list but i’m just not sure if it’s worth the price tag. For a really affordable and lovely moisturizer i’d go for Bioderma Hydrabio Moisturizing Concentrate which you can shop here

Screenshot 2018-11-29 at 13.49.14.png

SPF should be included in your routine also so if you can get it into your serum or moisturizer it will save you time and layers otherwise pick up a sole based SPF to apply after moisturizer  and before makeup!

The image below is also a really good guide as to how much product to use. Some of us think the more we use the better but honestly there’s no need, the amounts in the image below are standard and will also help your products last longer!


And lastly, I know I am friends with her, but I would also highly highly recommend having a consult with Jen Skin Nerd’s team if you’re someone who’s suffering with your skin or just wants to have a routine that suited to you. You won’t regret it and believe me they know their stuff !!

Hope this helps!

Love Aimee x

Black Friday Fashion Favs

Black Friday Fashion Favs

On the eve before Black Friday brands are launching their discounts and they are amazing!

It can be very overwhelming and sometimes it can seem like its a great bargain when in reality you may not have needed it at all so I have put together some favourite bits along with putting all of the codes in one place for you - hopefully this helps to make it easier! These are the stores where I shop from regularly anyway :)

General Codes:

1) ASOS 20% off everything using Code: Hello20 - I got my yellow dress that I wore to the Image awards here and it is probably my favourite ever! Shop here

2) BooHoo up to 50% off - shop here

3) Nastygal 50% off shop here

4) Missguided 20% off using Code: OFFICIAL shop here

5) River Island: 20% off when you spend 100€ or more Shop here

6) NA-KD are offering 30% off Shop here

7) H&M are offering 20% off which is always the best destination for casual bits! Shop here

And now to browse some of the finds which I love!

And here are some of our top picks if you’re looking for some inspiration!

1) Monochrome Chic:

Classic blazer/ jacket which you can wear many ways!

Shop here

BF fashion mono .JPG

2) Ankle Boots:

Everyone needs a pair of these. I have white, black, pink and red…slight obsession!? haha

Shop here

BF fashion red .JPG

3) Printed Shirts;

The perfect addition to a nice pair of jeans :)

Shop here

BF fashion blue .JPG

4) Trenchcoat of Dreams;

The color of this says it all for me!

Shop here

BF fashion trench .JPG

5) Polka Dot Fun;

Polka dots were definitely the it purchase for a while this year. You cant beat a good white on black! Shop here

BF fashion black.JPG

6) Snakeprint Continues…

Again probably the biggest trend right now and in my favourite style of skirt. I love a midi slit parted skirt.

Shop here

BF fashion skirt.JPG

7) Some Cosy Jumpers!

Shop here for the green polo neck

BF fashion green.JPG
  Shop    here

Shop here

8) Court Shoes:

The classic footwear to go with anything! Shop here

BF fashion heels.JPG

9) Nike; I literally live in runners during the week and these are like walking on heaven!

30% off too..:) Shop here

bf nike .jpg

10) Sock Boots

Again probably the most used shoe if thats even a sentence - haha. So slimming on and black is definitely the most versatile in my wardrobe anyway! Shop here

bf sock .jpg

This is just a small edit but I do hope it helps because I know this weekend can be mental!!

Enjoy the Black Friday madness,

Aimee xx

Black Friday Beauty Discounts

Black Friday Beauty Discounts

The madness of Black Friday is here so I thought why not share my beauty favourites - especially when they are practically being given away!
Can you feel your add to cart getting bigger!?… I can ! Haha

Some General Links here

1) Sculpted By Aimee

Enjoy up to 25% off my own brand Sculpted By Aimee;

  • The Custom Edition palettes shop here - The Lip Quads shop here , The Brushes AND The New Reloaded Limited Edition Brush set shop here & Prefilled Palette… shop here …. Go Go Go while stocks last!

2) Cloud10 Beauty

Up to 30% off click here

3) Beauty Bay

Up to 50% off click here

4) Charlotte Tilbury;

Up to 40% off and some gift sets included too! shop here

Again buying makeup can be obsessive and never ending but I would make a list of what you need and choose carefully! But yes Christmas presents galore…. :)

Here are some of my top buys!

Sculpted The Custom Edition

I am biased but I do think getting to create your own palette is very fun and a lovely personalised gift for someone else! Here is an example of a filling but you can choose whatever you want and enjoy 25% off from 6pm Thursday November 22nd!! Shop here

The Gift of Brushes;

I think a brush set is probably the most popular Christmas gift and we have launched our Reloaded set just in time! There is 20% off these beautiful babies from 6pm Thursday November 22nd also…Love! Shop here

Brush Set Brown 1.jpg

1) Hello Fab Coconut Skin Smoothie Primer;
This is a gorgeous base to makeup which is smooth and moisturising. The scent isn’t too strong either - such a handy one to have in your makeup bag!

Shop here

  Price with discount €19.96

Price with discount €19.96

2) Bourjois Java Rice:

The best selling Bourjois product in Ireland! A great affordable take on a translucent powder. Its like a light fairy dust that settles beautifully and keeps your makeup at bay.

Shop here

  Price with discount €10.66

Price with discount €10.66

3)Benefit Magic Stars Brow Kit

This set contains 6 full sized brow products which are worth €135 and it retails for 65€ however you can now get further discount on. this and it works out at €52. This is basically free! I use benefit brows everyday so I would be jumping on this!

Shop here

  Price with discount €52

Price with discount €52

4) Stila Magnificent Metals:

Every time I show these they get a huge reaction. They are the most amazing pigment on the eyes - no fall out and they’re so easy to apply.

Shop here



5) Benefit Porefessional Primer:

If you have pores or potholes as I call them you need this in your life. A little bit goes a long way so go easy on it but its great for any oily t-zonned gals.

Shop here

 Price with discount €9.60

Price with discount €9.60

6) Tan Luxe Gift Set

I have a blog on why top 3 facial tanners (you can read this here) and this brand is number 1! I love them. They’re also offering a gift set at a discounted rate which is amazing value.

Shop here

tan luxe VF.PNG

7) Bondi Sands Tan Eraser;

I only really tried this tan eraser properly recently and I was so impressed - not only by its removal ability but how soft my ankles felt after - weird sentence I know, haha.

Shop here

 Price with discount €13.56

Price with discount €13.56

8) Bioderma Micellar Water

This is my favourite Micellar water and they have lots of gift sets available too. Use it to remove makeup or eye makeup before you cleanse.

Shop here

Bioderma BF.jpg

9) Cult Beauty

There is up to 40% off Anastasia Beverly Hills which is amazing given we used to have to pay major customs etc! You can browse the full collection on offer here

One of my favourite products from the range is Soft Glam palette - shop here

ABH BF.jpg

My Top 3 Facial Tanners; How To

My Top 3 Facial Tanners; How To

Hellooo… I have been meaning to put this into a blog post for a while now as I am constantly asked online amongst other beauty queries.

I was never really a fan of face tanning - mainly because I am so fair naturally that tan just never took to my face well or if it did it was always very orange and made my pores even more pronounced. That was however until I discovered one of my favourite products this year and that as you can guess was a drop facial tanner.

 Here I am baring it all for you all - but with the help of a few tanning drops :) I am wearing the Tan Luxe and this is day 3 of them hence the natural look…

Here I am baring it all for you all - but with the help of a few tanning drops :) I am wearing the Tan Luxe and this is day 3 of them hence the natural look…

So keep reading for my top 3 and how best to apply!

1) TanLuxe Illuminating Tanning Drops €39.95

I have to say I am totally obsessed with these drops now to the point that if I was going away and didn’t have them the night before I would be freaking out. Again like I said above I am very fair naturally and didn’t think anything would work on my face until I was introduced to these. You can get shade light/medium or medium/dark. I went for Medium/Dark because I like to have an obvious color but you can control how dark they go by restricting how many drips you add into your moisturiser.

I would drop 3/4 drops into my overnight mask or moisturiser and apply with a clean Buffer brush from my brush set to make sure its blended and flawless. Make sure to cover the full hairline also so you won’t have any lines the next day - believe me if you leave a bit out it will not go unnoticed I speak from experience :) And also make sure give your brows a rub after or cover them with vaseline before you apply so that you don’t color them.

Given you’re mixing in with moisturiser it means your skin isn’t drying out like a usual tan would too. Love love love this! Plus the product will last you ages or so I find.

You can shop here

 TanLuxe Medium/Dark drops

TanLuxe Medium/Dark drops

2) James Read Sleep Mask Tan €30

Before I discovered the TanLuxe I was using the James Read sleep mask tan mask a lot. This is also a gorgeous facial tanner and a little more natural than the tanluxe if you wanted. Its mixed in with a sleeping mask so you don’t have anything to do but apply straight from the tub. I would still use my Buffer brush for this just to be on the safe side. If you want a more subtle finish then this is a better option for you. On me I find the color is little more brown rather than golden like the tan luxe - still lovely though.

Shop here

James Read Tan.JPG

3) Charlotte Tilbury Overnight Bronze and Glow Mask €48

This is definitely the most subtle of the three but its a gorgeous product. I wouldn’t rave about all of Charlotte’s skincare products but I have to say this mask is fab. I first tried it as a sample and then went back for a full sized product version. Its definitely a very subtle glow so you’d have to apply a few nights in a row or wear it daily if you like a natural radiance rather than a tanned effect as such.
This I would apply with your fingers or a brush but I wouldn’t be worried about it staining anything.

Shop here

CT Fce tan .JPG

This is The Buffer I use to apply the face tan and my makeup aswell. Its so soft! You can purchase it individually here

Its also available in our new Brush Set - The Essentials Reloaded :). You can check this out here

The Buffer Brown Hi res.jpg

What are your thoughts on face tanning? Let me know if you have any questions below!

Thanks for reading,
Aimee xx

Get the look - Fashion Factory Edit

Get the look - Fashion Factory Edit

Hi everyone,

Last week we were in Limerick with Pippa’s last Fashion Factory of the year! What an amazing weekend surrounded by fabulous people. I had the pleasure of doing Jess’s makeup at the event and lots of you have been wondering what products I used and how to achieve the look so i’ve put this post together to answer any queries!

Jess FF

All about that base;

Nars Longwear Radiant

Good coverage is an absolute must for me, but I also love a foundation that doesn’t look too heavy on the skin. I used Nars Longwear Radiant on Jess simply because it lives up to its name - It’s the perfect buildable foundation for great coverage while giving a gorgeous dewy finish. It comes in 33 shades and is perfect from daytime to evening looks.

You can shop NARS Longwear Radiant here

NARS Longwear Radiant

Laura Mercier Translucent Glow

There’s a few reasons I love this cult favourite product. Basically it’s so fine it doesn’t settle into pores or fine lines like other products can, it’s completely lightweight, but also gives sheer coverage and keeps makeup in place for 12 hrs. What I absolutely love about this product is that there is no photo flashback and it gives a soft focus effect to blur the look of any imperfections or fine lines.

You can shop Laura Mercier Translucent Glow here

Laura Mercier Translucent Glow

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away

This concealer honestly is magic; it reduces the appearance of dark circles, pigmentation, redness, blemishes and imperfections in one swipe. The precision sponge is designed to roll over any imperfections and fits the natural contour of the eye. I applied this to any problem areas (not that Jess has any!!) and also applied it to the eye area by gently tapping the product with my finger

You can shop Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away here I used shade 4 on Jess FYI! I tend to wear shade 5 if I have darker tan on too. Having your concealer a shade or two lighter than your foundation is always nice.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away

Sculpted The Custom Edition

Soo excited to use my Sculpted Custom Edition palette on the lovely Jess. Naturally, I’m a little biased when it comes to a soft and radiant contour, but I think it’s so important and really makes the base.

Using the Sculpted Double Ended Brush I used Medium Bronze to sculpt the face. It’s important to build the product - using small amounts at a time, and just tap the brush into the product to lightly build right along the cheekbone, down the sides of the nose, jawline and along the hairline.

To highlight, I used Champagne Cream and popped this on using my finger along the tips of the cheekbones, down the centre of the nose and along the cupid’s bow for a radiant finish. Champagne Cream highlight is almost skin colour so it gives a really radiant finish without being too obvious.

Using the Sculpted double ended brush I used Golden Glow powder highlight from the Original Palette on the tips of the cheekbones, down the centre of the nose, along the cupid’s bow and also on the lid of the eyes (i’ll talk more about the eye makeup look below)

And to give Jess that gorgeous pop of colour on the cheeks I used Pure Peach. This is a gorgeous full matte peach blusher which gives a gorgeous powdered finish to the apples of the cheeks. This is really perfect for any of you who might be a little afraid of blusher as it is not too pink and gives the skin a lovely matte finish.

You can shop Sculpted The Custom Edition here

 The Custom Edition Palette

The Custom Edition Palette

Charlotte Tilbury; Stars In Your Eyes Palette

I just love this limited edition palette. There are four fab looks involved where Charlotte inspires Love, Power, Happiness and Confidence! The colour just stays and can be lightly layered or completely dialled up. On Jess I used the Love Look with 3 rose quartz-inspired shades in soft pink hues, applied with Sculpted the blender and definer brushes. To finish the look I popped Stila Magnificent Metals along the lash line and the centre of the lid blending using my finger and used Inglot 77 to line the lashline. This is by far the best long lasting gel liner in my opinion. My kit is never without it!

I smoked out Jess’ lash line with a brown liner too which is lovely for a sultry effect without being too dark!

You can shop Charlotte Tilbury Stars In Your Eyes here ; Shop Stila Magnificent Metals here ; and Inglot 77 gel liner here

Pout time :)

Sculpted Lip Quad in Buff with Mac Peach Blossom Lipstick

To achieve Jess’s gorgeous pout I used Sculpted Lip Quad in Buff. This warm brown tone is ideal for all skin colours. I used this all over the lip for lasting colour and popped some MAC peach blossom lipstick on top.

You can shop Sculpted Lip Quad in Nude here

And Mac Peach Blossom Lipstick here

And there you have it, the full makeup look from the Fashion Factory. This is a really simple yet achievable makeup look, giving you a gorgeous radiant finish.

I hope this was helpful!

Let me know :)

Lot’s of love,

Aimee x

The Custom Edition Palette

Hi Lovelies,

The Custom Edition is finally here! I’ve been waiting to share this news with you for soo long.

You can now create your own revolutionary refillable sculpted palette. Yay!

Custom Edition.PNG
This product is all about you. Choose your own pans and fill as you want. #SculptedYourWay

So whether you are a Royal Rose, A Golden Girl or a Bronzed Bombshell we have something for you!

And don’t worry we haven’t forgotten your favourites from the original and rose gold palette, you can simply custom build to your taste.

Here’s how you can create your custom edition palette;

Step 1; To get started select an empty refill palette which you can add your chosen pans to. The great thing about this is you should only have to buy this once, and the magnetic strip on the base allows your pans to stay in place without falling out.

Step 2; Create your look

The custom edition allows you to choose from loads of options including some favourites from the original and rose gold palettes. We’ve broken them down into three main looks, but again, the choice is all yours. Pick and choose from the range of bronzers, blush, cream base and powder based highlighters. This is #SculptedYourWay!!

Check out our three customised looks for various skin tones below :)

Introducing Royal Rose

This palette is perfect for those of us who have that classic, lovely porcelain skin and overall fair complexion. The colour palette is very much the pinky hues incorporating light bronze, cream champagne, opal glow and pinky hues.

 Royal Rose Custom Edition Palette

Royal Rose Custom Edition Palette

Let’s talk through the look;

1.1 Light Bronzer; We simply had to keep your favourite from the rose gold palette!

This is a gorgeous light coloured bronzer that you can use to sculpt the face and also double up as an eyeshadow. Choose this if you’re fair or wear a light tan. This is a great option to layer and build up to the shade you want!!

2.1 Pearl Pop; If you love a really dewy finish pearl pop is for you! This is the lightest cream base, again, taken from our original rose gold palette. This is perfect to use on the centre of the nose, tips of the cheekbones and a dab on your cupids bow for a really radiant finish.

3.1 Opal Glow; Next up have the fab new powder highlighter in Opal Glow. It gives an iridescent pearl finish to the skin, but you can also use it to open the eyes. Use in the same areas as your cream base. Choose this if you like your highlight light and bright :) Added bonus; this works against fair skin but it’s also really complimentary on a deeper skin tone too!

Introducing Blush - I’m so excited to finally share this with you! For our Royal Rose look I’ve chosen 4.1 Pinky Hues which is a light pink speckled blush. It has the most lovely rosy finish in a soft glow without being too shiny. Choose this if you like a pop of pink on the cheeks. It’s ideal for all skin tones.

And here’s how it looks :)

Royal Rose Custom Edition.PNG

Wecome Golden Girl

The Golden Girl palette is perfect for those of you who are naturally tanned or if you like to fake it (reaching for the tanning mitt ;) )

What I love about this one is the combination of rose gold and peach or pink blush that just gives that really gorgeous sunkissed finish to the skin.

Here’s how we filled ours;

 Golden Girl Custom Edition

Golden Girl Custom Edition

1.2 Medium Bronze

The bronzer from our original palette is back!

Choose this if you are someone who has a natural colour, or like most of us who if you love to fake tan :)  It’s a deeper shade than the light bronze but you can still build to get a more defined sculpted effect, and again it doubles up as an eyeshadow.

2.2 Cream Champagne

It’s back! Your favourite cream base from the original sculpted palette. Like our previous look this is perfect for use on the tips of the cheekbones, down the centre of the nose and along the cupid’s bow for a radiant finish.

Choose This… if you don’t want your cream highlight to be too bright. This is almost skin colour so it gives a gorgeous radiant finish without being too obvious!


3.2 Rose Gold Glow

Fresh from our rose gold palette, this highlighter is perfect to pop on the lid of the eyes, along the tips of the cheekbones, down the centre of the nose and along the cupids bow for a champagne highlighted look that compliments all skin tones

 4.2 Sunset Sheen

The peachy pink finish that we love. This blush gives a gorgeous highlighted to the apples of the cheeks, adding to that dewy look. The peachy pink shade is ideal to compliment various skin tones and make-up looks. Choose This if you love your blush to give you a glow.

 Here’s how it looks!

Golden Girl Custom Edition.PNG

And finally we’d like you to meet Bronzed Bombshell

This palette is all about that sexy siren bronzed look, perfect for party nights. So whether you love a deeper tan or have sallow skin this is the palette for you.

 Bronzed Bombshell Custom Edition

Bronzed Bombshell Custom Edition

Let’s talk you through the palette;

1.3 Deep Bronze

Brand new to the sculpted range, this bronzer has been created in a matte finish and deeper colour. It’s the perfect addition to a good tan as it gives a warmer complexion rather than a brown finish.

Choose This if you are sallow skinned or love a deep fake tan look.

2.3 Golden Hue

Another new addition to the sculpted range, this cream base is ideal for those of you who have a colour or like to use fake tan. For use on the tips of the cheekbones, along the center of the nose and along the cupids bow.

Choose This if you love being tanned, it’s too strong for fair or porcelain skin, but the perfect finish to a deeper tanned look

3.3 Golden Glow

Taken from the original Sculpted by Aimee Palette this is perfect to pop onto the lid of the eyes, and along the same areas as your golden hue cream base. It gives a gorgeous glow to your highlight.

Choose This If you prefer a golden finish to your highlight and just love that golden tanned look. If you have paler skin this may look too strong against your natural colouring.

4.3 Pure Peach

This is a full matte peach blusher which gives a gorgeous powdered finish to the apples of the cheeks.

Choose This.. if you are someone who is scared of blusher or doesn't like the rosy finish it gives. This is the perfect option to give colour to the face without being pink and the matte finish means there is no sheen.

Bronzed Bombshell Custom Edition.PNG

There you have it, the Custom Edition, #ScuptedYourWay. Never run out of one pan again, customise your look and wear it your way!

You can check out all products here

And if you’d like to follow the tutorial showcasing the looks check it out below!

With Sculpted by Aimee's latest launch you can now recreate your own revolutionary refillable palette. Start with your empty palette and fill with whatever pans options you can. 1 xBronzer 1x Cream Base 1x Powder Highlight 1x Blusher In this video I show you what each pan is like on!

Thanks for reading!!

Aimee xx

Meet Our New Sculpted Lip Quads!

Meet Our New Sculpted Lip Quads!

SculptProd-1082 2.jpg

Once you line the perfect pout you’ll never look back! And having spent the past two years developing the holy grail of lip liners, all our hard work has been totally worth it as Sculpted by Aimee Connolly is ready to change the beauty game once more with a stunning collection of retro inspired Lip Quads.

Lip Quad Poster 3.jpg

Simply click to select your preferred colour, twist to release some product and pucker up to line those lovely lips! Available in two colour palettes, The Nude and The Pink Edition, each Lip Quad pen features four different lip liners all carefully chosen by me to suit a variety of skin tones, makeup preferences and lip shapes. And you can ditch that sharpener as these liners are ready to use on the go over and over again!


Here's some of my expert tips on creating a picture perfect pout using our new Lip Quads!

  • For a fuller pout, line just outside your natural lip line. We all have a faint white line that we can follow, anything outside of this looks too unnatural. Then apply your favourite lippie!
  • Make your lip liner the star of the show by filling in your lips with a hydating balm for some texture. A great day time look.
  • To keep your lips looking great throughout the day apply your favourite Lip Quad colour all over the lips. This full colour matte finish will carry you through from morning until night.
Screen Shot 2018-08-31 at 7.29.50 p.m..png

The Sculpted by Aimee Connolly Lip Quads are available to buy online priced at €29.99 at, and at The Loop Duty Free, Arnotts Department Stores and pharmacies nationwide in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Screen Shot 2018-08-31 at 7.30.07 p.m..png

How to clean your makeup brushes like a pro!

How to clean your makeup brushes like a pro!

It’s one of those tasks that everyone hates doing but trust me, it’s so important to wash your makeup brushes regularly! Not only does it maintain the quality of the brushes but it also stops bacteria spreading, resulting in unnecessary breakouts on your skin.

Do you wash your brushes every week? And if so are you really washing them correctly?! Just to make sure you are here’s some professional tips on giving your brushes the TLC they deserve.

 How Often Should you Clean your Makeup Brushes?

◦         Foundation and concealer brushes: Once a week

◦         Eye makeup brushes: Bi-weekly

◦         Other brushes that aren't daily users: Once a month

How to Give your Makeup Brushes an Intensive Clean

1.     To show your brushes some real TLC fill a large bowl with warm water and pour a small amount of mild baby shampoo or brush cleanser into it.

2.     Swirl the brush around the bowl and rub the brush onto the palm of your hand to help get the makeup out quicker. Hold the ferrule (the metal part) to ensure you don’t get that part wet. That’s where all the hairs are glued on to hold them in place so you don't want to loosen that.

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-19 at 21.44.28.jpeg

3.   Rinse your brushes, brush face down, under the running tap. Keep washing and rinsing until the water runs clear. That’s when you know your job is done!

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-19 at 21.49.02.jpeg

4. With a towel or cloth dry the brushes off reshaping them as you do before leaving them out overnight. Leave them to dry on a clean cloth or towel and just make sure that none are them are squished. 

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-19 at 21.44.22.jpeg

Top Tip!

Be careful not to carry loose brushes around. This is really bad for your brushes and they will break and get damaged. Keep them safe in our Sculpted black wallet instead!

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-19 at 21.47.49.jpeg

Clean On The Go

You can use a brush cleanser such as Ella and Jo Squeaky Brush Cleaner or MAC Brush Cleanser which will clean your brushes immediately. Or use an antibacterial spritz or spray for a quick clean in between uses. Anything with isopropyl alcohol or surgical spirits is generally strong enough to kill the bacteria and allow you to use them again straight away without having to wait for them to dry.

 Ella &amp;&nbsp;Jo is available online at Meaghers Pharmacy RRP €20

Ella & Jo is available online at Meaghers Pharmacy RRP €20

 Always apply directly to the brush and spray some onto a tissue, then rub the brush into the tissue to remove the product. If you're using isopropyl alcohol or surgical spirits make sure its diluted or not put directly on to your face or a client’s as it may cause a reaction.

Dealz also have 100% ispoprophyl cleansers for just €1.50!

I hope you’ve found this blog post helpful! How many of you are now going to go and wash your makeup brushes?

If you are considering adding some new makeup brushes to your collection then why not check out our Essentials Brush range here. The only kit you need to create fabulous makeup looks for day and night!


Festival Beauty Essentials

Festival Beauty Essentials

For me Festival Beauty has always been about two things – convenience and longevity. You want to bring the least amount of products in your bag but what you do bring with you has to work really hard at creating the desired effect, whether that’s first thing in the morning or dancing late into the night!

I’ve been there. Doing makeup on location (read: in a tiny tent in the middle of a field!) isn’t always the easiest of tasks. You don’t have the best lighting, a decent quality mirror or even the best toilet facilities when you finally want to take your makeup off.

So, to help ease the tricky task of looking deadly at all times while you go about your festival fun here are my top five must-have beauty products that I just can’t live without.

1)    My Sculpted Rose Gold Palette – not only for contouring but bronzer for eyes and highlighter for under brows and the tear duct to create that wide awake look when you might not have had much sleep, or any at all!


2)    Moxi Loves Eye Catchers - the essential makeup remover filled cotton bud that will be your saviour as you try to redraw your feline flick inside your tent on day two with a tiny mirror... trust me! This will also help to define your lip shape and clean up any general messes that may have happened along the way.


3)    Stila Magnificent Metals - it's not a festival without a little glitter! I love love love these which is definitely no surprise to any regular followers. They have an applicator inside which I wouldn't necessarily use directly on the eyes unless you wanted full glitter glam. Otherwise pop some onto your hands and dab onto your eyes, side of the face, collar bones…wherever you're feeling it really!


4)    A multi-tasking lipstick - any lipstick can double up as blusher once you're sure what colour blush it is that you want. I love MAC Brave lipstick as both. It's a deep pink but not too dark so only a few dabs of it and you're good to go on the lips and cheeks.

5)    The Cleanse Off Mitt should be your next festival essential and if I were you i would bring 2/3 with you so you can have a fresh one for each day you are there. With just a little water this will remove your makeup, you can use it with your cleanser to cleanse your face or with some soap and water to wash yourself. The handiest skin saviour ever!

And my final piece of advice? Have LOTS of fun!! Don't forget to tag me or DM any of your festival beauty looks, or if you've packed any of the products above.