How To - The Brow Edit!


Brows have become a central part of our makeup routines so today we’re going to be discussing all things Brows! There are so many brow products on the market at the moment it can be overwhelming trying to find the right one for you.

Today we’re going to be looking at the before and afters of each and discussing the pros and cons of each product, so you can see which one might suit you best!

Brow Shadow

This is also eye shadow, it is the lightest of all products used on brows. You all know by now how I love a product that doubles up and this one is great because it’s also an eyeshadow! The biggest thing to note when it comes to using shadow is that you want the colour to be a greyish undertone, bronze tones which we would usually use on our eyes are too warm for use on brows. Use your angle brush to apply this and it gives a nice finish - it’s the least scary brow product too :)! MAC Omega is a great one for fairer colourings or MAC Charcoal Brown is ideal for brunettes or if you prefer a darker brow!

Brow Powder.jpg

Brow Pencil

These give a lovely medium to full finish depending on how heavy handed you are. I’ve used the Benefit Precisely Brow which is perfect for filling in brows as it’s a really fine nibbed pencil, so it gives you real hair like strokes. Brush up through the brows the same direction your hair is growing and fill as much as you want - depending on how strong you want your brows to be! Use a spoolie to brush your brows out which makes them more natural looking. Another favourite is the NARS Brow Perfector which includes the spoolie and is a lovely fine nibbed pencil too.

Brow Pencil.JPG

Brow Wax & Powder

This is a duo that normally comes in a set. People normally use this like Step 1 for Wax and Step 2 for powder but I would mix the two at the base before you apply them as I think it gives a much more natural finish. The wax is used to basically keep the powder in place. You can get something like Benefit Browzings or a more affordable version is the Sleek Brow Kit which is only €10.50 and you can shop them in Boots and other pharmacies. It’s really really good for the price of it! This gives quite a full finish, similar to gel which I’ll share next, depending on how heavy handed you go!


Brow Wax & Powder.JPG

Brow Gel / Pomade

This is probably my favourite brow product because I think you can get a really full finish brow or you can go a little more natural. I’ve gone quite full in the image below but this was just to show you the difference in comparison but you can go much lighter if you want! These are really long lasting, they last all day so you don’t need to worry about that. I’ve used Benefit Ka-Brow in shade 3 for my colouring and I would use shade 4 on brunettes. You need your angle brush, and just make sure that it’s a nice thin angle brush like the Sculpted Angle Brush. Always start at the base of the brow i.e. where your first hair grows. Draw along the bottom of the eyebrow - that’s your natural shape, and then brush up in the same direction the hair grows. Other favourites of mine are the MAC Brow Gel which I also double up and use as eyeliners or the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade


Brow Gel Pomade.JPG

Brow Mascara Gel

This is the lightest of all products. It’s not actually a filler product, it’s more of a tinting and grooming 5 second fix for brows! You can use this on it’s own in the morning to give your brows a bit of a lift without going to too much hassle, or you can use it over one of the products mentioned above to tidy and shape the brow. In the before and after below I’ve used it on its own so you can see the effect. I used the Rimmel Brow This Way which is €6 or you can use the Benefit Gimme Brow, which is also one of my favourites because it has a small wand and that one is €26.

Brow Gel .JPG

I hope this edit helped in choosing your preferred brow product and showed how they differ up close! May your brow game be strong :)

Lots of love,

Aimee xx

Top Tips when applying lip liner!

Top Tips when applying lip liner!

Hello everyone,

Happy Valentine’s Week! We’re all about Loving Yourself this Valentine’s and there’s no better time to get your pout on, whether it’s for date night or girls night!

Taking inspiration from our own Lip Quads I wanted to share some top tips on applying lip liner as I sometimes find people are a little scared and think they will end up looking like the full on 90’s trend - all liner and no filling - definitely not the case and anyone that knows me will know how obsessed I am with liner!!

Here’s a few of my top tips to perfecting your pout;

Firstly the before picture where the lips have no liner, balm, gloss nothing!

Screenshot 2019-02-07 at 11.21.30.png
Screenshot 2019-02-07 at 11.21.40.png

1 For a fuller pout line just outside the natural lip line. We all have a faint white line and this is what we can follow - anything outside of this faint white line would look too unnatural but I’m all over being a bit generous to myself :)

This picture shows one half over drawn and one without lip liner. Im using shade Rose from the Pink Lip Quad!

Screenshot 2019-02-07 at 11.21.46.png

2. To help your colour stay in place longer continue by using a lighter lip liner to fill in the sides and centre of the lip. This also gives a cute ombre effect without looking harsh! I’ve used shade Blush from the Pink Quad to do this.

Screenshot 2019-02-07 at 11.21.54.png

3. Next up fill in your lips with a lighter lipstick or just some balm. Smaller amounts of product will give a bigger effect and also give your lips some texture! Pairing a darker lip liner with a lighter lipstick is probably the easiest trick of the trade when it comes to maximising your lips!

Screenshot 2019-02-07 at 11.22.00.png

4. To keep your lip colour lasting all day apply your favourite lip liner all over the lips. This acts as a primer and the lip stained effect will last you through morning till night! It’s a great way to create a real statement lip that won’t budge!

5. Lastly, don’t forget to pop your pout by tapping a little Sculpted Cream or Powder Highlighter onto the cupids bow and/ or applying some gloss for a more iridescent sheen and away you go :)

Just to note;

Prep your lips by exfoliating with some sugar and a damp facecloth and follow this with some balm to really nourish the lips.

When applying lip liner do so in light feather like strokes, as your lip falls naturally. This will create a soft and natural lip shape rather than being a harsh line.

Always make sure your lip liner is sharp - or try our Sculpted Lip Quads which you will never need to worry about sharpening! Just Click, Twist and Pout!!


Lot’s of love,

Aimee xx

Date Night Faves!

Date Night Faves!

With the arrival of Valentine’s day fast we’ve put together some of our date night faves - so if you’re going for dinner, brunch or out out with the girls we’ve got you covered!!

Satin Champagne Shirt

This one is from boohoo and just looks oh so silky!! You can find this one here

Screenshot 2019-02-08 at 13.22.53.png

Heart Print Shirt

Wear your heart on your sleeve with this one from Coco Boutique. You can shop this one here

Screenshot 2019-02-08 at 13.34.42.png

Black Satin Dress

Make an impact in this black satin number from Nasty Gal - perfect for date night or gals night!! This would also be lovely with a belt too. You can find this one here


Screenshot 2019-02-08 at 14.03.32.png

Floral Skater Dress

Love the neckline and detail of this - Perfect for day dates or brunch! This one is from Asos and you can find it here!

Screenshot 2019-02-08 at 14.28.43.png

Wide Leg Trousers

Loving these navy wide leg trousers from ASOS. If you want to go for something different this Valentine’s wide leg trousers are the new dressy! You can find these here and we’re loving the cami combo too!


White Midi Skirt

If you’re dressing to impress we are loving this number from Asos! Mix and match galore with a simple white pencil skirt and barely-there sandals. You can find this here

Screenshot 2019-02-08 at 17.12.20.png

Pink Front Slip Dress

Stand out from the crowd in this pink, cold shoulder and front slip dress by the brand Vesper. You can find this one here

Screenshot 2019-02-10 at 12.36.39.png

Red Leather Mini

Isn’t red the official colour of Valentine’s?! You can find this one here

Screenshot 2019-02-10 at 12.39.46.png

Gold Pencil Skirt

Who says shimmer is only for Christmas?!! You can shop this Vero Moda metallic finish skirt here ...Plus it’s rose gold too which as you all know we love!

Screenshot 2019-02-10 at 12.41.18.png

Red Statement Tee

This one is definitely a bit more expensive - but this Moschino T-Shirt rocks!! You can find this one here

Screenshot 2019-02-10 at 12.47.11.png

And no matter what your plans are this Valentines - Love Yourself!! <3

Lot’s of love,

Aimee xx

Get The Look - The fashion factory edit

Get The Look - The fashion factory edit


Today I’m going to be sharing #GetTheLook on the gorgeous Jess from the Fashion Factory last weekend. It’s always a great weekend, so I’m going to share some of the tips and the products used from both looks!

Here’s the lovely Jess before makeup... beautiful anyway!! (And yes that’s all her pain hair!)

Jess natural.JPG


I used the Hello Fab Coconut Skin Smoothie Primer on Jess. I love this primer it is like a two in one - moisturiser and primer - that brightens and smoothes pores and blurs imperfections! It’s super hydrating and leaves the skin glowing! You can find this one here

I followed this with the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation, which is a really lightweight foundation that you can build coverage with - if you’ve been following the blog you’ll have seen this before! It’s almost like a second skin foundation and allows the skin to look like itself - just better, leaving the skin glowing. You can find this one here

To add a little coverage I used a full coverage concealer - a nice one would be the MAC studio finish concealer. Using just a tiny amount to cover any problem areas, it’s lovely and lightweight and finishes off the base perfectly. You can find this one here and to set the face I used the Bourjois Java Rice particularly along the T-Zone area.



Onto contouring next - don’t worry you don’t need loads of product to achieve definition. On Jess I’ve started out using Light Bronze from the Custom Edition Palette and just work the bronze into the hollow of the cheekbone, lightly around the hairline and along the sides of the nose.

I then applied Golden Hue Cream highlighter popping it along the tips of the cheekbones, down the centre of the nose and cupids bow. The thing to note about cream highlighter is to pop it on first before your powder highlighter, just by tapping it onto the skin using your finger. And I followed this exact pattern with the Golden Glow Powder highlighter! These golds are fab together!

To finish contouring the face I used Sunset Sheen Blush on the apples of Jess’ cheeks and just angled it slightly towards the bronze contour using an angled brush (The Setter from The Essentials Brush Set) Sunset Sheen is a great choice if you like a bit of glow in your blush.

Jess 4.JPG


I actually got loads of messages about what eyeshadow I used on Pippa on day two of the Fashion Factory so I have to say - All I used was the Golden Glow Power Highlighter from The Custom Edition! Any powder highlighters can be used as shadow and are usually fab on.

But back to Jess!! I used MAC Soft Ochre Paint Pot as the eyeshadow primer and Medium Bronze from The Custom Edition to blend it out. I then blended all over with the Charlotte Tilbury Amber Haze creamy pencil, and that’s what created the smokey eye look on Jess. And to finish the look I topped a tiny amount of Stila Yellow Tales glitter on top and blended this out. To give the brows some definition I used Benefit Kabrow in Shade 4, which is a cream-gel to fill and define the brow.


I’m going to share the two looks that I did with Jess on the lips from the Fashion Factory! So if you’re more inclined to wear a nude I’ve used the Buff Lip Liner from the Nude Edition Lip Quad popped on the outline of the lips and then applied  Charlotte Tilbury Penelope Pink on top.

And on day 2 I went for more of a pinky lip using Rose from the Pink Edition topped with Inglot Lip Pot No. 53.


I hope you loved the looks and thanks so much for reading!

Lots of love,

Aimee xx

10 cosy knits to get us through the cold spell!

Hi everyone,

It’s really getting cold out there so we’ve put together some affordable cosy knits to get us through this cold spell.  To be honest a cosy knit in Ireland really lasts you about 10 months of the year so it’s an investment really!

Here’s our faves;

Roll Neck Oversized Jumper

This oversized rust number is 31% off so  it’s only €28 now! Love the look of this tucked into high waisted jeans. You can find this one here

Screenshot 2019-01-29 at 13.35.55.png

Green Roll Neck Jumper

We just love the colour of this one. It’s slouchy fitting is perfect for chilly days! It’s just under €50 at €49.76 and you can find this one here


Screenshot 2019-01-29 at 13.47.50.png

Pink Ribbed Relaxed Knit

This crew neck, soft yarn knit was made for colder days in the cutest way! This one is a complete steal at £15! You can find this one here


Screenshot 2019-01-29 at 13.50.09.png

Chunky Knit Cardigan

Layer this chunky volume sleeved cardigan over a plain t-shirt or day time dress. This one looks soo cosy. It’s €48.39 and you can find this one here

Screenshot 2019-01-29 at 14.03.01.png

Cream Bobble Knit Cardigan

How cute is this one Bobble knit? It’s down from €55 to €35 and you can find this one here


Screenshot 2019-01-29 at 14.07.00.png

Chunky Black Jumper

It’s a wardrobe requirement to have a good black jumper right?! This one is €34.56 and you can find it here

Screenshot 2019-01-29 at 14.12.58.png

White Leopard Print Jumper

We all need a little animal print in our lives - this one does just tha! It was €50 and is now €25. You can shop this one here

Screenshot 2019-01-29 at 14.16.33.png

Oversized Boyfriend Cardigan

Sometimes you just need something oversized and long length to keep you warm! Love this grey number and it now has 32% off so just €23. You can find this one here


Screenshot 2019-01-29 at 14.26.05.png

Black Jumper Dress

Sometimes you just need a good cosy jumper dress to get you through the day! Pair with trainers or boots for a comfy yet dressy look. I am also loving these with a belt around them too. This one is 40% off so is now just £13.20! Bargain! You can find this one here 


Screenshot 2019-01-29 at 15.12.31.png

Stripe Twist Back Jumper

Love the back detail on this one and it’s just €18 at the moment! You can find this one here


Screenshot 2019-01-29 at 15.32.40.png

We hope these give you all the warm feels <3

Lots of love,

Aimee xx

Top Tips for Skin You Can Wear to the Gym!

Top Tips for Skin You Can Wear to the Gym!

Hello everyone,

I know a lot of us are terrified of not having anything on our faces when it comes to being active, but also have that horrible fear of clogging pores and doing damage while exercising, so I’ve put together this blog on what products I would use to give a glow and some coverage if you want to!

  1. Base

The Coconut Skin Smoothie Primer is great to use as a base on the skin and gives a really lovely glow too. It wouldn’t actually give you any coverage but it brightens and blurs imperfections and it’s light-reflecting so it will add a luminosity to the skin! You can find this one here. And if you didn't want to add any foundation but felt you needed a little coverage you could stick to a base like this, but add some concealer to the areas you wanted. For me I’d do this around the chin and the sides of the nose. The NARS complete concealer is great for this and means you’re covering what you want and not going OTT!! You can find the NARS complete concealer here

2. Foundation

For an actual light foundation base it is best to wear mineral. Mineral makeup is the healthiest on our skin so if you’re going to be working up a sweat it’s definitely the best option so you’re not blocking pores or causing breakouts. I really like the Bellapierre powder foundation or the Jane Iridale Glow Time. This foundation is surprising as it says it is a BB cream, but the coverage is actually quite full. Personally, it could be a little too full for me when I’m active but it really is the healthy option! You can find this one here

Another recent-ish launch I tried was the Isadora Active Wear 24 hr Makeup. This was lovely and light and claims to be swear proof so it’s perfect for the gym. Not sure about the longevity part on this one but it was really lovely on the skin. You can find this one here

3) Blush

I think adding a bit of colour is always nice especially if you’re going for that healthy glow. The Stila Convertible colour is a gorgeous cream base that can be used on the cheeks or the lips. I love a cream blush because it creates this lived in look that adds a bit of texture. Use your finger or brush to apply.  You can find this one here

If cream blush terrifies you then using one of our shimmer blushes will help to give that cream finish to the skin without the hassle of using your fingers and worrying if it’s blended enough! Sunset sheen is perfect for this and you can find this one here

4. Brows

Onto a feature next that I think most of us would probably prioritise before leaving the house! If you’re after a quick and easy yet natural looking fix the Benefit Gimme Brow is the way to go. It grooms your brows into shape and gives them a quick colour fix whilst taking 5 seconds to do. You can find this here and it’s a great one to have in your gym bag to help give your brow definition.

5. Lips

I have often said in the past that I would pick a lip liner over a lipstick any day especially on days where I’m going for the very natural no makeup, makeup look. I use Blush from my Pink Lip Quad a lot when going to the gym or to do something active. It’s a soft pink that will define yet look totally natural so no one will even know you’ve had the help and you can find this here. Pop a little balm over to keep your lips moisturised!

So there you have it, a few little tips for when you’re heading to the gym or just getting out being active, that won’t harm your skin and gives a little coverage!

Lots of love,

Aimee xx

Top Tips when booking your wedding MUA

Top Tips when booking your wedding MUA

I have been doing wedding makeup for years and it is definitely one of the nicest jobs to have. You’re involved in such an exciting girly morning and you get to make someone feel (hopefully) the best they’ve ever looked! 

That said, weddings have gotten increasingly bigger in size, budget & expectations and often hair and makeup can be totally sought after. So I decided that I would put some tips that I’ve learnt along the way from hearing and dealing with others about what to do when picking your wedding artist.  


Enquire about your date ASAP!

Firstly if you are a makeup lover you will probably be very aware of how quickly suppliers book up I’ve had brides in the past ask me to confirm a date before the location can! Regardless of who it is if you have your heart set on them I would make sure that when you have the date to email straight away. If you're not on the makeup scene as such you may be shocked and surprised by how fast people are snapped up! 


Research Your/Their Style
Do some research beforehand by looking at their social platforms or website to see if they are your style or even better chat to those who may have used those artists in the past because there is no write up in the world that is better than speaking to someone firsthand. Instagram is a great platform for imagery so you’ll really get a feel of the makeup artist’s style. Even doing a simple #weddingmakeup search will bring up loads of imagery and styles so you can get a feel for what you’re looking for!



Speaking of style, make sure your artist is your style. Yes it is true that artists can dip their hand at any look but you may want guidance from your artist on what type of look to go for thats within your comfort zone. If so choosing someone that is similar to what you wear or would like to wear will make this a lot easier for you.


Have a Trial

Make sure you have a trial! Most trials are 3-6months before the wedding - don't panic if you have it before or after this once it suits you and your artist’s schedule. But unless you have known them for years - and even at that - I would still have a trial. Even if you feel you trust your artist a 100% its more the products you might want to trial - how well the foundation lasted, did you need more powder, were the lashes too heavy as the day went on etc etc.


Screenshot 2019-02-01 at 15.29.53.png

Bring a picture to your trial if you think it will help you to communicate what you want and don't want however, be open to the fact that it will look different on you as it depends on your face shape and lots of other factors. Google, Pinterest & Instagram are your friend here along with anything you find in magazines etc.


Make Sure You Like Your Artist!

Choose someone you actually like. You are going to spend a third of your wedding with this person so make sure that they make you feel relaxed and that you enjoy their company. You may get emotional or nervous so you need a good calming team around you.


I hope this helps and you can expect lots more blogs on bridal so let us know what else you want some tips on! 


Lots of love,

Aimee xx


Get the Look - Masterclass Edit

Get the Look - Masterclass Edit


Happy first day of February! Thank God January is finally over! We said goodbye to January blues with our first masterclass of the year in Dublin last night. Don’t worry we have two more coming up, we’ll be in Limerick on February 7th and Cork on March 3rd! If you’d like more info on these events you can check them out here

A big thanks to everyone who came out to join us last night, we know the weather was horrible but we hope we made up for it with some lovely goodies and makeup tips and tricks!

So I wanted to give a quick run through on the gorgeous Ciara and her look last night. This is the more natural look of the two that I created so we hope you like it!

The lovely Ciara before makeup

The lovely Ciara before makeup


For Ciara’s base I used the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua in shade 40 beige. This is actually a lovely shade to wear with tan. I love how lightweight this foundation is, the texture is so smooth and it doesn't feel heavy on the skin. It’s almost like a second skin resulting in a lovely natural and glowing finish. To build up coverage I used the NARS Complete Concealer in shade custard. This is a lovely soft matte concealer which is high in coverage but also oil free so it really blurs and camouflages imperfections, again without looking too heavy and just giving a lovely flawless finish.


I used the Sculpted Custom Edition Palette for my contour and blush. For Ciara’s more natural look I used Medium Bronze and the Sculpted Double Ended brush to work the colour into where the cheekbone meets the ear and brought it outwards along the bone. The beauty of this is that if you want the look to be more contoured you can just go back in and build up the bronze lightly using your brush. I also lightly applied a dusting of bronze along the hairline and down the sides of the nose.

For Ciara’s highlight I used Cream Champagne and popped this along the tips of the cheekbones and around the temple in a V shape, using my ring finger to blend lightly so as not to move the foundation beneath! Add a pop of this down the centre of the nose and along the cupids go and you will be glowing! This is perfect for a natural look because it nearly mimics the skin tone.

You all know I’m a big advocate of blusher! Funnily enough last night I got some questions from a couple of fabulous older ladies who were wondering if they should be wearing blusher ‘for their age’ - Yes you should! Everyone should be wearing blusher and there is a colour out there to suit everyone! Blusher really is that finishing touch and brings colour and youthfulness back to the complexion. I used Pure Peach from the Custom Edition Palette on Ciara and the Setter Brush from the Sculpted range. I like using an angled brush as I like to bring the blush back slightly to blend into the contour.

The gorgeous Ciara after!

The gorgeous Ciara after!


I’m a big fan of doubling up products and the great thing about the Custom Edition is that you can use the products for different makeup looks. I’ve used the medium bronze all over the lid using the Buffer from the Essentials Brush Set. Following this I’ve used Charlotte Tilbury Stars in their Eyes Palette to add definition. I popped the light gold from the Power Eyes trio onto the lid.

I’ve popped a little Golden Glow Powder Highlight onto the tear duct to brighten the eyes and finished with Benefit They’re Real Mascara! Ciara already has lovely full brows so I used Benefit Gimme Brow in Shade 4.


You’ll see Ciara has some nice lash line definition and that was very easily created using The Max Factor Brown kohl pencil! Super easy & affordable.  


On Ciara’s lips I wanted to create a really nude lip especially because the look was all about golds and peaches. I used Bare from the Nude Edition Lip Quad and lightly filled in the lip so that the colour was more prominent. I popped Charlotte Tilbury Penelope Pink on top which overall just gave the look a lovely bronzed nude tone, while still enhancing all of Ciara’s different features.

Ciara Before & After.JPG

I loved doing Ciara’s makeup and really loved the look, which was so easily achieved.

Hope you found this helpful,

Lot’s of love,

Aimee xx

10 Midi Skirts Under €50!

10 Midi Skirts Under €50!

It’s safe to say that the midi skirt is going nowhere! I as any of us on Instagram will know just love this style and they can be worn in so many ways!

Team with a knitted jumper tucked in with tights and boots for comfy colder days and pop on some barely- there sandals and a cami when you want to dress up the look. Dressed up or dressed down the midi skirt is a wardrobe essential and they are very flattering on the legs too.


Here’s our top 10!

Black button detail double slit skirt

This classic take on the trend comes in black, kaki, tan and berry and it’s only £15! You can shop this one here


10 midi skirts under €50

Satin Leopard Print Wrap Skirt

We love the hemline on this one - it feels relaxed and the varying lengths are v flattering! And the best part is there’s 33% off - you can find this one here


Screenshot 2019-01-28 at 12.47.24.png

Polka Dots

Channel your inner Julia Roberts from Pretty Woman in this gorgeous button down, high waisted midi ‘Spot on Spot’! You can find this one here and it’s currently only £12!

Screenshot 2019-01-28 at 12.48.51.png

Snake Print Midi Skirt

This pleated snake print design is slightly longer and only €31.78! Love the classic cut on this one. You can find this one here

Screenshot 2019-01-28 at 12.56.17.png

Tiger Print Midi Skirt

If you’re feeling really bold check out this orange tiger print midi here and it’s only €27.64! Love this!!

Screenshot 2019-01-28 at 13.05.04.png

Leopard Print Belted Midi

Another classic win but a print that won’t go out of gasnikn any time soon! This one is now only £18 and you can find it here

Screenshot 2019-01-28 at 13.16.36.png

Y.A.S Blue Leaf Midi Skirt

Shades of blue are everywhere for Spring Summer and we are loving this Midi paired with a powder blue jumper! You can find this one here

Screenshot 2019-01-28 at 13.26.41.png

Teal Satin Leopard Print Midi Skirt

Loving the colour of this one! And it’s only €18 right now! You can find this one here

Chain Scarf Print Midi

How fun is this skirt - Going wild for this print and definitely keep the top half simple or pair with a shirt of the same print for an all in one look - Loving the ankle boots with this too! You can find this one here

Red Button Through Midi Skirt

Finishing off with this red number which is lovely to give your wardrobe a colour lift! It’s €48.39 and you can find this one here

Screenshot 2019-01-28 at 13.48.06.png

Do you prefer the dressed up or dressed down look?!

Hope you liked the edit!

Lots of love,

Aimee xx

Payday Treats!

Yay! It’s payday...finally! After what may have seemed like the longest 5 weeks of your life you can finally check out with all you’ve added to bag that you just couldn’t justify before now! And it’s a reminder that January is almost over - I actually think the month flew !!

We’ve put together some of our absolute faves that we’ve been eyeing up over the last couple of weeks;

Leopard Collar Dress

Love love love this one from Boohoo & it looks so much more expensive that what it is! You can shop this one here


Oversized Cord Shirt

This colour and cord?! Winning combo! You can find this one here

Boohoo shirt.jpg

Snake Print Wrap Midi Skirt 

This is one of those items that can be dressed up or down - heels or trainers, cami or jumper - it’s a wardrobe essential! You can find this one here

Screenshot 2019-01-24 at 17.11.54.png

Cream Knit Asymmetric Jumper

Added cuteness to this cream jumper with the off the shoulder detail from River Island. You can find this one here

RI Cream Jumper.jpg

Polka Dot Wrap Dress

How cute would this be with tights and a leather jacket now and bare legs in summer? It’s an investment if you ask us!! You can find this one here


Screenshot 2019-01-25 at 12.54.27.png

Satin Leopard Shirt Dress

Perfect for date night or brunch with the girls!! This one is so affordable and you can find it here

Boohoo shirt dress.jpg

Pink Ribbed Knit

Looking for something to brighten up your workwear?! This pink frilled knit is an online exclusive so grab it while you can! You can find this one here

RI Pink Top.jpg

Grey Eleni Knitted Sock Boots

Love these boots - the style and the colour! Sock boots are here to stay and you can shop these ones here


Screenshot 2019-01-25 at 13.04.26.png

High Neck Pink Shirt

The colour of this long sleeved top is just divine!! Tuck it into jeans and pop on some heels for the ultimate glam look. You can find this one here


Screenshot 2019-01-25 at 13.12.15.png

Sequin and Velvet Cami Wrap Dress

And seinh as it’s payday maybe a little ‘Out Out’ dress is a necessary fulfilment! We’re not quite ready to let go of sequins yet and just love the mix of fabrics in this midi dress. You can find this one here


Screenshot 2019-01-25 at 13.26.28.png

Those are just some of our favourites we wanted to share with you! Hope you like them - and well done on making it (almost) through January :)

Lots of love,

Aimee xx

Top Tips on Picking your Blush!

Top Tips on Picking your Blush!

Hello again,

In this blog post I’m going to be going through the different coloured blushers available in my Sculpted line and how you can decide what type of blush is for you. There is genuinely a blusher out there to suit every complexion. From creating this line I found there were so many people who were either terrified of colour and thought that it wouldn't suit them, or just didn’t know what colour would suit them so I’m going to give the run down on our three main line blushers and Pink Swoon from our  Limited Edition Pre-Filled Palette. * If you’re unsure on how best to apply your blush make sure to check out my other blog here *

  1. Pink Swoon 2. Pure Peach 3. Pinky Hues 4. Sunset Sheen

Pink Swoon

This is our newest blusher that is not available in our main line. You can only get this if you own our Limited Edition Pre-filled Palette. This is a pink based sheen blusher and it has a lovely highlight in it, so if you like that dewy look or if you like almost a cream blush texture this is ideal. I’ve applied this onto my apples, after my highlight so it all feeds through together. This is lovely if you like a shine and a pinky undertone to your blusher. Perfect for all eye colours particularily green eyes as it’s in the colour family of red so will really make your eyes shine!

Pink Swoon blush .jpg

Pure Peach

This is your matte blush that I deliberately put into the collection to suit those who don’t love a blusher look. There are lots of us that say ‘oh no I’ve enough redness underneath as it is’ or ‘I’m red enough naturally as the day goes on I don’t need blusher’. But you do still need blusher!!

What I would suggest is - to fix your redness using a colour corrector or a concealer while you’re doing your foundation, and then add in your ‘fake’ colour later on, i.e your blush because that’s where you’re going to give yourself a lift and a bit of youth & radiance.

Pure Peach is a matte peachy shade. So what matte means is that there’s no shine, no sheen, it’s just 100% of that dry texture. This is lovely if you feel like highlight is enough and you don’t need anymore sheen through your blusher.  And it’s also nice as it’s a peachy undertone so it will continue that bronzed look if you don’t want that very rosy finish on your cheeks!  Brilliant for all eye colours but particularly brown & blue and it can also double up as a gorgeous eyeshadow!


Pure Peach blush .jpg

Pinky Hues

This is your classic soft pink blush. It looks a lot stronger in the pan than what it does on the face. It’s slightly speckled so it’s not necessarily a sheen but it does add a little extra dimension to it. This is perfect if you like that classic soft pink bridal look. Pinky Hues is actually a very popular bridal shade! Goes with all eye colours but particularly green!

Pinky Hues Blush .jpg

Sunset Sheen

This is the exact same texture as Pink Swoon but it’s a peachier based blush. It does have a little pink running through it but it’s predominantly peach. It has that lovely glow so if you like that ultra highlight look pop it on after, it will continue that sheen into the apple’s of the cheeks and give you even more lift and radiance. Sunset Sheen is brilliant for all eye colours but particularly blue and brown.

Sunset Sheen Blush.jpg

So I hope that was helpful to see them individually and get a feel of what one might suit you best? Here’s another look at them side by side so you can see the different finishes too;


4 blushers .jpg

Don’t forget for some top tips on the placement of blusher check out our blog here!

Let me know if you have any other questions - happy to help!

Lots of love,

Aimee xx

Our Do’s &amp; Dont’s on How to Master Your Blush!

Our Do’s & Dont’s on How to Master Your Blush!


Today is all about blusher. In any Masterclass or demo do I always hear people say that they like blusher but that they’re scared to wear it because they’re never sure where to apply it!

So for this blog I wanted to give a quick rundown on blushers - my tips on how to apply correctly & some things to avoid because we all know I am OBSESSED with blush!

In creating my line of blushers for Sculped I wanted to be sure that I had a texture and shade range that was suitable to lots of ladies - this we will come back to though!

So where do people go wrong!?

The placement. Where you put your blusher is so important. Blusher can lift your complexion and is definitely a must have makeup bag essential...even if you prefer a much more bronzed look, blusher is still something you should wear.

Wearing just foundation and bronzer can make your complexion look quite heavy and dull, so adding blush really gives your complexion that bit of colour that gives your skin a youthful, vibrant look.

And if you don’t want a really rosy blusher there are so many options out there. If you’d like to find out more about the correct blush for different skin tones check out our blog on the different shades and what they can do for you here.

4 blushers .jpg

Here’s some of tips on the correct placement of blush to really lift the complexion;

You have to remember that you want your blusher to lift your face, like everything to do with contouring and highlighting, so you need to mindful of this and remember blusher is key to lifting and giving a gorgeous youthful complexion.

One of the most common pitfalls is that people will use an angled brush, which I think is lovely by the way, (I’m using the Setter from the Essentials Brush Set to apply in these images below), they place it down too low on the cheek. When that happens you’re actually bringing all the focus downwards so you’re actually dragging the face down doing this as below pic.


You want your blush to go into the apples of your cheeks, this is where you are at your most plump and where you want your colour to go but when you’re there wing it back towards the contour that you might already have on. This will naturally elongate your face, it will draw it upwards, and make you look lighter.


If you’re someone who feels you carry a lot of weight in your apples and you don’t want to bring your blusher into this or so close to the nose you can bring it back slightly on the cheekbones just make sure that when you’re looking straight ahead in a mirror or in a pic that you can definitely see your blusher!


Pro Tip - Don’t use the same brush for blusher as your do for bronzer, you’ll just end up with that mucky mixed up colour. The ideal scenario is to use two separate brushes, or if you want to use the same brush give it a quick clean in between bronzer and blush.

Also when you’re looking in the mirror and you’re doing that lovely, half psycho smile to yourself (you know the look I’m talking about - we’ve all been there!!) and you’re working that circular motion into your apples almost mirroring aunt Sally - yes you want to blend it in, but you also want to wing it back slightly - try not to focus too low, or in too much of a circular motion - bring it back along the cheekbone ever so slightly which is what I mentioned above.

You can see how I’ve brought it back towards my contouring in the image below with Pinky Hues from The Custom Edition.

Pinky Hues Blush .jpg

There is a blusher out there for every preference. Some people really don’t like that rosy look, whereas others absolutely love it. More people prefer matte, and others like a sheen but there are genuinely options for everybody.

Sculpted now have four blushers in the Custom Edition line; Pinky Hues, Sunset Sheen, Pure Peach and the exclusive Pink Swoon from our pre-filled limited edition palette.

And here’s a reminder of our other blog on different shades and what they can do for you here

Thanks for reading and I hope this was helpful and will give you the bravery to wear blusher! I know I couldn’t be without it!!

Lots of love,

Aimee xx

Get the Look - Emma

Get the Look - Emma

Hello everyone,

Today I’m going to be going through a #GetTheLook, the bridal edit, on the gorgeous Emma!

I created a classic soft smokey look - with the help of Emma’s gorgeous face!! We went with a deeper lip as this is what Emma was used to wearing and this is something I would recommend to all brides - be sure that you stick somewhat to what you’re comfortable with and used to wearing so you feel like the same person on your wedding day!

FYI: This look doesn't just have to be bridal based - if you’re a fan of a classic makeup look this is for you.


I’ve used the Hello Fab Coconut Skin Smoothie Priming Moisturiser. This is a really lovely moisturiser that has a nice golden glow to it, it blurs the appearance of pores and imperfections and helps your makeup last longer. You can find this one here

Following this I used Benefit Professional Primer. This is a great primer if your skin is a little bit oily. Pop a tiny bit of this onto t-zone to help mattify and prevent shine. This one compliments most skin types and is really easy to apply, a little goes a long way!

For Emma’s foundation I’ve used the NARS Sheer Glow, which I’m a big fan of! It gives amazing coverage but you can still see your skin. I think this is really important especially in regards to bridal looks as you don’t want to feel anything heavy on the skin!


I’ve used the Sculpted Custom Edition Palette for Emma’s bronze, highlight and blush. I really wanted to create a glowing look so used golden and peachy shades from the Custom Edition which were perfect against Emma’s skin tone.

Using Medium Bronze and the Sculpted Double Ended Brush I worked this into the cheekbone starting where the cheekbone meets the ear and blending outwards, and also along the hairline and down the sides of the nose.

And for that gorgeous glow I’ve used Golden Hue Cream Highlight along the tips of the cheekbones, down the centre of the nose and the cupids bow, followed by Golden Glow Powder Highlight in the same areas, using the opposite side of the Double Ended Brush.

To finish the look I used Sunset Sheen blush - this is one of the three new Sculpted Blushers which is peach / pink in tone but has a lovely glow incorporated into it, bringing the glowing theme right through the makeup look giving an overall dewy finish.

Screenshot 2019-01-22 at 13.51.29.png

To finish off the face I’ve used MAC Blot Powder. I love this one for anyone who has some oily areas as it’s stronger than translucent keeping it all in place!


I’ve used the MAC Painterly Pot as a base. This has a really creamy texture and won’t budge for the day! Next up I’ve used the MAC Saddle all over the lid and lightly underneath the eye and worked MAC Brown Down lightly into the edges to give some depth and more of a smokey finish.

For liner I used the trusty Inglot 77 along the lash line using The Angle brush - as always! Charlotte Tilbury Eye Cheat went on the waterline which really opens up the eyes too. I finished the eyes with lashes the full way across!



For the lips I used the Bare lip liner from the Nude Lip Quad all over the lips. If you’re nervous of lip liner - don’t be!! It’s almost like a primer for the lips keeping your colour in place and helping the staying power of it. I popped Emma’s own Bobbi Brown Cocao lipstick on top. This was beautiful on her and some might consider it even slightly daring for bridal.... love it!

Just look at how beautiful she looks :)

Her hair was by the gorgeous Aisling Hammill - we all had a great morning together with Emma’s beautiful family!

Screenshot 2019-01-22 at 13.51.14.png

Thanks so much for reading, I hope you loved this look!

Lots of love,

Aimee xx

Top 3 concealers that won't break the bank!

Top 3 concealers that won't break the bank!

Hi everyone, happy Tuesday!

Today I’m going to be going through my top 3 concealers that you can get for under €12. I’ve been using these 3 concealers for years, both on myself and on others! The colours of these concealers are quite yellow based which is good to lift the eye and brighten the under eye up, banishing any dark circles etc.

1 Catrice Liquid Camouflage

Starting with Catrice liquid camouflage - this is one of their newer shades 015 honey. I tend to only use 015 or 020 because I find the 05 and the 010 quite white, so unless you’re very fair and that suits your foundation I think the 015 or the 020 are a little bit more complementary for the skin tone. This is a fantastic concealer for the price.  I tend to use it most days, just pop a little underneath the eyes and and blend in with your ring finger. You can use a brush if you want but I prefer to use my hand! Just to note the catrice concealer can be quite drying so if you’re very dehydrated you need to blend this in quickly. You’ll notice that if you pop this concealer on the back of your hand and come back to it an hour later it could be like cement so blending is really important!! You can see before and after concealer images below and Catrice is available in Penney’s and most pharmacies around the country!

2. Maybelline Anti Age Eraser

I use shade 07 sand. The most confusing thing with this range is that the colours don’t follow a pattern so you’ve to be careful when selecting what one is for you. This is quite a good, light yellow based colour and it has a nice sponge applicator and feels really creamy. The one thing about this concealer is that it can be a little dry sometimes as it is powder based! Pop a little bit underneath your eyes and blend with your ring finger or your brush - whichever you prefer. You can find this here

3. Bourjois Radiance Reveal

I wear the Bourjois Radiance Reveal in shade 2. This has the smallest colour range of all three but they’re really good colours for what they are. They have three basic shades and shade 2 is probably the most popular as it’s a little bit warmer and silkier so it’s not as heavy as the other two. It’s particularly good if you’re worried about fine lines around the eyes or if you just want a quick and affordable pick me up for underneath the eyes. Again, it has a light yellow undertone so will lift the area underneath the eye and banish any dark circles. I love the texture of the concealer but all three are amazing products for under €12! You can find this one here


General top tips when it comes to applying undereye concealer;

  1. Use a liquid underneath the eyes instead of cream as it has a better consistency and is more fluid to work with

  2. Always go a shade and a half or two brighter than your foundation so it makes your face look lifted

  3. Use a colour corrector with it if you need to to lift the eye!

And there you have it, three of the best concealers that won’t break the bank!

Lots of love,

Aimee xx

Banish January Blues with these lovely and inexpensive treats for the soul!

Banish January Blues with these lovely and inexpensive treats for the soul!

Hello Lovelies,

Does anybody else feel like this month is just dragging on? It’s still pitch dark when we are waking up and the same when we are going home, the New Year buzz is well and truly over and we’ve just realised - maybe we actually like watching Netflix in our PJs - Guilt Free!! So we’ve put together some lovely ‘me time’ treats for the soul to get us through January and make us all feel a little better until payday!

Watch Courtney Smith’s new mini series ‘Behind the Seams’ showcasing the best of Irish Fashion around the world. I watched the first episode of this over the weekend and it was just amazing to see such talent and grace from our designers dotted around the globe. Courtney visits London and New York interviewing the likes of Orlagh and Henrietta from RIXO and Don O’Neill of Theia who recently dressed Meaghan Markle - OMG!! Courtney’s interviewing style is on point too so if you’ve any questions about how to get involved in the fashion industry you will learn loads here! You can check this out here

Screenshot 2019-01-21 at 14.02.09.png

Listen to Caroline Foran’s new ‘Owning It’ Podcast launched last week too and is available on Spotify. Caroline’s honest and ‘bullshit free’ approach to living with anxiety is one of the most informal and down to earth approaches of talking about this topic that we just have to commend her! I think we all go through phases in our lives of feeling like this and we just love Caroline’s way of speaking about it. The first episode goes through Caroline’s own story and we can’t wait for the next episode where Caroline begins to go through how you can 'Own It’!!

Screenshot 2019-01-21 at 14.18.29.png

Walk around Dublin (that is if you’re based here and if not store this for when you are!) - Grab a tea or coffee, a couple of friends, and take a stroll around any of Dublin’s lovely parks - we have Stephen’s Green to Merrion Square and if you’re really feeling like a long stroll in Phoenix Park. Or head out to Dun Laoghaire or Sandymount if you prefer to walk by the sea. The Sandymount has a lovely long option which is perfect for a really long catch & you won’t be breaking the bank but still spending quality time with your besties.

Watch Sex Education on Netflix! Ok in fairness Netflix has released some top binge worthy shows recently, I think the majority of us watched YOU in one or two sittings, the documentary on Fyre Festival was just astounding and well worth the watch - but if you want something a bit more lighthearted Sex Education is just great! Not alone is it really funny but it’s completely heart warming too, we won’t give anything away but it really does make you think - we loved it! We might actually do a top watched list of Netflix if that’s something you’d like? Let us know!

Screenshot 2019-01-21 at 14.08.54.png

Add to cart - This is kind of going against the point of this blog but let me explain - You don’t need to actually make a purchase but I love looking at new styles and can’t wait for the Spring Summer edits to be in full flow! Having a look around stores online gives you lots of inspiration as to trends you like and you can spend hours filling and unwilling your cart. And at least you’ll know by payday which items you actually want or not :)

Read I’m Watching You by Teresa O Driscoll. We all know I love a good thriller and that compiles most of my Netflix - this is my most recent finish and it was definitely a page turner. If you’re looking for something a little more sentimental the classic One Day will always be on my mind or Only Child is quite a new book and I was bawling!!

Screenshot 2019-01-21 at 14.10.24.png

Facemask and chill - it’s the little things right?! There’s nothing like that feeling of really clean skin and then popping some goodness on top for 20 mins! Our faves are the Seoulista range which are all under €10 and they have something for everyone. If you feel you need a blast of hydration (this weather will do that to the best of us!) or want something calming for minor breakouts and redness, you’ll find it in this range.

Screenshot 2019-01-21 at 14.13.37.png

Sculpted Masterclass - What better way to finish off your January than a Sculpted Masterclass! Our first one takes place on January 31st in the Radisson Blu Golden Lane but we’ve got two more coming up - we’ll be in the Strand Hotel Limerick on Thursday the 7th Feb and The Montenotte Hotel Cork on Sunday March 3rd!

We’ve got goodies bags ready to go and i’ll be going through two makeup looks on the night from start to finish and answering all your makeup queries on the evening! It’s the perfect girly evening and well deserved after surviving the longest month EVER!! Limited seating left but you can find information here

Masterclass 1 .png

So we hope that these little things will help you make your way through January - we’re all in this together!! We’d love to hear what your go-to treats for the soul are too!

Lot’s of love,

Aimee xx


The Custom Edition Launch - Throwback!

The Custom Edition Launch - Throwback!

We’re throwing it back to the 5th of November 2018, when Sculpted went for afternoon tea with a difference to launch The Custom Edition Palette!! What can we say, it was just the best fun and we had such a laugh doing makeup demos on a moving bus which is probably not the best idea - but we got through it!

I’d just like to say thanks to everyone who came along on the day and to Vintage Tea Tours for being so accommodating! Xposé even hopped on board at one stage, you can check out the clip below!

Look at us all there sitting pretty!

Look at us all there sitting pretty!

We’ve gotten such a great reaction to the Custom Edition Palette! Here’s a little snippet to show you all the fun we had on the day;

“The revolutionary refillable palette is completely customisable to the customers wants. And the best part is, when you run out of one pan, it’s so simple to replace

I really wanted to create something for everyone with this palette. With twelve variations of pans The Custom Edition has everything your skin tone needs. The cult favourites from the original and rose gold palettes can be found in the array of pans. Sculpted The Custom Edition Palette can be created in two easy steps;

Step 1; To get started select an empty refill palette which you can add your chosen pans to. There is a magnetic strip on the base which allows your pans to stay in place without falling out. Individual pans can be replaced according to when the pan runs out.

Step 2; Choose your pans.

The custom edition allows you to choose from loads of options including some favourites from the original and rose gold palettes. Pick and choose from the range of bronzers, blush, cream base and powder based highlighters.

I’ve also put together three key palettes with the variations of pans; Royal Rose, Golden Girl and Bronzed Bombshell. You can find these here, but again - the beauty of this product is the ability to mix and match as you wish! It’s all about #SculptedYourWay

ACS 17.jpg

I really wanted to create a palette that can be multi functional too, double up and use your bronzers and highlighters to create gorgeous eye makeup looks, and it’s all in one place so you’re not weighing yourself down with loads of products! We’ve gotten a few messages saying it has become a handbag essential and we have to agree :)


We had lots of familiar faces with us on the day along with some amazing press write ups which is just absolutely amazing for us! 

Thanks to everyone who has supported Sculpted in every way - we really appreciate all the love!

Lots of Love,

Aimee xx


Get the look - Aimee

Get the look - Aimee

This week on #GetTheLook I’m going to be going through my own makeup look! You all know by now how I love my dewy natural makeup, but I also love adding a pop of colour into my look, whether it’s a smokey eye or statement lip!

Today I’m going to go through all the products I used and how to apply them. It’s a really easy look to achieve, and don’t be frightened by a statement lip - sometimes a it’s nice to change it up and to put on some rouge. As Audrey Hepburn said - there’s a shade of red for every woman!


Beginning with Laura Mercier Original Primer for my base - love this. This creates the perfect canvas for foundation and makeup and gives a lovely healthy looking finish to the skin.

Screenshot 2019-01-18 at 13.08.25.png


For my concealer I’m using the Catrice Liquid Camouflage Concealer. You can pick this up in any Penneys or most pharmacies around the country. It’s so inexpensive and such a great concealer for the price, I think this retails at about €4 so you can’t go wrong! It’s a full coverage concealer that covers dark circles & redness and is also great if you’ve a little bit of a breakout as it’s not too heavy but still gives great coverage.


The foundation I’m using for my base is the absolutely gorgeous Chanel Vitalumière Aqua Foundation. I love this foundation, it’s really light but gives a lovely medium coverage that’s buildable so you can still see your skin… hence you can still see my freckles :) It really is almost like a second skin so your skin looks even and energised and it gives a natural looking glow too. I used the Buffer Brush from the Essentials Reloaded to lightly work this onto my skin.

Bronze & Highlight

Of course I’m biased and you know i’m going to say Sculpted The Custom Edition - but it really is my go to saviour for bronze, highlight and blush now! It’s my handbag essential and I really do love that you have everything in one palette - it’s just so easy to use!

For my bronze I’ve used shade Medium and the Double Ended Sculpting Brush to lightly dust along my cheekbone starting at my ear and moving outwards towards the hollow before the apple of the cheek. I’ve also popped a little around my hairline and down the sides of my nose.

Next I used the Pearl Pop Cream Highlight and blended this using my finger on the tops of the cheekbones in a C shape around the temple, down the centre of my nose and along the cupids bow. I followed this with my powder highlight of Opal Glow which gives a really iridescent glow to the skin.

I’m using Pinky Hues Blush and used the Setter Brush from the Essentials Reloaded to pop this onto the apples of my cheeks and back to meet my bronzer!


I kept the eye look more natural because I wanted to do a statement lip. I used Medium Bronze from The Custom Edition on the lid and MAC Painterly Paint Pot which has a creamy texture underneath it as my primer. This literally does not budge so you can rely on it for what ever the occasion. I brought the Medium Bronze down below my eye to soften the look and popped a little Pearl Pop under the brows and along the tear duct.

Sometimes I find it’s nice when you’re doing a liner to pare the shadow back to make the liner stand out especially as I was doing a semi statement lip. Here I’ve used the ever reliable Inglot 77 as sideliner which means i’ve just started it from halfway across the eye and not the inner corner and then into the flick!

To finish the look I used Benefit They’re Real Mascara - it’s just my favourite mascara ever!


Benefit really are the brow experts in my opinion! For this look i’ve used the Benefit My Precisely Brow in Shade 3 and I’ve used a sketch like motion through the brow to make it look as natural as possible but also as full as possible!


Going for the statement lip in this look i’ve applied Rouge from the Pink Edition Lip Quad all over my lips and blended it with a tiny bit of lip balm so you’re still getting the longevity of the lip liner and the depth of the colour!

Screenshot 2019-01-18 at 12.58.44.png

Finally, to set my makeup I used the Bourjois Java Rice Powder, it’s really light and fine but will set the oils and keep your makeup on for that much longer. There’s also a slight iridescent pearl that gives it a nice glow and one I’d highly recommend as a budget powder option.

And there you have it, another #GetTheLook - really hope you liked it!

Lot’s of love,

Aimee xx

Critics Choice Awards - The best &amp; worst list!

Critics Choice Awards - The best & worst list!

Just one week after the Golden Globes we have the Critics Choice Awards to feed our need for style inspiration so we’ve put together some of our absolute favourites and not so favourites from the night!

Nominations wise ‘The Favourite’ led the pack with 14 nominations closely followed with ‘Black Panther’ with 12 nominations. 

As with any awards night the bar was set quite high on the blue carpet - Even though the style from the Golden Globes was good I actually preferred some of the looks from the Critics Choice awards as I think a lot of the looks are a little more paired back and more achievable in terms of style Inso!

Here’s some of our best;

  1. Nicole Kidman

Love this monochrome Armani Prive number on Nicole. Being so tall she really worked the curved shape of the dress and I love that she finished it off with such a boxy bag to contradict the look! She has such great shaped eyes but I do think the smokey eye was a little over the top, maybe a stronger lip would have been my preferred go to with the monochrome but in saying that, she looked divine!

Screenshot 2019-01-14 at 11.47.49.png

2. Julia Roberts

Another monochrome look from the absolutely stunning Julia Roberts. I loved what she wore at the Golden Globes and you can see she went for the same style - and rocked it! I think I preferred the golden globes look but loved this Louis Vuitton number number and the choker too - fab! 

Screenshot 2019-01-14 at 12.09.49.png

3. Charlize Theron

Absolutely adore Charlize Theron’s silver metallic number from Givenchy. The one shoulder and cut out design with ombre effect skirt is something we can definitely see following through to the high street. Ombre was huge last year and metallics were everywhere over party season, so we can definitely hope to find inspiration on the high street! Her makeup look was the perfect match to the dress too, going for a sultry smokey & nude look but ensuring she gave enough colour to make her stunning features stand out!

Screenshot 2019-01-14 at 12.21.51.png

4. Gemma Chan

No words! This is one of my favourite looks from the night, I just think Gemma absolutely owned this number from Jason Wu. She’s so tiny but this didn’t swamp her at all, in fact it showed off her waist and her make up look was just on point. I mean her skin is just perfect and the makeup tones perfectly match the floral look.

Screenshot 2019-01-14 at 12.36.34.png

5. Lady Gaga

Not as out there as her Golden Globe look but we’re really loving this soft blush sheath from Calvin Klein. It’s the picture of elegance and her hair and makeup are perfectly matched with soft curls and pinky hues. It’s actually lovely to see Lady Gaga in more understated looks bringing out her natural beauty.

Screenshot 2019-01-14 at 12.39.24.png

6. Kristen Bell

Love this pop of colour from Kristen Bell, and the sheer detailing on this Cushnie sheath. Her soft hair style and makeup look really come together to make something simple look so elegant and eye catching. Go Kirsten!

Screenshot 2019-01-14 at 12.47.37.png

7. Rami Malek

He was just a superstar in Bohemian Rhapsody and we’re loving his look from the blue carpet. Love to see the guys moving away from back tuxedos and doing something different, yet Rami keeps it classic with this pale grey look!

Screenshot 2019-01-14 at 13.57.15.png

Some of our not so loved looks…

  1. Olivia Munn

Generally Olivia doesn’t really get it wrong and could look good in a black bag, but this just doesn’t do it for us at all! Which is a shame because I think her makeup look is absolutely gorgeous. The statement red lip is just #goals but the frilly Andrew Gn number was just a little too flamenco dancer for the star.

Screenshot 2019-01-14 at 13.32.35.png

2. Lucy Boynton

Bohemian Rhapsody was one of the best movies of the year last year (in my opinion!!) and I just loved the performances from Rami Malek and Lucy Boynton so it’s hard for me to say that I just did not like this look from Lucy at all! The grey frilly Gucci gown didn’t do anything for her shape or colouring, and honestly I just did not get the pink belt at all.

Screenshot 2019-01-14 at 13.34.39.png

3. Glenn Close

What an amazing actress this woman is. If you’re ever in search of a good thriller check out Fatal Attraction with Micheal Douglas - it’s brilliant! Glenn actually won the award for best actress tied with Lady Gaga on the night for her role in ‘The Wife’. Unfortunately we weren’t loving Glenn’s choice of suit - the colour is lovely but we just weren’t feeling the length of the skirt and overall it just swamped her a little!

Screenshot 2019-01-14 at 13.46.53.png

Did we miss anyone?! Let us know what you think!


Aimee xx

Top tips heading Skiing

Top tips heading Skiing


Ski holidays are amazing and definitely something I think everyone should experience! You may not get to sunbathe but it’s the most refreshing holiday you’ll ever do.

This blog is all about my general tips when it comes to booking and preparing for a ski holiday (I have done a separate mini one specific to St Anton in another blog so as not to make this too particular which you can find here ). I am definitely not a pro or an expert but I’ve done three of these trips in the last 4 years and definitely want to make it an annual tradition!


Let’s start with Booking.

First thing I would suggest to do is to get your dates and then head on to skyscanner to see where is available. All ski resorts will require transfer and the distance will depend on where you fly into. For example if you’re heading to an Austrian ski resort the typical airports are Munich, Zurich and Innsbruck if you’re lucky. We always rent a car from there to travel to the resort which is not very costly but obviously you or someone you’re travelling with has to feel confident driving. (I’m lucky that my boyfriend John loves that part, haha) 

 If you’re booking in advance make sure to check how snow sure your resort is. Ie do they have good snow fall or not? If not it’s fake snow and you can definitely tell the difference and if they are guaranteed to have lots of snow that can also mean poor visibility on the slopes or not all slopes will be open. This happened to us in St. Anton but it actually wasn’t that bad and I would choose it over no snow fall. 

Once you get there some costs can creep up. It is a more expensive holiday depending on where you go and what your budget is but some of those mains costs are: Accomodation, Ski Pass, Ski Rental and then your general day to day.


Ski Rental: 

I have always rented gear over there and have never had any issues especially because I’m not a pro. This will include your skis, boots and helmet for skiing everything else you bring with you. 


Ski Pass:

Your ski pass is very easy to get typically your hotel or the main information or ticket points at the slopes will have it.  

If you’re a beginner or you’ve been once or twice and aren’t that confident I would definitely go and get a lesson. It’ll set you right for the few days instead of heading into the slopes and having a scary fall and putting yourself off!  



When choosing your accomodation it is of course budget dependent but if you can I would try and book somewhere within walking distance of the slopes - it is the biggest thing I appreciated after a long day of skiing and your body will be wrecked!!  

Its also very common to go half board with your hotel which means that your food is covered for the amount of time you’re staying there. This can be worth it if you don’t mind eating in the same place for the majority. 


How can you save money over there?

If you’re conscious of spending you can always bring a snack with you onto the slopes instead of stopping in restaurants up there because they are that little bit pricier. I love them because you totally soak up the atmosphere but a lot can be saved here by avoiding them. 


What To Wear:

Naturally every resort is going to vary especially in terms of their temperatures however I would definitely suggest to over pack thermals rather than not have enough because you will have to come off the mountain early if you get too cold - it really can be that freezing! 

 I’ve done a separate blog post on ski gear options which you can check out here.  

What your packing should look like: 

- A Ski Jacket  - As per number 4 in the photo below which I’m sure is very obvious!  I love black and white anyway but especially in terms of ski gear. I got this jacket on site in St. Anton but found what I think is basically the exact same one online here



TK Maxx or snow and rock are always good to check out for any ski gear! 

- Ski Trousers  - I invested in a new pair for this trip that were skinnier just so they were ever so slightly more flattering because with the amount of layers on it’s hard to feel in any way slim, haha. I got plain black ones so that I could switch up my jackets easy if I wanted to.  Check them out here 


- Thermal for top half and legs (a thermal/ base layer or skins - whatever you prefer to call it -  is different to general gym gear so I would make sure that you have an actual thermal layer under your gym leggings for example). You can then wear an outer layer on top of these. 


Under Armour are brilliant for things like this. I actually bought a boy aged 10/11 because they didn’t have any girls sizes left and it was grand! it’s important for these to be a tight fit - check out some options in my other blog here. 


- Glasses - As per number 2 in the photo above.  These are so handy and I would choose them over regular sun glasses any day. Plus they usually clip on to your helmet which is a saviour if you happen to have one or two falls.

- Gloves - In previous trips I had a pair of gloves that allowed you to use your phone at the same time - thought I was deadly! This time though in st Anton it was just too cold up there so I switched to a heavier glove because I thought my fingers were going to fall off!


 - Ski Balaclava/Buff - Buff as per number 3 in the above photo is one thing I think will make your time on the slopes so much more enjoyable - especially if the temperature is so low. This acts as a head scarf type thing that you wear up around your ears and mouth and keeps you warm when you’re going against the wind, they’re really not that expensive either. I found the fleece type better than just material but it’s up to you!


 Number 1 in the photo is then your helmet which you will typically rent over there! 

- Lastly socks! I would bring thick ski socks and thinner ones too ( you can always get these out there anyway so don’t worry if you forget them). The reason I say to bring both is just so you have the option depending on your boot. Some need thicker socks and some might be too uncomfortable with them!c


Night Time Attire:

Ski holidays as they go can be as casual as you’d like them to be. If you go to après ski that’s directly as you come off the slopes so everyone just drinks in their ski gear and no one cares about how red their face may be! 

You can also of course come down off the mountain and get changed to go back out again. Even this though I would say is quite casual - you could easily go out in boots, jeans and a jumper or bring a shirt if you want to go a little dressier.

I took a few shirts away with me, I only ended up wearing this one but I still had runners or flat boots on. The shirt is available here 



This of course is just my opinion go dressy if you’d like but it is most likely snowing outside so heels won’t be very pleasant! 


Do you wear makeup? 

Again given it’s outdoor and active makeup isn’t necessary but I get that some of us like to wear it and I feel like that myself sometimes. 


 For me the biggest asset in terms of makeup was my face tan and then an spf. Spf is so important even though you may not feel like it’s sunny and if you can get an spf with a glow that’s even better to give your face a radiant finish!

The Tan Luxe face drops as in the pic above are the ones I always use and can be found here . I use medium/dark and mix 2-3 drops into moisturiser. I have a full blog on tips for face tanning so if you’d like you can read that here 

Bellamianta is a developing tan and their website is here & then the Vita Liberata Body Blur is the instant tan available here 

Getting back to actual makeup this is basically what I brought with me!


I kept things light and easy so really bits I could double up on.

Sculpted Palette. I know I’m biased but I really did use this on the face and eyes and brought no one other eyeshadow. It’s such a handy travel essential and it has a great mirror too. I brought Light Bronze, Champagne Cream, Rose Gold Glow & Pinky Hues  

It cosmetics Cc cream. This is lovely because it’s a cc cream with coverage - nothing too heavy but you still feel like you’ve gotten something! I have shade light but would like to get medium also.  

Benefit Ka Brow - no surprise here. I actually didn’t get my brows, nails or anything done before heading away so I felt a bit meh but thank god for brow gel! 

• Flormar brown kohl pencil. I think everyone should have a kohl pencil when travelling because it’s the easiest thing in the world to throw on around the lash line and feel more defined. Flormar aren’t available online but you can get a Bourjois one here. I rotate between Bourjois, Rimmel or Flormar for a more affordable kohl liner! 

Black mascara. This is the Jlo x Inglot one that you can get in store. Or try Bourjois Volume Reveal, cheap and cheerful and a similar wand!  

• Of course I packed my Lip Quads too. I stuck to lip balm for most of the trip so it was great having lip liner to be able to give them some definition!  

Skin Essentials: 

Hydrating masks or moisturisers are a must. I brought 3/4 sheet masks - only ended up using this one but loved it!


I also brought Biofresh probiotic moisturiser and the Image Vital C overnight hydrating mask. I packed all my luxury skin bits because we checked a bag on I’m not usually that good to myself :)

Your lips could get very dry too so no harm to pack some balm. If you suffer with dry lips I have a blog on how to handle them here along with my best lip balm recommendations!


And I think that’s basically all I know and questions I was asked? To repeat again - I am purely speaking from my own experience but these are all things that I have learnt along the way. I am more happy to help with any questions if anyone has any (if I can that is!)

But lastly if you go, enjoy!! So jealous I’d love to have another trip planned soon.

 I hope this blog helped some of you anyway. Happy holiday’ing and stay safe on the slopes!!

 Aimee xx

Ski Gear Finds

Ski Gear Finds

I know I am very much on a ski theme here this week but I’ve had so many questions so this is the last blog and some of the gear that I had or recommend bringing with you! If you have to check out my tips before heading off skiing you can do so here . And if you’re interested in St.Anton as a destination you can check out my blog on it here


When it comes to Ski Gear take it in layers and start with

1) Ski Jackets: 

This is basically identical to the one that I wore on the slopes and I bought it over in Austria! You can find this here 


Or you could go full white which is always lovely. You’ll find that here  


And then for a classic black jacket. The belt on these jackets is always very flattering to pull your waist in. Check this out here 


And then for a full suit if you wanted? 

Comfy & quicker in the morning. Check this out here 


Next up! Ski Pants  

 I stuck with plain back ones that you’ll see below because I wanted to be able to change my jackets up easily! These are here 


You could also add a splash of colour which is very popular on the slopes and it means you’re easier to spot! These are here 



And lastly good old black and white because as you see this is something I love! You’ll find these pants here 


3) Base Layers & Outer Jackets 

So like I said I would definitely be wearing a base layer / thermal / skin under a zippe or fleece or thin jacket inside your ski jacket. Once you get there you can decide if you have too many layers but chances are you’ll need them!  

Check this out here 


Hilarious enough this is actually a young boys skin but I bought the 10/11 and fit just like an 8/10 would! Check this out here 


For outer jackets:

Keep it simple and classy in black. This is here


Or you could choose lighter shades:

 This beige/grey is here 


And the baby blue is here 


4) Leg Warmers !  

I personally choose layers that I’ll get wear out of after skiing too so I prefer to keep to colours that I would wear anyway. These thermal leggings are here 


And the black and white stripes are here


5) Next Up the Glasses!

 I would definitely choose actual ski glasses over general sun glasses because they give better visibility and they clip onto your helmet too! The white Roxy pair are here 


And the coloured pair are here  


6) Gloves!  

Go for a skinnier pair so that you can use your phone if you want but I had to switch to thicker ones as it got so cold. I don’t think mittens are very practical personally but a good thick glove will be like heaven up there! 

 The fur collars gloves are here 


And plain black with a tightening tie (this is very useful) are here  


7) And lastly the Ski Buff. These are the fleece type that I preferred to plain material as I thought they gave more warmth.  

 They come in so many different shades! The cream is here 


And the black is here 


Or you could do a full balaclava if you wanted to!  The kind of scary looking balaclava is here, haha 


 And lastly if you want to fit in a night time and be a proper skier, snow boots go down a treat :) You can find these here 


So these are just some ideas to get you started and packing!

I hope this was helpful! 


Aimee xx