Big News for Sculpted Fans!

Hi everyone!  We have some exciting news this week..

Sculpted, my debut product of a palette and brush has just expanded its shelf space!


Sculpted is all about the easy way to contour your face giving you killer cheekbones in seconds!

The palette consists of a powder bronzer, a powder highlight and a cream highlight.

The powder bronzer is amazing to enhance your cheekbones and it's also a gorgeous eyeshadow on - either on its own or for a smokey eye! 

The golden sheen powder is a highly pigment golden glow. Its not glittery so flattering on all skins and it also works so well as an eyeshadow.

The cream highlighter gives the most beautiful radiant glow to the skin. It is the epitome of a dewy skin and works wonder on all ages! 

The Double ended brush is your essential guide to perfect contour.

One side is fluffy perfect for blending your bronzer seamlessly into your cheekbones but its thin enough to ensure less room for error (i.e. that not half your face is contoured only your cheekbones, this is essential). The opposite brush head is a tapered one which makes the precise placement of your highlight so easy!

For a full tutorial on Sculpted click:


Following its recent success launching into The Loop Duty Free at Dublin airport and into pharmacies nationwide the award winning palette and double ended brush is now available in Arnotts Department Store.

This is a first for a cosmetic startup brand like Sculpted and I am so excited!!


I launched it into store as part of their annual Style Sessions event where I did a Masterclass using a combination of their brands and of course my own Sculpted - The crowds that showed up for this were amazing! I am so excited!!


Thanks to everyone for their congrats and well wishes, its exciting times here!!

Sculpted The Academy

Hello from a busy Sculpted The Academy HQ!

This week marked the first official week of Sculpted The Academy and it was fantastic! September is always the busiest time for enrolment and we are excited to say we now have 4 different classes enrolled in the academy.


Although the academy has been in the making for nearly over a year Aimee marked it officially with a great night of celebrations back in August with lots of familiar faces there on the night to support.

Aimee with Tara Anderson otherwise known Tara Makeup, Pamela Laird and Nadia El Fadaroussi.

Aimee with Tara Anderson otherwise known Tara Makeup, Pamela Laird and Nadia El Fadaroussi.

Aimee has worked endlessly completing her teacher and assessor training  over the last year in order to get VTCT centre approved, which we are excited to say ....has happened this year!!

The approval of VTCT has welcomed the new 12 week course “The Art of Photographic Makeup”, which is a fully recognised course by VTCT and perfect for anyone wanting to further their career in makeup.  The course features an amazing kit with top brands including MAC, Benefit, Make-Up Forever, Rimmel, Flormar to name a few!! Over the 12 weeks the students will do a photo shoot, lots of different makeup looks as well as all theory based content created by Aimee herself.


Aimee has taught makeup courses on behalf of other academies for years, which sparked the initiate to start her own academy. Her expert knowledge and experience in the industry has lead her to open an academy dedicated to practical and valuable learning. Her signature 6 week course is one she has been delivering for nearly 4 years now and is a big hit for those who want to improve their own makeup and learn for themselves. Its also perfect for those teasing with the idea of becoming a makeup artist, this of course is still available in the academy and is as busy as ever! The 12 week course however is of course longer in length with all the bonuses of a qualified course.


We had a great first week meeting lots of new faces and groups and we're looking forward to seeing how their progress goes.

It is an exciting time in the academy with lots more to come, these sought after courses are not only a guaranteed sell out but a gateway to your future career in makeup! 


If you'd like to contact Aimee directly you can do so by emailing and if you'd like any further information on enrolling or what each course entails you can find all info on the 6 Week Course & 12 Week Course  here

How to POP Your Blue Eyes....



So it has been a while since I have updated this blog but I'm on a mission to hopefully do one a week and change it up as I do! 

First up is something I get asked as a makeup artist all the time!... Whats the best colours to wear for a particular eye colour? Lets start with blue eyes and below are some of my favourite ways to style them..:)

Incase you didn't know, its back to basics with this one - the optimal shade for a blue eye or in other words the BEST shade for a blue eye is actually orange! Without getting too technical they're opposite each other on the colour wheel which is what makes them so.

However, I know not all of us are confident enough to wear blasts of oranges and coppers on the eyes so fear not you can still pop the eye and opt for a gold! It’s in the same colour family so it will still do lots of work.




Lets start with the eyes....

Personally I love using highlighter as eyeshadow, it gives a gorgeous pigmented look to the eye and saves you lots of time! 'Golden Sheen' from my Sculpted palette is amazing for the inner corner of the eyes, as well as under the brow bone and on the cupid's bow. Warmer shades from the Urban Decay Heat palette like copper, gold, peach and brown will really help make blue eyes pop too - see images below.




Given that the eyes are working to bring out the blue its nice to match the whole face and keep the look in sync, in fact its one of my fav ways to wear my makeup!

To do so think about your blush and lip colour carefully and try and choose complementary ones.    

One of my FAV blushers is MAC Springsheen or you can go for a more affordable one like the Wet n Wild 'Apricot in the Middle'.

MAC Springsheen

MAC Springsheen

Wet n Wild Apricot in the Middle

Wet n Wild Apricot in the Middle


Then for lips its nice to stick to that peachy theme again and here there are so many options that I would be here all night trying to write them down. However some forever favourites are MAC Pure Zen or Shy Girl or....

MAC Pure Zen lipstick 

MAC Pure Zen lipstick 


If you prefer a liquid Lipstick version you could go for Meet Matt Hughes from The Balm in shade ‘Doting’.


One of my go-to nude lippies would have to be ’Be my Baby’ by Rimmel its the perfect shade day or night.

Rimmel-be my baby.jpg
image 1.jpg


You don’t have to stick to this to make your eyes pop but it will definitely do the most work for you. It’s so nice to have a system in your makeup like wearing gold on eyes and continuing that peachy theme through your blusher and lips so it all works together.




So there's a little insight into how to work your blue eyes and some of my go to products. I will of course be covering brown and green also..I'm not that biased :)


Let me know if you enjoyed this piece and if there are ant other topics you would like covered here! 


Aimee x



Some top tips for Skiing!

So I had promised that I would do a little blog post on skiing and some tips I found from going this year!


Firstly we went to Ischgyl Austria - such a gorgeous place!! We flew into Munich and then John drove to Austria it was under 3 hours so not a bad commute at all. We were so lucky because we had so much snow in the days before we arrived so it was like a literal winter wonderland! With that said though it was freezing so my number one advice is to wrap up and layer up if your place is anywhere like ours. I'm talking -9 degrees ..... hypothermia weather! Haha

We also stayed in a hotel called Hotel Sonne, pricey originally but it included all our meals so looking back it probably worked out better! It also had a spa which was divine!

not even a filter!....

not even a filter!....

What to wear;

The trick is to have good body armour that'll stick to your body and keep your warm. I made that mistake day one and I was so cold going back up the ski lifts that I couldn't go back skiing after 2pm!


So I took this pic in the snow... gas but to give you an idea of all the layers!


Under armour top, zip top, fleece ski jacket is and bandana is what I wore on top. If the resort you go to is warm you'll probably find yourself sweating inside and cold on the outside ... not in our case! 

For my lower half I had under armour leggings then my ski pants and ski socks. When skiing the boots are really tight so I would recommend having one wooly pair of ski socks and then one thin thermal pair. I found after two days my legs were killing me in the boots so having the thinner socks was so handy so they could actually breathe!! You can also pick up supplies like this over there too.

I actually got all my clothes in a mad rush one day by chance in the Sports Direct store in Limerick. It all came to under 300€ where sometimes you could pay just that for a jacket! Definitely worth a look.


Après ski:

Everything is very casual when skiing most go straight off the slopes so you'll find a lot still have their ski gear on! I would definitely leave the heels at home! My biggest plus this year was digging out my ugg boots. I wouldn't say I have worn these since I was about 14 but they were so comfortable, warm and socially acceptable over there!:)

just so you can see exactly how casual it was...

just so you can see exactly how casual it was...

Switch into jeans and a nice top if you want for apres ski but all I would say is that there is no pressure to do so or get dressed up. In the particular place we were in it was really buzzy. They had like 3 main bars and then a club. We actually never ventured as far as the club but it seemed really busy! The fact that is starts earlier than usual and then skiing is an early start anyway it doesn't go on too late.

Ischgyl has lots of other stuff to do like tennis, Cinema, bowling etc so we covered just about all the activities! (And yes tennis was of course indoor)

Essential products;


These are some of the saviours that I brought in my suitcase and so delighted I did!! My image cleanser to keep my skin clean and fresh against such harsh weather. I use this at home all the time too so it was an easy choice.

My p20 spf - SO important!! Just because you may not be able to see the sun does not mean that you won't be susceptible to wind burn or skin damage - I popped some of this on every morning and it's great because it absorbs into your skin so quickly. I would bring this in your bag with you up the mountain too especially if it's very sunny as with all the taking on and off of your bandana you'll most likely rub some off.

Bioderma moisturiser/serum. I love this because it's lightweight yet great for hydration. I applied it about 3/4 times a day, haha! Feels great under makeup too.

James read face tan. I love this brand because it's feels like its not doing damage to the skin, almost like itsmixed with skincare. This face tan is gradual so you won't be a different race the next morning! I loved this because of the lack of makeup at least you could fake a bit of 'natural colour' haha.

St Tropez Lip protection SPF 30 - absolutely everyone needs one of these skiing your lips will be cut in half if not. Even if it's not very very cold going against the wind continuously will just dry the life out of them. Anyone that this has happened to will know how painful it is but if your lips get burnt it is nearly unbearable SO keep lathering this on and you'll be fine!

What I was missing here and really felt it when I was away is a body moisturiser. I love love the Bioderma atoderm which is also great on kids! I found my legs etc were quite dry part cause of the cold but also with such tight clothing everyday. When I got home I was straight into the shower to exfoliate and moisturise so I definitely think you should bring one of these with you!

Then my Yonka Eyes and Lips cream so that they were kept nice and fresh :)



With regards to makeup like everything else it's very casual, I think it always is though when you're surrounded by European girls they definitely have a much more relaxed approach to makeup, that's why the face tan was handy.

We actually didn't have an adapter for the 5 out of 7days so I couldn't even straighten or curl my hair and it was probably the best thing to happen because it wouldn't have made a difference. Going skiing youd pop it in a plait or ponytail and sure from the wind / snow it'd be wavy (curly in my case) by the time you got home!

I did a quick look some nights for dinner and again was probably wearing more than most. I love the bourjois healthy mix foundation because it's lightweight, affordable but gives a good coverage yet not too heavy. I also had the false lashes applied which was so handy because you look a lot dressier than without and you have to do nothing!! Give it a lash are who do mine and have done for the past 2 or more years.

I kept things simple with just a kohl liner, my SCULPTED set of course (you can get that here),MAC Springsheen blusher and Benefit brows of course! 



A very brief run through of what I brought and things I noticed but hopefully some of you will find it helpful! I am aware that skiing wont apply to everyone but comment on any topics you would like me to write about more :D However if you havent been skiing you NEED to go it is one the best holidays you'll ever do!!


Happy hump day! 

Aimee <3

Christmas Gift Ideas <3

So I have been featuring a gift guide edit every week in December in my column for The Sunday World but I thought I would compile them all into one here for you all to have a read through. 

If you're someone that hasn't bought one thing yet well then don't panic because neither have I! Hopefully this article will give us the inspiration we need :) 

They are all my picks at random but ones that I either have or have seen/heard  a lot about so I think there are no worries in people loving them!


1) SCULPTED by Aimee Connolly €24.95 & €12.95: 

So this is obviously my baby product that I released just over a month ago and unfortunately has sold out in most places which I know is so annoying for those that wanted it for Christmas! There is a full list of stockists on the website if you want to check them out you can click

It is all about the easy way to sculpt your face containing one bronzer and 2 highlighters with a double ended brush to make the whole process that bit easier :)

Palette with Leaflet.jpg


2) Pippa Palette €34.99; 

I think at this stage we all know Pippa and we know that anything she touches turns to gold! Her palette has been around for a while and is a continuous best seller - it contains, 5 matte eyeshadows, a blush, highlighter and bronzer for that on the go beauty. My top picks from this would have to be Dodo & Tobi - amazing shades and this is a guaranteed love for anyone you are buying for! Fantastic palette at a great price and available here:

3) Blank Canvas Master Series One Palette €34.99; 

Keeping with the palettes theme this is one that nearly 90% of my students have and it is amazing. It is all bar one matte eyeshadows full of warmth meaning they are great on all different eye colours so its a suitable gift no matter who you're shopping for. They are very easy to blend and you get one shimmer colour 'Goddess' which is really nice to highlight the tear duct or under the brow! You can purchase here; 

4) Golden Goddess Collection by Marissa Carter €14.95; 


This is the ultimate trio for a highlighting queen in your life. Stocked with three very on trend shades; Ice Goddess, Rose Gold & Golden Goddess. These amazing light weight oils that you can wear on your body or face. A lot of my bridal parties use them and if you're trying to give the illusion of a slimmer arm/leg then focus it into a thin line in the centre of your limb - it'll work wonders in the pics :) Cocoa Brown is available in pharmacies & penneys nationwide! 


5) Benefit Girlesque Christmas Gift €59.50;

So Benefit always have the most amazing packaging and this Christmas is no different along with some amazing deals also! This funky kit contains they're real mascara, benetint , porefessional primer & Hoola bronzer. Three of these are my favourite products in general so to get them all together discounted in a set is amazing! Available from


6) Charlotte Tilbury Dreamy Look in a Clutch €108;


I adore the Charlotte Tilbury range and it makes the most luxurious makeup gift in my opinion! I just think she got it so right! In these sets you get a mini mascara, a lipstick, an eyeshadow set & 2 creamy eye pencils - just amazing! It also comes in a fabulous clutch which you can rock at night and make the most of your purchases. This is great value given all that's in it.  


7) Bellamianta Christmas Gift Set €34;

This is all about the fake tan which nearly every girl in Ireland will go mad for! It contains their full size rapid mousse, tanning mitt & a sample of their body lotion. Their mousse is my favourite product of the range so getting these extra bits with it is just amazing! Its dark but comes up golden & dries in an instant so you can hop straight into bed! It also comes in a luxurious Christmas box so you can gift in style. You can buy it here;


8) Instyler €99;

This in my opinion is the ultimate hair tool that every girl should own. I use this any time I'm going anywhere noteworthy and it gives the biggest bounciest finish to the hair. It's a curling and straightening iron giving you the best of both worlds. My favourite way to style it is to use the the curler just for the ends to give it a lift without looking too 'done'. Once I have dried my hair,I take big section and wrap them around  the wand and its done in minutes! Anyone I show this to falls in love with it! -

9) Inglot Diamond MakeUp Case €60:

This is one of the cutest makeup boxes I've seen. You don't need to have a makeup artist in your life for this to be a worthy present, any makeup obsessor will do! It's compact enough to bring on the go, fits a lot more than you would expect and it looks good enough to jazz up your dresser too. Inglot also have a selection of sizes so you can be sure that you'll find the perfect one! -


10) MakeUp Workshop €100: 

And sure it had to be done to include a voucher for my makeup workshops :) These will be 4hrs long and it will be a practical class where you get to work so that you can be sure you'll definitely learn a few things! Every goodie bag will be worth over 55€ AND will include my my SCULPTED palette and brush. The Dublin workshop will be Jan 29th & Galway March 5th. You can purchase your tickets here  

11) Hydrafacial Voucher from the Beacon & Face Dermatology Clinic Sandyford €150; 

This is the dream for any pamper lover but it actually does the skin unbelievably good! The staff in this salon are so so lovely and thorough that you know exactly what state your skin is in leaving. The hydrfacial is broken up into a few different steps or processes all aimed at extracting, hydrating & exfoliating the skin. I had this done and my skin was glowing after AND I plan to go back once a month too! This is also brilliant for any brides to be in your life for that all important prep:) Check them out at;

My Bridal Diaries; Tara's Spanish Dream

My Bridal Diaries; Tara's Spanish Dream

Up this week I have a throwback to Tara’s gorgeous wedding in Marbella, Spain (quite appropriate given the freezing cold in Ireland today!)

I was flown over to Marbella & driven up to this amazing villa in the hills where Tara and her bridal party were waiting...

My Bridal Diaries; Ellen Ryan

My Bridal Diaries; Ellen Ryan

This week we’re talking Winter Weddings!! 

Ellen is the boss lady of the extremely busy & thriving YellowMachinePr so being her own boss & running a wedding is tough...

My Bridal Diaries; Kim Jacobs

My Bridal Diaries; Kim Jacobs

First up out of my magical brides is the beautiful Kim Jacobs who celebrated her big day on July 17th 2015 in Ballybeg House. It was so beautiful that even just had to feature it!! 

Filming Xposé

Filming Xposé

So my first Xposé segment went live last night and the response has been AMAZING!! Thank you all for tuning in and I am glad you enjoyed it and most importantly picked up some tips...

Lisa Connon's Wedding Make Up

Lisa Connon's Wedding Make Up

So I know this blog post is well over due BUT I just got sent the images from the amazing photographer John so I wanted to keep it until then. As most of you know back in September I had the pleasure of working over the in the lovely land of Florence Italy to beautify Lisa and her bridal party for her big day.

Where it all began...

Where it all began...

So I get questions all the time about where I studied, how I got into makeup, if its all I do and how I built the brand! Questions I get daily – ones that I do try to get back to all the time but sometimes it can be tough.

Essential eye brushes

So.. with so many brushes out there, I wanted to follow up from my last post – the different areas of the eye – and talk a little about what brushes go where and what ones I feel are totally essential!

Ombré Purple Lip SS/14 Trend

Ombré Purple Lip SS/14 Trend

So Purple lips is going to be huge for designers & catwalk this upcoming SS14 season. I shot with model Madeline Mulqueen last week – the familiar face from the Rubber Bandit’s music video – and put together that perfect Ombré Lip as one of our last looks.

Areas of the Eye

Areas of the Eye

I wanted to demonstrate exactly where the different areas are, as us Make-Up Artists take for granted sometimes that everyone knows where we’re talking about, when they may not…